Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Try 

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Well, you might be wondering what are the current trends and how you can save on the bathroom remodel cost. You’re lucky because the trends nowadays are moving towards cost effective but classy bathroom look.

Guess what, old is new again and homeowners are continually looking at recycled materials that are inexpensive and will give your bathroom that rustic vintage look. Do you remember those ancestral home style bathroom? That’s what’s trendy, but with a bit of a contemporary contrast. The space-age hi-tech bathroom styles are on the way out and in goes the classic.

On Point Remodeling Tub to Shower Conversion

To boot, why not include reclaimed timber accents to flooring, vanities, ceilings or walls. You can also try recycled glass counter-tops, which will give a sense of sustainability to your bathroom style.

Another trendy way to remodel your bathroom is to remove clunky cabinetry that goes all the way down the floor. You can replace it with freestanding vanities with legs which will showcase your floor and make the bathroom feel airy and light.

The last but definitely not the least among the bathroom remodeling trends is adding a Moroccan accent. You can easily accomplish this by putting curvaceous elements like a pair of curvy mirrors, clay inspired bathtub and some hand-painted tiles that would give a Mediterranean nod to a modern bathroom.

These are some bathroom remodeling ideas from On Point Remodeling that are making trends in homes nowadays. If you want to remodel your bathroom, these are some that you can consider. You don’t need to spend much because these are inexpensive and in many ways, are environmentally friendly because you are using recycled materials.On Point Remodeling Tile Bathroom

How about you? Do you have some bathroom remodeling design ideas you’d want to share? Drop a thought or two in the comment section below.