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His Dark Materials: Season 1: Official Teaser | HBO

You once asked me what evil was. MAN: There are things that you’re better off not understanding. I promised to do everything I could to protect you. Protect me? From what? MRS. COULTER: In every child’s nightmare, there’s an element of truth. MAN 2: The powers of this world are very strong. MAN 3: They are stealing children. This is war. Who is willing to fight for true freedom? Now is the time to choose a side. (ROARING) .

Random Thoughts (Part 2 Edition)

Welcome back to random thoughts! This time part 2 edition. I wanna talk about random things that cross my mind but can’t stretch them into their own videos, so I’m shambling them all together to make a weird video that’s a whole caboodle of nonsense. If you haven’t seen my first random thoughts video… you don’t need to watch that one first to understand this one. Thinking about it, you could pretty much jump in at any point of either of these videos, and you’ll be fine since it’s nothing but a melting pot of balderdash. is giving me a rainbow of colorful words today. Poppycock. Are there limits to what you can call a fork? There’s three pronged forks and four pronged forks; Can a knife be classified as a one pronged sharp fork? You use them both to stab things. Well, I guess knives are more slicing and cutting. Can a sword be classified as a one pronged super sharp fork? Those things were definitely both created to stab! Can a fork fall in the category of a tiny, really dull, four pronged sword? Is there a spectrum of fork to knife to sword? Back in like, the renaissance era, what if rivals said: “Sir, I challenge you to a super sharp one pronged fork duel!” Or even…

What if: “Sir, I challenge you to a dull four-pronged tiny sword duel!” “Oh no! He brought a less dull, tiny one-pronged fork sword!” So you know bananas? Those yellow things? I don’t know about your life, but I always grew up not eating any bruises on bananas. There’s nothing wrong with bruised bananas. They’re the same as any normal non-bruised banana. I think.. I just did research, as in the first result on Google, and it says for bananas to ripen, they start to make a hormone called ethylene. which sounds like an ingredient in gasoline, but it’s not! It’s what turns bananas from their super gross green bitter phase, to the softer, sweeter, and quite frankily more superior yellow phase. Yay ethylene! But apparently, ethylene doesn’t know how to chill out, so even when a banana’s at the perfect ripeness, the ethylene is like: “Mmm, no. I think we can keep going. I think we can be EVEN MORE RIPE! “What’s the worst that can happen?” So, the banana just tries to infinitely get more ripe, which is what eventually turns it mushy and brown. No, ethylene! And isn’t that just a metaphor for life? You can’t endlessly taste the image of banana perfection you have in your head, little banana.

You should try to stop and appreciate the ripeness you’re at every once and a while. Or else you’ll keep working toward something unachievable and get… all… mushy. BANANA BODY POSITIVITY! Unless you’re a green banana. Then I hate you. So the dark spots are basically just the banana starting to get too ripe, which means they’re harmless. But they used to freak me out a lot, so I’d have to cut them off or something to be able to enjoy the rest of the banana. And then I started thinking, what if there was a banana monster that ate humans? Would they want to eat the bruises on humans? “Aw, splits. This one has a bruise on it.” “You know those parts are still edible, right?” “I ju-I… I don’t like them.” “I think they taste gross.” *sigh* “Here, you can just cut off the bruises, it’s fine.” “Let me just use this one-pronged fork of mine, and…” This started off all sciency and informational. And then I think I ruined it. Since you brought up the topic of bananas! I was at a store checkout line one time, and this guy got in queue behind me.

I didn’t think anything of it… until I saw this river of bananas scroll up to the register? Imagine- so- y’know how grocery stores have their bananas on display, and underneath the display sometimes there’s more boxes of bananas? He had, like, four of those banana boxes, all laid out on the conveyor belt. I’ve never seen anyone buy that many bananas before. You know you have to eat all those in a certain amount of time, right? With the ethylene and all that? Is this your first time buying bananas? I looked up to see who this hero of a man was, and we made eye contact? And I didn’t know what to do, but I felt like I had to say something because I was so proud of him? So I just went- Yeah. Bananas are my favorite too. What are fish’s opinions on water currents? Do you think they think they’re annoying? “Welcome home, fish dear!” “How was your day at the offish?” “Ah, fish wife. The currents were pretty strong today.” “I was swimming to fish work and the currents swished all my fish papers out of my fish hands-” “I mean fins- so I was late.” “Our fish neighbor, Benja Fish, crashed into me on my way as well.

Currents were too strong for his feeble fish body.” “You know him in this old fish age.” “Oh, fish frick.” “Fish wife! There’s no need to use that type of fish lang–” *pssh* This is stupid! But are strong water currents for fish the equivalent to, like, strong wind for us? Wind is my least favorite weather! People with long hair can understand. Or do you think they’re more like fun amusement park rides? Or, at least, slides? Like in Nemo when they were with the high turtle? That seemed like fun. I can imagine a fish charging fish money to let other fish go down the river stream, or, a little waterfall. Fun for the entire fish family! FISHNEY WORLD. But then I remember those clips of salmon trying to swim upstream against the water to go have babies, and that whole ordeal just seems like an inconvenience. Especially because… bears… OH FISH FRI- Are we all just brains wearing human meat suits? Let’s pretend there’s a Fountain of Youth somewhere, let’s pretend that’s a real thing.

Do you think that if you sat in it too long that your fingers would get wrinkly? Ha! Get it? Because water makes your hands… Do you think if you sit in it for too long, you’ll eventually just turn into your mom and dad because before you became a human baby that’s how you originated? If you wait even longer do you become your grandparents? Can you keep going until there’s several medieval villages of ancestors sitting in this fountain? Can we reach amoeba phases?? RNA and the primordial soup??? THE UNIVERSE ITSEL- I talked about keeping a little list of these random thoughts as I think about them over time in part one, and this point just says, “why are bugs always pregnant” with no other context? So, I don’t know what to talk about here or what past Jaiden was even thinking when she wrote that.

As a kid I would daydream a lot. In fourth grade, sometimes I would make up this scenario in my head where I would be in school like any normal day, and in the middle of class I would magically be turned into a dog. Stay with me here. I’m not a furry. So I was transformed into a dog somehow and I imagined that I’d get up from my desk, walk up to the teacher, and say, “Can I go home?” “I’m a dog.” And that would be my excuse to get out of school. RED! Gramps! Smell you later! So what’s it like to be a normal kid? I feel like the majority of people would just try to pretend they’re sick or something! Me? *pfft* Nah! Being turned into a dog would be the most logical and easiest way to get out of school. I didn’t even have a follow up plan for after I got out of class! I’d go home? And then what… just be a dog for the rest of my life? Obviously I had to be a dog that talked, so maybe I would have became a super-famous talking dog? But scientists might want to take me away and run tests on me and my weird human dog brain.

“All I wanted to do is get out of class!” I’d probably end up daydreaming about turning back into a human to get out of dog experimental lab class. Or I could just pretend to be sick like a normal science experiment test subject… So a few videos ago. I talked about wanting to collect those three poke dolls and guess what your girl did! I finally found them, and they’re sitting on my desk, and they’re my greatest achievement! I found a Sceptile a while ago, but like a week later I found someone selling all three at the same time, and I was like “WHOA OKAY here we go!” At first I asked if they could just tell me the Blaziken and Swampert, and they said no, and I was like UGHH, but I bought them anyway.

So I have this extra Sceptile Poke doll and I decided to just give it to someone. So I’m gonna do a little fun game. If you want the Sceptile poke doll, just tweet me a funny reason why I should pick you to send it to you, and the funniest tweet or the tweet I like the best will win. And do, like, #JaidenDoll, so I can semi organize everything. I’ll choose the winner in like three days. (SPOILERS IT’S ME) Last time I asked you to tweet me stuff, Twitter was like, “WHOAAAAA You’re getting a crap ton of notifications,” “how ’bout you chill for a bit?” and I was like NO, Twitter, when I say I want pet pictures, I want to see the pet pictures. That was a really fun week. Also one last thing real quick- There’s new holiday Christmas merch in the shop if you dig that kind of stuff? And everything’s gonna be 25% off for a while so yeah, that’s cool. Thanks for listening and can’t wait to see my Twitter be a mess for another week.

Bye .

My Girlfriend Went Missing But Reappeared After 2 Years

Hi fellas! I’m Brian, and I want to tell you how my girlfriend went missing, I almost went crazy, and two years later, I received a message from her. Since childhood, it’s been hard for me to communicate with other people, I felt uncomfortable in the company of other people, and I`m afraid of big crowds. This is called Social Anxiety Disorder or simply social phobia. The modern world allows me to live comfortably with this disease. Everything I need can be delivered to my house, I can take college classes at home, and communicate with friends via the internet. By the way, chatting with friends is not a problem at all, because I don`t have friends. The only people I communicate with is guys from a group with a similar problem as mine. Through this group, I met Alice. She’s 17 years old, she is very beautiful, and she’s also funny.

Sometimes, I even wondered how she might have problems with communication, because she is very energetic and joyful. And I was even more surprised about why she wanted such a weird long-distance relationship with me. She lived in New York, on the other side of America. But I didn’t complain. We spent a lot of time together, chatting with each other and making video dates. In general – we had as healthy a relationship as two social phobic people could get. One day, she told me that her parents were going to move to China, and that they were taking her with them. She convinced me that the only thing that would change in our relationship was the time zone, but I still felt something ominous, as if a really close person was leaving me. The day of departure arrived.

She literally informed me about every step: “We left the house,” “We got into the taxi,” “We arrived at the airport.” The last message I received from her was, “We just boarded the plane, going to turn off the phone. Next message you’ll get will be from China.” The flight was long, and I waited a long time for a message from her, but nothing came. Not even the next day. I became worried. What if something happened to her? I checked all the flights from New York to China. All the planes had landed successfully. Then I spent the whole day reading the Chinese news and looking for headlines with accidents. But I didn’t find anything, and this made me even more nervous. One day later, I decided to take action: It was scary but I overcame my social phobia, left the house, and went to the police. I didn`t even know what I was going to do there, but I couldn`t stay at home any longer. When I entered the station, I asked the on-duty officer: “Sorry, this is very urgent, my girlfriend is gone, you have to help me!” – I began to get very nervous.

The policeman sat me in a chair and calmed me down. He asked her name and where I last saw her. “Alice. She was in New York, I dated with her online, and a couple days ago, she flew with her parents to China, and since that time she hasn’t gotten online. Something happened to her!” The policeman must have thought that I was just some weird guy who was duped by a girl he met on the internet and he said that they couldn`t do anything because she flew away with her parents, so, technically, she’s not missing. But if something happened to them in China, then this can be found out through the US Consulate in China. That was my next step. I wrote a request to the consulate, but due to the fact that I am not a relative, it is prohibited to give me any information unless I prove that I am not a stranger to their family.

That was the problem. We were in a relationship for one year, but all we had in common was a Messenger chat with a bunch of memes and thousands of minutes of FaceTime calls. No pictures together, no other contacts, I don’t even know what her parents look like. This was first time that I realized we were just ghosts in each other’s lives. The consulate refused my request. At that moment, I was angry at everyone on Earth. Nobody cares about anything. That’s why social phobia exists. Because people are evil and selfish! I was desperate. My last chance was a private detective, he`d at least do it for the money, after all. I found a detective online, described my problem, told him everything I know. He assured me that everything would take a week, max. Every day I was on pins and needles. I was nervous all the time, I slept poorly and completely lost my appetite. I felt like soon I’d at least find out what had happened.

The detective’s call woke me up early in the morning. He told me something I didn`t expect to hear at all: Alice and her parents did not leave America. I asked the detective “What? Are you sure?” “Absolutely. They flew to another state, but returned two days later.” I was shocked. Why then is she not appearing online? Why did she lie to me? What`s going on? I was very angry and I wasn`t going to leave it like that. I wanted an explanation, so I bought a ticket for the next flight to New York, and at the very next day I was there. To be honest, I didn`t even think about what I would say to her. I just wanted to see her, and look into her eyes. I took a taxi to the address that the detective gave me. When I arrived, I felt like my heart began to beat really fast, I was very nervous.

Here it is – the moment of truth, now I will get my answers. I knocked on the door, but no one answered. I knocked again, but nobody was there. I was getting very angry, and just started banging on the door. An old lady from the next apartment heard the noise and walked into the hallway. I asked her: “Are your neighbors at home? I’m looking for my girlfriend, Alice. ” The woman told me that I was too late: her parents took Alice to the airport this morning. She’s going to go to college in another state. I felt so bad at that moment.

How could she do this to me? Couldn’t she just tell me the truth? Why did she make up this story? There were so many questions and I had zero answers. I decided to just go back home and forget the last two weeks, like a nightmare. It’s now been two years. And a lot of things have changed. Now I`m studying at college like a normal student, I have a girlfriend, and no – not an online girlfriend.

She is my classmate. Why am I still telling this story? Because it’s not over yet. Recently, I received an email from her, it said “It`s Alice, read this, please.” I was very surprised, and at first doubted whether I should read it. But I decided to open it. In the letter she apologized for having disappeared like that. She wrote: “I couldn’t just break up. I felt so sorry for you. So I decided to just disappear.

I thought that if you believed that I was in another country, you wouldn’t be able to look for me. I decided to do this because it was a chance to start a new, healthy life. But I felt guilty about it.” This time I wasn’t angry. On the contrary, if this hadn`t happened, I would still be sitting at home with my social phobia. But I overcame it because I wanted to find Alice. I don’t feel offended by her or mad at her, I even feel grateful to her, because now I have a great life and I’m happy.

I hope you enjoyed watching this story. Do you think it’s better to break up or just disappear? Did Alice do the right thing? Write about it in the comments! .

Palm Tree Montage – Me and My Grandma (Ep. 1) | MyLifeAsEva

(YouTube Red Jingle) (funky music with a strong beat) – It looks so warm in Calabasas. – Why are Kim and Khloe always eating salads out of plastic containers? What about that fancy Blac Chyna they’re always talking about? – They eat out of plastic containers because they’re always on the go. – But, what exactly do they do, besides make the chubby lesbian cry? – Grandma, no, that’s Rob. And they’re famous for being themselves, although I’m not sure if I’d like that. I mean, everyone wanting to know everything about you, like what you did on vacation or how you survived high school. – People will watch anything. – If I were famous, I’d wanna be known for my acting abilities, and keep my real life a mystery. Like an approachable Natalie Portman. – Go outside. This is all you’ve done the past week.

– Mom, Grandma needs to see this if she’s gonna watch tonight’s premiere with me. – It’s called “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, I gotta be caught up. – Did you send your resume to Holt, Hughes and Stanton? – What’s the point? I mean why didn’t you let me major in theater like I wanted to? Who’s even an accountant anymore? – I’m an accountant. – And you’re sure your firm isn’t hiring? Maybe it’s time to get creative. Kim Kardashian used her butt to get her whole family careers. – Don’t you want more out of life? – I want three Oscars, a house on the beach, and a headboard that looks like an aquarium. I’ll send out my resume tomorrow. – You know Janey, you don’t have to just sit here on the couch with me. – Look! Palm tree montage. God, how cool would it be to see a palm tree IRL? – Hey, hit pause. I love sitting on this couch with you more than anything. – Are you breaking up with me? – You need to want more. You’ve been stuck in a rut ever since you moved back after school. And we both know you’d make a terrible accountant.

Janey, just go get that aquarium bed right now. – I think Al’s Pet World is closed. – It’s a metaphor. – So, what, you think I should just move to Hollywood and start acting? – See, you already know what you want. – It’s been my dream my whole life, but I’m not sure– – Don’t finish that sentence, we hate the end of that sentence. The end of that sentence is the enemy. – But Grandma. – No, you’re good. I hear you in your room doing that monologue from the vampire-werewolf movie. – I don’t do that. Anymore. – If my granddaughter wants to see some palm trees, she’s gonna see some damn palm trees. – Well, there was this casting website I used to look at. – Really? Oh, show me, now. – Here. Seeking women ages 15 to 25 for a used car commercial. Open all heights, weights, and ethnicities. That’s me! – That’s you! – Do you really think I could do this? – Janey, you’ve wanted this your whole life, if you don’t go now you’ll regret it forever.

– Like the time I got bangs. – Yes, that was a terrible idea, but this isn’t. – I don’t know. (sighs) – You know what? – What? – We could do it together. That’s it! How ’bout if I come with you? – Grandma, you would really move to LA with me? – Wait, what-what’s happening? Why would you move to LA? – To be an actress! Grandma said she’d come with me, right Grandma? – Yeah, you think I wanna watch my daughter-in-law do laundry for the rest of my life? – I love you, too. – You know what I mean. I dreamt of goin’ to LA when I was her age, but I couldn’t I had to stay here because of– – The war. – And it’s so cold and boring here, I could die. You want me and Janey to die here, Barbara? – Death. It’s coming for me. I never thought it would but here we are. By sacrificing my life for his, I’ve finally found peace.

– What is happening? What is this? – She’s doing her vampire-werewolf movie, this is the best part. – But, no regrets, right? Isn’t that what they say? It’s time I accept my fate and leave home. – Just take good care of her, please. – You got it. – I’m talkin’ to your grandmother. – Of course I’ll look after her. And I promise, I will never let her do anything stupid. – I’ll just be here doing two less loads of laundry.

(Mom laughs) (both laugh and cheer) – Should we pack? – No, hit play. First, we have to “Keep Up”, I don’t wanna look like some rube from the sticks when I get to LA. – Oh, and Grandma, Blac Chyna’s a person, not dishware. – Would you gimme that pen? I need to write this down. – All right, are you ready? Once I turn this key our new life begins? – Ah, Janey? Could our new life begin in like a minute? No, make it five. I drank a lota cocoa, I gotta pee! Sorry, Janey! – I’ll wait for you. (old-fashioned music) – There’s something thrilling about peeing in the wilderness, hand me the leaf. Look at us! We’re already bohemian Los Angeles types. – As soon as we get there, I’m going vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and cruelty-free. But not until we try In-N-Out. – I wanna try Botox. (Janey sighs) – Hey Grandma, does this look weird to you? Is this bad? – Nah. It’s a bumper, it’s only for bumping.

We just can’t bump anything. – So, should we, like, put it in the car? – I don’t know, looks kind of greasy. – I don’t wanna get bumper juice all over my new Hollywood clothes. – I have an idea. – No! – Okay. In, in. Okay, that’s it! That’s good. – Is it? – Janey, I have bad news. – You have to pee again? – No, I think we have to say goodbye to our cuddle clothes. – But we’ve had these since season 18 of “The Bachelor”. – Don’t bring up Juan Pablo right now, it’s only gonna make me angry. (Janey sighs) Janey, let’s do this right. My bag? (lamenting music) (music builds to upbeat dance music) – This unit is fantastic, it’s a Spanish villa with a huge roof deck. It has a sunroom, 24-hour gym access, as well as recently restored breezeways. – I don’t know what breezeways are but, I want them.

I wanna feel the breeze. – Poker face, Janey. That is amazing! – Here, we have a modern, mid-century duplex with walk-in closets and a stunning view of the Hollywood Hills. – Literal goals. – It’s a bargain, only forty-five hundred a month. – Yeah, okay. – Oh. – Okay. You know, in a certain light, it’s kind of shabby chic. (air mattress pump whirs loudly) – What about in this light, Janey? – Stop it, we’ll make our own wall art and we’ll build a coffee table out of old books.

Mm, it’s gonna be so Pinterest! Hey Grandma, where’s your air mattress? – My what now? – Your bed. I get the living room, you get the bedroom. – Can I also get your air mattress? – Oh. – What are you people doing? – Janey, get the bat, we’re being robbed. – Grandma, we don’t have a bat. – Calm down, overly dramatic new people. I’m not robbing you. You’re making the building vibrate, her bones are brittle.

– I was just trying to blow up my air mattress. – Careful with that air pump, that’s how the C started flickering. – Oh, so you live here too? – I’m Heidi. Performance artist. My stage is the coffee cart downstairs. – I’m Janey, I guess I’m kind of an artist, too. I’m an actress. – That makes sense. And what, you’re like the stage mom? – That’s sweet, I’m the stage grandmom. We’re like sisters. – Huh, we’re not. Hey Heidi, what’s up with the cell service around here? – There is none. – I was just trying to map out the route to this car commercial audition I have tomorrow. We just got in from Michigan. – That also makes sense. – So, should she just pop outside for cell service? – You don’t ever wanna pop outside The Ass after dark. – That’s fine. We are resourceful, independent young women. You think I grew up with Google? All I had during the war was a belly full of soup and the North Star to guide me.

– The war? – Don’t ask. That was here when we moved in. – Yeah, I put it there. – Uhn. (upbeat dance music) I will say that based on the color of my urine just now, I’m very hydrated, how’d yours look? – Grandma. – They all look like you. – Excuse me? – No, you’re way prettier, you’re like Cindy Crawford. – So, you think I look 50? – What? Cindy Crawford’s a beautiful super model. She was good enough for Richard Gere, she’s on my list. – I was just saying that you’re pretty like she’s pretty. – Got it.

I’m an old lady with a pre-cancerous Raisinet on my face. – What? No! Let’s start over. I’m Janey, and this is my Grandma. – I am Victoria! – Oh honey, they’re casting basic bitches down the hall. – If I wanted the opinion of a questionably sober old woman, I’d call my mother. And, I’d tell you that you’re not getting the part, but you already know that. Bye. – She was just trying to psych you out, that’s why she threw lampshade. – It’s just shade, Grandma. – Miss Skalecki? – That’s me. Grandma, what are you doing? – Well, I wanna see how it works. Don’t worry, I’ll be quiet as a church mouse. (group of people laughing) – So, cut to we’re on the side of the road, in our wearable blankets, and we look like a couple of Teletubbies and we shove the bumper into the backseat of the car.

(Grandma laughs) So, long story short, bye-bye cuddle clothes. – Long story long, Grandma, I think they’ve heard enough. Should I read? – Janey, Janey, you nailed it. I saw him write something next to your name. – Writing is good, writing is always good. – Yeah! We should celebrate. – What’s the coolest Hollywood hotspot we know? – Oh, you shoulda seen her, Heidi. That car commercial was hers. – God, I really hope so. Grandma’s retirement money’s only gonna last us a month or so. – Just so you know, I normally don’t fraternize with customers during a performance, I’m making an exception.

– Commitment. I love it. (cell phone rings) Hello? Hi. Yes. Oh, oh I see. Well, thanks for calling. – What happened? – That was casting, um, they decided to go in a different direction, so… – Oh, butterscotch? (cell phone rings) Hello? Oh, hi, I– Yes. I, uh… Oh. I understand. Thank you for calling. (cell phone clicks shut) – Who was that? – That was casting. I guess I’m the different direction. – Wait, you mean? – I got the part. – Well this is awkward. For you guys. Sups entertaining for me. You two are gonna be fun. – Take the bag. (guitar music with heavy beat) – Welcome to the Clerb.

Grandma, don’t mimic me. I say that ironically because I’m not wearing a Von Douche hat. This place is lit, let’s rage. – Hell, yeah. I need to pee. – So, we celebrating Grandma’s big role? Should we get her shots? Or are we being petty, I just met you so I don’t know how you roll. – No, I’m thrilled for her. – Yeah, you’re a really great actress. – Nevermind! The line was too long, I guess they’re all doing angel dust in there, right Heidi? – Yeah, it’s an epidemic. – And they’re playing shuffleboard, and all the men have fedoras, and the women are wearing oversized glasses, I feel like I’m in Florida! Maybe they have bingo. – Tuesdays. Grandma, why don’t you order? I wanna see what happens. – Bartender. We’ll have a Tom Collins, a mint julep, and an old-fashioned with three cherries.

– Savage. – IDs? I just meant– sure. – Well, congrats on your first gig, G-Money. – Yeah, it’s super cool. – Are you sure you’re really okay with all this? – For the millionth time, I’m happy for you. (Janey coughs) – Look at you Drunk Kitchen. – Let’s celebrate. – Yeah! I’m gonna get turned. – It’s turnt. – I’m gonna get turnt! (group cheering) Okay! (laughing) Sorry. (laughing) All right. Woo-hoo! – Your grandma is so cool.

Mine just whips me with prayer beads. (sexy dreamboat music) – I’m not a peen queen myself, but if I were you, I’d go talk to him. – Hey, who’s Molly? Everyone seems to be looking for her. – Stay away from Molly, Grandma, she’s dangerous. – Got it. – Ah, where is he? Where did my beautiful wet man go? – He left. Maybe you objectified him too much.

I liked it. (giggles) – I think it’s time for me to go. Can you tell Grandma she has a big shoot tomorrow and to get home okay? – I think G-String can take care of herself. – Oh-ho-ho, yes! (Grandma cheering) ♪ Dan cin’ at the Clerb at the Clerb ♪ Dan cin’ in the Clerb in the Clerb in the Clerb Woo! ♪ Dan cin’ in the Clerb in the Clerb (Janey thuds onto floor) – Grandma, are you drunk? – Oh sweetie, why did you leave early? Are you mad at me? You’re mad at me. – Hmm, let’s see, why would I be mad? You hijacked my audition, destroyed me in shuffleboard, and you didn’t even bring your own air mattress. – Oh. (burps) Excuse me. – You’re not excused. You know, you were supposed to have my back, not be my competition. – I knew you were mad at me.

I’m sorry. I didn’t know what to say, I don’t even know how those casting people got my number. – You were my emergency contact! – Oh, sweetie. Listen, I know that acting is your dream, but it just might be my dream, too. The truth is, the war didn’t keep me from coming to LA, there was no war. – So, you were lying. – Yeah, of course I was lying, how old do you think I am? But, you know how I don’t like to talk about my time in New York and the work I did off-off Broadway, and– – Yeah, ’cause of the beatniks.

– Oh, yeah they were everywhere. Tryin’ to read me their poetry. But still, my time in the theater, that was the most exciting time in my life. I wanted to move to Hollywood, but I was too scared. Uh, boy I hated admitting that out loud. Sitting on the couch with you these last few months, I didn’t want you to make the same mistakes I made, I wanted you to be brave, and you are. – If I’m brave it’s because you made me brave. But, why didn’t you tell me any of this before? – I wasn’t drunk. Look, I thought I was coming out here for you, I figured my ship had sailed. But then we got out here and there were boats everywhere! But you are far more important to me than any silly car commercial. If you don’t want me to do it, I’m not gonna do it. – I don’t want you to do it. – O-oh. Okay. – Grandma, I’m trolling you! Of course, you have to do it. I’m just worried. I’m not a fancy coffee performance artist, I didn’t go to acting school, what if I’m not good enough? What if I don’t get my shot? – Honey, we’re both gonna get our shot.

– (exhales) Ah, Grandma, what if we have to get jobs at the Stop ‘N’ Shop but then you get us fired for selling denture glue and then we can’t get jobs at Best Buy because you have a criminal record and I can’t wear khakis. Oh Grandma, why are you letting me go to this dark place. (Grandma snores) Grandma? (Grandma snores) (birds singing) (Grandma exhales) – Oh, oh good, you’re up. Look, what do you think? – Grandma, no you can’t wear that to the shoot. Or anywhere. – What am I gonna do? – Here. – You think I can pull this off? – That’s your jacket. – I hope they like me, I really wanna do a good job. – Don’t worry, they’re gonna love you. You’re cool. AF.

– What’s a “AF”? – (chuckles) It means super cool. – Oh. – Maybe I should just come with you. – That would be so AF, but first, coffee. – Big shoot today. Break a leg, G-Force. (upbeat dance music) (Janey sighs in wonder) – Grandma, this is real. – Wow. (Janey exclaims excitedly) What’s that, quack mouth? – Duck lips, but that’s out, it’s all about sparrow face, now. (Grandma cackles joyously) (Grandma breathing hard) (people talking in background) (sexy dreamboat music) (music cuts out) (fan blowing) He looks even hotter all windy.

– Go talk to him. C’mon, you’re the smartest, most beautiful AF girl I know. – Maybe let’s not use AF. – Noted. But did I ever tell you about Ethel Rutherford? Well, in high school she was always going on and on about how girls should never approach boys. She practically invented slut-shaming. Do you know where Ethel is now? She got married last month to her cat, Mr. Tuna Mouth. Do you understand what I’m saying? – That Ethel’s last name is now Tuna Mouth? – No, go talk to him. – Ehh! Hi, I’m Janey, are you wet? No, I’m wet. I mean, nobody’s wet, I’m dry, I’m dry Janey.

– I’m Oliver, assistant director. – Sorry, just got into town, I’m super out of it. I’m still on Michigan time. – No way. Check this out. – Is this real life? Are you really unbuttoning your shirt right now? – Go Blue! – You’re from Michigan, too? – Born and raised. Here, so I was in Detroit until the third grade, and then I moved here. – Lansing? – East Lansing, yeah. – Beautiful. – Nice meetin’ you. – Did you get his digits? – No. – What about his phone number? – Wait, ew, what did you mean by “get his digits”? Look Grandma, bumper in the car. – And there’s a girl with her grandma in this script.

They changed it. – Look! Cuddle clothes! – This is us! – Wait, so, they stole our story and they didn’t cast me? To play me? – Let’s get Grandma to the car. Okay everyone! Places in five. – Hey, Oliver? Maybe you could help me. Could you introduce me to the director? I think they may have stole my story, and, um, I auditioned. This part should be mine. – Oh, Um, I’m sure you’d be amazing but actually the– – Hey babe, I had the PA get you a BLT with extra B, and I told ’em that you hate mayo, so if there is any then you should get him fired. (Victoria exhales disgustedly) Why is this little Latin boy staring at us? – Come on, Victoria. This is Janey. – We met yesterday, at the audition? – Oh, I guess you didn’t get the part, ’cause I did.

– Wait, you’re playing me? And you’re dating him? Okay, I– Okay. No. Grandma, they cast someone else to be play me: that overtly sexual mean girl we met at the audition. – What? – Yeah, and she’s dating my beautiful, wet, windy man. – Oh, honey, you didn’t call him that to his face did y– Nevermind! I am just gonna quit. – No-no-no, don’t, you’re a professional. – Ugh, what smells like mothballs in here? – Oh, that tiny nose you paid too much for actually works? – Can you tell your house elf this is a closed set? – Don’t worry, I’m leaving. Could this day get any worse? – Okay, rehearsal. Grandma, pretend to shift the gear. – Okay, shifting. – Uh, Grandma? Grandma? Grandma, no, no! Grandma, Grandma, no! (remixed song with auto-tune audio) ♪ Grandma-Grandma-Grandma no (Janey slow motion exclamation) ♪ Grandma no ♪ Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandma ♪ Grandma no ♪ No ♪ Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandma no ♪ Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandma ♪♪ ♪♪ (Select Next jingle) (YouTube Red jingle) .

Parenting 1:01: A Moment in Search

Each night around 1:00 am, Each night around 1:00 am, searches peak for how to help my baby how to help my baby sleep how to help my baby how to help my baby walk how to help my baby how to help my baby play nice “What are you doing?” “You think you can get this?” is my child ready for potty training is my child ready for school “L, E.

That is correct!” is my child gifted “Good job honey!” 2, 1 “that it’s orange… “…sometimes it’s like the moon” why does my kid talk so much “Raquel, Raquel?” why isnt my kid talking to me “Congratulations!” “Oh my god, I got in!” “I got in?” how to help my child succeed how to be a supportive parent how to be a fun parent “Haley, to be adopted by her stepmother” how to be a good parent how to be a good grandparent To everyone who knows parenting never sleeps Search on. Google .

Happy Wheels – Part 1 | THIS GAME IS MY BITCH

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and WELCOME TO HAPPY WHEELS! Yeah! I finally got around to playing it, I have never once played Happy Wheels before in my life. Ever! Seriously! I’ve NEVER played it, I’ve never even TRIED to play it, But I have seen a lot of videos of it, and I know what kind of game it is and I know what it’s all about…

Uh, but this is a game that I’ve– I’ve wanted to play for a while–I’ve wanted to put up on the channel for a while, but–I don’t know why I kept putting it off but here I am now! Let’s go play okay– I’m gonna go to the user created levels because those are apparently the BEEST… Uh BMX stunt, right off that bat. That’s what caught my eye. I have absolutely no idea how to play this game. Oh my God! Ahhh.. I can do it, I can do it! Oh, I can’t do it, oh! Just— keep going! This seems rather easy, s-should something not be trying to kill me? Oh God… Oh God! This is trying to kill me- OH NO! OH NO LITTLE BILLY! (you won’t love him for long) Oh Billy nohoho… Oh I lost… I lost my little boy. Backflips! Backflips like a BOSS! Okay, your head kind of went into the wheel there for a second… GO GO!!! He’s pedalin’ like a muhfuckah *Stunned silence* What-what the? YEAH! Finished it first try, didn’t even die! First time to ever play Happy Wheels LIKE A BOSS! I’ll go with Billy and Bobby on the bike again…

“Another 10 Ways To Die” I still don’t know what the first ones were! O-Oh my God! I’M SORRY! THE GAME MADE ME DO IT! That was… That was awesome… But it was so bad! “Super Impossible”? Well we’ll just see about that now, shall we? Agh! I don’t know how to pogo! I don’t know how to pogo! How do- How do I pogo? How do- How do I- How do I- Ah! There we go! That’s- *interrupted by Jack breaking a game… Again…* Oh my God… Oh my God I might just actually have like, broken the game… Oh, oh, nope there you go! How do I…? AH! GET OVER IT! Uh… I’m ins-YEAHHHHH! YEAHHHHH! FUCK YOU GAME! I BROKE YOUR SHIT AND I WON! “Super Impossible” my a-hole! Okay here we go, oh oh nupe nupe, OH! OH MY GOD! YOUR LEGS CAME OFF! OH!!! *scared noises* I’M SO SORRY! It’s probably because you’re fat and you can’t fit down between them! Blame you, bitch.

Oh, oh, oh so good, oh so good! AAAAAHHHH! NOT SO GOOD! Oh… I made it down… But just in several hundred pieces… I will not be bested by this. Oh, too fast! *noises of disgust* Just like this… blap OH MY ASS! Ohohohohoh… Ohh I did it again, I’m sorry Betty-AAAH! It’s cause you have big fat tits! Okay, no you’re fine, you’re fine, Betty, YOU’RE FINE! YEAH! YEAHHHHH! THAT’S HOW WE ROLL! Naked girl? And it’s in capital letters, you know it’s good. Oh… Rate five coin things… Five Egyptian hieroglyphics… And she will spawn naked and sucking your private… I’m going backwards, I’m going towards the secret.

*yet another quiet gasp* YOU DICK! LOOK AT BILLY! LOOK AT BILLY YOU PINNED HIM TO THE WALL! Bobby’s got bolts (you mean harpoons?) up his ass… Oh, I’m gonna kill this bitch. DIE! Yeah. *jackigiggles* There’s someone sitting on the toilet back there. Oh! Oh Billy, your arm! It’s okay, you didn’t need them anyway, you were going to be a soccer player, not a baseball player! Walalalalala Ahhh… Do it! YEAH! BACKFLIPS! I don’t think I was supposed to be out there… Okay! Next level! *mcjack is not lovin’ it* (When you gross the fuck out of Jack, he looks like this.) Oh, it’s like soil and green! Oh! How the-How the hell do I get into the box? *chicken jackaboy* AH NO! *DEAD* Oh…

Sorry-Sorry Bobby… Billy. Which one are you? Bobby. You’re Bobby. Can I like, grab with my hands or something? Nope! Ah! How do I… How do I… How do I… 🎶 How do I live… Without you… 🎶 Do the worm! Breakdancin’ Billy! Bobby… Ah! Oh I CAN grab! Space is to grab! This changes the rules of everything! *training for abs of steel* *panting after that hard workout* *now he’s just making sounds XD* Everyone do the Magikarp! Everyone do the Magikarp! Ooh…

We could be in a great position here… Flop those arms, little Billy-Bobby… YE-HA-HA-HA-AH! YEAH! That is how you make this game your BITCH! What the hell is a sword throw? That sounds amazing! It is gonn- Ohh~ *Slightly worried laughther* Lemme just get that sword out of your crotch. *grunting noises* My arm came off! You have one powerful crotch! (Daaaamn! XD) *Exaggerated throwing sounds* How are you missing everything?! I can’t even grab the sword anymore- Okay. Grab it! Got Santa, in the belly, yeah slow-motion! *Slow “bwaaaah”* How do I get the fuckers behind me? Uhh~. Like that! Oh, that was the best one! *Laughing* He can’t fit into- He can’t fit into the canon! I got them all! I did it! I win! I win the game Dude is still blowing up in the background “99.9999% Impossible” *Strange accent* “EMPOISIBERLEH?” I fucking doubt it! Jacksep- *Interrupted by explosion* I didn’t even get to finish my name! *High pitched* How the-! How in the holy balls are you supposed to do THAT?! Ye-ha-heah! Suck on that, game! OOH YOU ASS! “Obstacle course by Akhilito99” Woo-hoo! Party over here! Ooh yeah.

Uh, like a boss! Like all the bosses that ever were *Worried* Woo-ho. Uhh~ Have some- Have some respect. I have a kid on board! ♪”Baby on board, something something”♪ (Nevermind) *Deep breath* No baby on board anymore, I don’t even have legs! It’s okay, you still have a face, that is all you need Nnnnnnnnnoooo… Let’s do it, Billy! Woah! Billy, I saved you! Aah! We gotta get outta this, Billy! OH-HO-HO-HO NO! I’m still good, right? Right? x1 Right? x2 Right? x3 Right? x4 (WRONG) No…

Oh Billy, nooo! YEAH! Yeaahh~! Suck it, game! 18+ sword throw? Fuck yeah I am an 18+’er. I am all the adult (My eyes! MY EYES!!!) *Nervous laughter* Uh okay, block your eyes Shield your eyes everybody! Don’t look! *Smooth music. ♪Oh yeah, baby, baby♪* *Smooth music. ♪Oh yeah, baby, baby♪* (Who’s getting the presents now?) Oh, I can actually sword throw these guys Stop having sex! *Gasp* Look where I got him! (M-m-m-m-MONSTERKILL!!!) Look where I got him, right in the neck! He’s still having sex though… STOP IT!! I hit the suicide button.

At least it sounds like they’re having fun. *Weird accent* I’m a dinosaur (Dinosaur Count: 1) I’m a dinosaur (Dinosaur Count: 2) Brring I’m a dinosaur! (Dinosaur Count: 3) DIE x1 DIE x2 I’m a dinosaur! (Dinosaur Count: 4) Don’t you know who I am? Oh, Mr. Axe Man. Hello! Outta my way! Ge-ge-ge-ge! Ge-ge-ge-ge! AH DIE EVERYBODY! Oh your head came off! Just like I planned! I’m a dinosaur! (Dinosaur Count: 5) Get outta the way! I am a close relative of Bernie.(Dinosaur Count… 6?) Bernie is my friend. Best music ever! I feel so accomplished Wa! Uh! Ah! I’m not even grabbing balls now. Ha-ha, that’s what she said You see wassup? Do you see wassup? When Jacksepticeye get’s in to play a game, it’s just instant win all around! I fucking win at life! *WTF AM I WATCHING* Es-capé! I’ll escape. I’ll escape real good *Mumbeling* Oh! I can escape! Yeah! YEAH!! YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS?! You thought you had me bested, game! You said, “You know what, Jack? I’m gonna put you in a situation you can’t get out of!” “NOBODY can get out of this situtation!” And Jack came in and he said, “You know what?!” “What’s up?!?” BOOM! Finished the level in fucking 7.6 SECONDS! (its 7.06 seconds) ASSASSIN HUSBAND I’m not a husband yet…

…but if I was, I would be an assassin kind! … Oh, hey! (silly laughter) I think they call this position… T​‌HE BACKWARDS RODEO DILDO BRIGADE AH, NO! I FOR- I missed the axe again! *groans in agony* (in Crocker accent) I sorry wife! I really wanted to kill your friend. (it sounds like Crocker to me) You cheating on me? DAH! Take that knees to the face! Yeah, take that! I’m gonna take your champagne, and I’m gonna break it off the table, and POP YOUR HEAD OFF!! Yeah, you try to sleep with my WIFE?! Take that Billy, you little BITCH! YEAH I GOT IT!!! Gah-hah! GOD!!! I got the axe, and I’m the only one who lost an arm?! That is BULLSHIT! *scream, jackaboy, scream* Yeah, take that! SUPER MAN HUG! Suplex! YEAH I PUMPED YOUR HEAD OFF! You like that, bitch? You like that? HUH? HUH? x2 HUH? x3 This is my head dance! This is how I party with your head, look! *damn fine music* UGH! Gonna hump your head! *grunting* Yeah, it feels so good! Do you like that?! HUH? x4 HUH? x5 DO YA? DO YA??? Well, that’s the end of my Happy Wheels adventures! This game is awesome! This game was designed for me.

This fits my style of… commentary PERFECTLY. But, I hoped you guys liked this! I put it up on Facebook a while ago that I- I was thinking about playing it and a lot of you guys commented on it, a lot more than the comments that I usually get, saying: “yeah jack!” “GO for it!” “play it jack” “DO IT” “It’ll be really good!” So… I hope I did the game justice, but THANK YOU GUYS so much for watching this video! If you liked it, punch that like button UP! THE ASS! LIKE A BOSS! And, high fives all around! *whoops* *whoops* Well, thank you guys and I will SEE ALL YOU DUDES…


Nhanh Như Chớp Mùa 2 | Tập 07 Full HD: Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc tiếc nuối nhìn ST “lên đỉnh” hụt

WARRIOR: Maximize your concentration, boost your energy WARRIOR from Thailand Maximize your concentration, boost your energy LIGHTNING QUIZ Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Lightning Quiz Bro Giang, you seem to be very happy today? You should create happiness ourselves Because only when we are happy, we can work effectively But today you seem to be happier Because I feel happier each day if I can work with Hari Won Our show may provide you with knowledge which could be fun, could be profound but what’s important is that we should feel relaxed when we watch the show Right, being correct or incorrect isn’t important What’s important is fun or not Actually, being correct or incorrect is important because we’re only happy when we have correct answers No, I disagree with you.

Many people had a wrong answer, but I think they were very happy They showed that they were happy but they weren’t happy inside – Yeah For example, if they get 9 correct answers, one more correct answer, they will reach Number 10. Are they happy? Happy, right? – Yes But if they have an incorrect answer, move back to Number 0, will they be happy? No, they aren’t I don’t know why but for Sis Lê Giang, I love it when she gave an incorrect answer Because she couldn’t give a correct answer Do you understand? – Yes Sis Lê Giang just wanted people to have fun Sometimes she knew the answer but she didn’t answer Really? – Yes! Do you understand? – Yes, it means she knew the correct answer but she deliberately gave an incorrect one. But actually she didn’t know Today there will be someone like that I love it Please welcome Team A including S.T., Thùy Anh and Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc What? – Huh? Ngọc, you’re beautiful. Why are you covering your face? Lan Ngọc is suitable for action variety shows requiring strength, fighting. She will be the ace.

For game shows requiring knowledge, Lan Ngọc is nothing What did you talk about? We aren’t sure about it Let’s have a test What’s the difference between an snake and a python? 3-2-1 – Their names Everyone knows their names are different. No need to ask No, but they must be different…, No, No S.T., I know the answer. You should trust me Please ask me the question again What’s the difference between a snake and a python apart from their names? What’s the difference? Snake has 5 letters, and python has 6 letters Right, it’s also an answer.

Good! Give me another question please More questions? About number Move to Maths! – She’s good at Maths She’s very good at it What’s the largest number? 1 plus 1 is 2. 2 multiplied by 2 is 4. 4 plus 2 is 6. 6 times 2 is 12. Whooo! Not available Good! Mean I’m correct? What’s the smallest number? Number…..What number? You come here! – Infinite We don’t have the smallest number. It’s infinite The smallest number is…..something like this Good! – Am I correct? See! I’m smart OMG! Please go to Table A OMG! Ngọc! Another team includes Quỳnh Hương, Tim, and Võ Hoàng Yến Please! OMG! – WOW WOW! How can we play the game now? Why are you looking at me? Too tall!- Do you want to borrow my sandals? No, thanks! OMG! At first I have to tell say that your team are beautiful. Don’t stand here. Please move to this place – Move back! Move back, please! Three of you, please stand here Can we sit down? Stand here, right here! OK, stand there It’s weird You divide our unity Where are the other three? We’re here – Ahh this side Bro, I’m here! Now we’ll move there, right? – Move there, right Go! – Then, we’ll move back Yến, you’ve come here for the first time You’ve watched a lot.

Do you have any strategy? No, I’m thinking how to josh you No need! Why do you want to josh me? Because you often josh guests So you’re the one who frightens me the most Standing next to him. You’re joshing him. OMG! This lady is so tall. You make a good pair You’re joshing me again! I wanted to wear flat sandals but I don’t have any at home You don’t have flat sandals I have no time to buy new ones. I didn’t intend to do so. I’m sorry Again! You keep joshing me! It reminds me one thing When we were a student, we often lived in rented rooms We often lived in a mezzanine. – Yes! Yến could only lie down and couldn’t stand up Yes, I had to lower my head if I climbed to the mezzanine.

If not, my head would hit it. – Right – That’s why we don’t have a mezzanine in my house. Because we’re rich enough to have house without a mezzanine. OMG! She knows your script Are you so happy, Hari? I’m happy because everyone is happy There’s nothing! Look at her expression! “There’s nothing” OK, please go to Table B Before starting the first round, please have a short break! LIGHTNING QUIZ Welcome back to LIGHTNING QUIZ! Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know, there will be someone who supports us to move up and down but today it’s up to you to make that decision. Do you want that one to be on the stage? If you want him to be here, raise your hands.

If you don’t raise your hands, he’ll go home immediately Let him join please. Poor him! You said so, but you don’t raise your hands Why haven’t you raised your hands? She said “Let him join” but her hands put like this OK! We don’t need anyone to support No need! We will continue the show OMG! When I was inside, I was so eager to see if the guests…. 3-2-1 Go Inside…Wait please! Don’t stop the music! Let me say something! See! Even the sound team doesn’t like you Go there please I…. I don’t understand why. I really don’t understand why Now please select the first one who is smart enough because well begun is half done – You, OK? OK, Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc and Quỳnh Hương You look lovely! Both of you look lovely. Who will go first? Let me go first please Do you agree? Yes, I do – Please! Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc comes to LIGHTNING QUIZ.

The questions starts. What do we stew (ninh) but it is never cooked? Not Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc What do we stew (ninh) but it is never cooked? It’s Ninh Bình Ninh Bình, Correct! What kind of oranges (cam) doesn’t have segments? Kind of what? – Kind of oranges (cam) Cam-pu-chia (Cambodia) Cam-pu-chia (Cambodia)? Correct – Correct! What kind of oranges (cam) doesn’t have orange color? Kind of oranges (cam) doesn’t have orange color? Cam chịu (Suffer) Correct! What kind of oranges (cam) is the richest in water? Kind of oranges (cam) is the richest in water? Richest in water Squeezed orange – Incorrect! The answer is Cam Ranh Cam Ranh, right.

Cam Ranh Bay The sea, right? Right! What animal sits to walk, sits to stand, sits to lie down and sits to sleep? I’d like to answer this question. That animal is a frog Correct! What animal lies down to walk, lies down to stand, lies down to sit, and lies down to sleep? Softshell turtle! Softshell turtle? – Right! It lies down on the floor. Or snakes, or eels, those which lie flat on the ground Choose one animal! I take snakes and eels Correct! How many times can a sheet of A4 be folded in half at maximum? In half? Once! Correct! The brother of your niece who calls you aunt. What’s your relationship with him? Brother….- Your niece’s brother…- niece …call you aunt. What’s your relationship with him? Nephew – Correct Good! Among jackfruit seeds, mango seeds, and June plum seeds, which are edible? Jackfruit seeds are edible; Mango seeds are inedible; June plums are inedible Only jackfruit seeds – Incorrect! Huh! – Can we eat June plum seeds? What do you think is the answer? We can’t eat mango seeds and June plum seeds.

I’ll try to gnaw them like this We can eat all of them. The point is whether we want to eat or not How can we eat them? We can – They are bitter We still can eat them. Bitter doesn’t mean dead Whose family eats them? No family eats them My family eats them Next question, Hoàng Yến is very clumsy. She stumbled (vấp) over a rug (thảm). What word do we use for it? OMG! What’s it? Pardon me! Hoàng Yến is very clumsy. She stumbled (vấp) over a rug (thảm). What word do we use for it? She stumbled (vấp) over a rug (thảm) It’s called clumsy – Incorrect! The answer is thảm hại (pathetic) It means a rug (thảm) makes her hurt (hại) Great, S.T,.

Good explanation, I understand it immediately! I don’t understand anything Next question Why do we often have mirrors in a lift? Because many girls want to look in the mirror there OMG! Incorrect! It’s to help those who sit on an wheelchair to know which floor they are on and decide the time they need to move back to get out of the lift I know why I can’t answer many questions Because it takes a lot of time for the MC to read the questions Her reading isn’t…. She doesn’t read Vietnamese clearly Go on! OK, Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc has 4 successive correct answers Ladies and Gentlemen, our genus has completed 2 minutes with the total correct answers of….

Four correct answers She isn’t just a normal girl Because the show cheated, Bro Giang cheated Some questions, for example, the question about jackfruit seeds We only can eat jackfruit seeds. We can’t eat mango seeds Ngọc! Ngọc! Your opponent can hear it Say it again please! The question was very smart Stand here! We’ll meet Quỳnh Hương again! You’re dead! Because when you entered Ngọc talked about the question she disagreed about jackfruit seeds or something If she kept going talking about it, you would know the answer Even Ngọc gave a wrong answer to that question, right? I had a right answer.

Why? My answer was correct. You cheated me Do some analysis Because your family can eat them OK, send him a message later OK! Please get into the chair Quỳnh Hương does the LIGHTNING QUIZ! What do we stew (ninh) but it is never cooked? Not Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc Never cooked? What do you stew (ninh)? N-I-N-H? – Right! Ninh Thuận Ninh Thuận, Up! What kind of oranges (cam) doesn’t have segments? C-A-M (Orange), right? Cute! – Very cute! King orange, uhm….. Let’s skip this question! King orange King orange, Incorrect! This question is easy. What kind of oranges (Cam)? Cam chịu (suffer), it doesn’t have segments What kind of oranges (cam) doesn’t have orange color? oranges (cam) doesn’t have orange color? What kind? We’ve just talked about it King orange? – Incorrect! – Same as previous answer It’s the same one Ahh still cam chịu (suffer) There are a lot kinds of oranges. Not only king oranges What kind of oranges (cam) is the richest in water? King orange? She knows only one kind of oranges (cam) You eat only kind of oranges at home? Incorrect! Cam (orange) which is the richest in water is Cam Ranh Cam Ranh is a bay (A bay in Khánh Hòa province, Vietnam) Ohhh – Ohhhh What animal sits to walk, sits to stand, sits to lie down and sits to sleep? Rabbit? This one! This one! Kangaroo? Incorrect! Why are you so innocent? Jump like this, Kangaroo That team is your opponent Because she also jumped like Sis Ninh…

A frog jumps like this Frog? – A kangaroo jumps too What animal lies down to walk, lies down to stand, lies down to sit, and lies down to sleep? Now, lie down? A snake Up! How many times can a sheet of A4 be folded in half at maximum? Once – Up! The brother of your niece who calls you aunt. What’s your relationship with him? Brothos… Brother! – The brother of your niece who calls you aunt. What’s your relationship with him? My nephew! – Up Fighting! – Great! Fighting – Now it’s time for us to define seeds Among jackfruit seeds, mango seeds, and June plum seeds, which are edible? jackfruit, mango, and June plum, jackfruit seeds.

They can be boiled jackfruit, mango, and June plum… All three are edible Up! – Yeah! Go ahead! Go ahead! Hoàng Yến is very clumsy. She stumbled (vấp) over a rug (thảm). What word do we use for it? – This question makes us have a headache It’s impossible to answer this question It’s ……. it’s called careless It’s a word play question – Right Stumbling(vấp) over a rug (thảm). It’s called “Thảm hại” (pathetic) The rug (thảm) really makes your hurt (hại). It’s a headache question Why do we often have mirrors in a lift? Mirror is….. This question is difficult too Right, some lifts don’t have mirror To look in the mirror After 2 minutes, you have 4 successive correct answers. Congrats! It’s for disabilities who use wheelchairs It’s better for disabilities to move backward when they go over a obstacle First they won’t fall over; Second, when they pull, the wheels will be supported with the ledge. It’s easier in comparison to moving forward They look in the mirror, and they will know what floor to get out For the first round, both teams have 4 successive correct answer.

It’s now a draw Now let’s move to the second round LIGHTNING QUIZ Now the second pair! Võ Hoàng Yến and S.T. Sơn Thạch Move closer to me please Who wil go first? I think Sis Yến should go first because you are more sparkling than me Lady first, it’s OK, but a man should accompany a lady, right? You mean two of us should go? OK! It’s OK, two of us go together Step away please! Will the show allow us? It’s OK You let me go first, right? What if I sit here and you answer the question set? OMG! – Let those two act till tomorrow! Võ Hoàng Yến comes to LIGHTNING QUIZ Let’s start! Which uncle (chú) isn’t our relative? Uncle (chú)? – Which uncle (chú) isn’t our relative? Chú thích (annotate) Chú thích (annotate)? Correct! – Correct! Now fill in the blank: Ăn một bát cháo, chạy ba …. (Literally, to have a bow of porridge, you have to run a long distance; Figuratively, spend too much efforts for something very small) chạy 3 tiếng liên (run for 3 hours) Incorrect! – I just say anything I think of – Incorrect The answer is quãng đồng (a long distance) chạy ba quãng đồng (run a long distance) Next question What shape has the sum of the measures of interior angles half of the sum of the measures of exterior angles? An isosceles triangle – Correct! A triangle is correct.

We don’t care if it’s an isosceles triangle or not In the TV Series “The Journey to the West”, where did Tang Xuanzang get pregnant? Get pregnant? – Right He did – In….. Get pregnant in woman kingdom Yeah! – Correct! Anyone remembers that scene? Drink water and get pregnant this big Why are you so good? I watched it when I was small. There were a few series Next question is also related to that drama In the series, why was Tang Xuanzang pregnant? He drank water in a river… Up – Correct! God blesses! In the same series, in the group, who didn’t get pregnant? Wukong! Correct! Wukong! Can we laugh and cry at the same time? Yes – Yes, we can Correct! Yes, we can laugh and cry at the same time Can you give it a try? and shed some tears Where are your tears? I have no emotion.

I’m not an actress We’re rehearsing – I need real emotions You mean we can shed tears even we have no emotions? We just have some fake act Can you teach me? How many cities and provinces by the sea are there in Vietnam? Say it! – 45 How many? – You just give an answer Say something randomly, 45. I guess it’s an incorrect answer Incorrect! – I know it Drop me! The answer is 28 provinces and cities What province is Cồn Cỏ island located? No idea Cồn Cỏ? – Where do we have a lot of grasses? (Cỏ = grass) Grasses are everywhere What island? Cồn Cỏ island? in Kiên Giang. OK, just give a random answer Incorrect! The answer is Quảng Trị Quảng Trị? What place has Vọng Phu mountain, Thị Nai lagoon, Xanh River Island? It sounds familiar – It’s so familiar Who knows? – Đồng Đăng Incorrect! The answer is Bình Định Bình Định! Why are there so many places in the Central? OK, now nothing related to locations Too much about the Central OK, tired! What causes divorce? Argument, then divorce Incorrect! Huh? So, Võ Hoàng Yến has 5 successive correct answers So frustrated with the questions A big clap for Hoàng Yến please Your answers are so good.

Please meet ST Sơn Thạch again I’m dead! I’m dead! I don’t know how many correct answers my chairwoman has Five successive correct answers OK, you only need 5 to have a draw You’re lucky to have Bro Giang read the questions Thùy Anh couldn’t answer any questions in that set, T First question, which uncle (chú) isn’t our relative? Chú bộ đội (Solders), I love you so much. No relative at all Up – Good one! Fill in the blank: Ăn một bát cháo, chạy ba …. (Eat a bowl of porridge, run ….) đường vòng (circle) Incorrect ba vòng tròn (three circles) The answer is “Ăn một bát cháo, chạy ba quãng đồng” ( Eat a bow of porridge, run a long distance) Next question, what shape has the sum of the measures of interior angles half of the sum of the measures of exterior angles? Circle! – Incorrect! It’s a triangle A triangle? tang tang tang teo teo teo That’s one.

The Journey to the West In the TV Series “The Journey to the west”, where did Tang Xuanzang get pregnant? Get pregnant in the kingdom…of women Up! UP! He said he doesn’t watch movies. He told a lie. We should know some basic information So in the series The journey to the West, why was Tang Xuanzang pregnant? Because he drank water from a river in that kingdom – Up! In the same series, in the group, who didn’t get pregnant? Sun Wukong – Up One more correct answers, it will be a draw Not yet 5 correct answers – 2 more 2 more correct answer, it will be a draw Can we laugh and cry at the same time? Yes, we can There is a saying that eat and cry at the same time, eat ten something. I don’t know Eat ten cakes Have you ever laughed and cried at the same time? Yes, I have Because you had to face something irony? Something like when you feel hurt inside Hurt, at the deep end of the pain At the deep end of the pain, you just smile to let it go Right! Truly a singer, all are beautiful words How many cities and provinces by the sea are there in Vietnam? Cities and provinces, 24 – 28 is the correct answer Miss! He’s good enough to reach that number What a waste! I can’t do the counting so I just give a quick answer Right! – I answered 45 If you count, it’ll run out of time What province is Cồn Cỏ island located? Quảng Trị – Up Great! I don’t where Cồn Cỏ island is What place has Vọng Phu mountain, Thị Nai lagoon, Xanh River Island? Ninh Bình Wrong one – Incorrect! Quảng Bình? Where is Thị Nai lagoon? “Who buys the moon…” – Ahh “I’ll sell it” – Quy Nhơn, Bình Định Yes What causes divorce? No longer love each other – Kiss the glass – Incorrect! Kiss the glass!!! Because of the marriage Why does our stomach growl when you’re hungry? The stomach is empty, there is a increase in stomach squeezing, which moves gas and fluid from one wall to another, and it generate a rumbling noise Yes You have 4 successive correct answers S.T has 1 correct answer less than Võ Hoàng Yến Now your team is in the lead with score 1:0 LIGHTNING QUIZ Last turns, Tim and Thùy Anh Love you, Baby! I really feel the pressure At first my strategy is to go first, so whether my team wins or loses, it isn’t my fault I have no voice in my team, so I have to take the last turn I heard that the last pair will have very difficult questions No, all questions are at the same level Don’t worry! I couldn’t answer any question up to now Mind it! If you answer correctly, we aren’t friends anymore It’s true Who goes first? You go first please OK, I go first Please! Fighting, Tim! Tim comes to LIGHTNING QUIZ The questions start! What does a stork call the father of its father? The father of the stork’s father is its paternal grandfather Correct! Next question When your eyes are blindfolded, can you walk in a straight line? Yes, I can – Incorrect! Huh? We can walk straightly when we are blindfolded Huh? I’ll close my eyes and show you.

Being blindfolded, we can walk in a straight line We can We can. I’ll close my eyes to walk Prove it! Cover your eyes! – I’ll walk in a straight line here Do you see it? We can walk straightly We can do it It’s possible Possible, so move up Up! – Yeah! Next question, Being blindfolded with nose covered, can you taste the food and tell what food it is? Yes, we can Correct! Next question, what is the word for skin being burnt with boiling water? A word play question Boiling skin Incorrect! Huh? Do you know? – Why word play question? Anyone knows? – It means…. Mô phỏng (simulation, literally, mô = tissue ~ skin, phỏng = burnt) Right! – Correct, the answer is mô phỏng (simulation) So difficult! Next question, What is the word of a late coming December? It’s a word play question Just give a random answer – We don’t have enough time No more thinking Just say something, for example, Trường Giang Ahh – Just say something to pass, say Trường Giang Yến – Incorrect! The answer is chậm chạp (Slow, literally chậm = late, chạp = December) Chậm chạp (Slow) Chạp is December We wait so long for it, it’s late (chậm), so we have chậm chạp (slow) The reasoning is so strange and illogical Remember that when there is a word play question, the word should have a meaning Next question, Trường Giang saw Hari wearing a raincoat in a sunny day.

Why? Because Hari was acting in a movie Right! – Hari was acting Correct! – What? – It was a raining scene Ahh right! – Great! There are many answers for that question. For example, “Oh, that girl is crazy” Or Hari had been walking in the rain or she was wearing it to lose weight OK! What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere? CO2 – Incorrect! The answer is Nitrogen Next questions, what directions does a needle of a compass normally point? Needle of a compass? Front Wait! Wait! Needle of a compass – What directions? North – Incorrect The answer is North and South OK, next question How many legs does a dragonfly have? Four legs – Incorrect! The answer is 6 legs How many toes does a ostrich foot have? 3 toes – Incorrect 2 toes – 2? I just gave a random answer.

I don’t know What is Fansipan’s nickname? The roof of Vietnam Incorrect! – Highest mount Incorrect! – The roof of Indochina Right! – Yes, the roof of Indochina What province is Fansipan located? Sapa Incorrect! The answer is between Lai Châu and Lào Cai So, Tim has 3 successive correct answers Let’s meet Thùy Anh again Bro Tim, you’re smiling brightly What? – You’re smiling brightly A burden on your shoulder, you need to pass Number 3 So you can win and the score will be 1:1 – 3? Very difficult! Very difficult! – Three correct answers are very difficult for your teammates Answer the questions slowly Look at her, look at her bright face. How can she pass it? Please get into the chair I’m under pressure.

It isn’t because of the questions but my teammates and MC Really? Let’s do the LIGHTNING QUIZ with Thùy Anh First question, what does a stork call the father of its father? What does a stork call the father of its father? The father of the stork’s father is… The father of my father is my grandpa Incorrect! – Grandpa? He must be the stork’s grandpa. He can’t be your grandpa Right! Why did I answer like that? Stork’s grandpa, not yours I don’t why I made that comparison So crazy! The question is about the father of the stork’s father.

You should answer the stork’s grandpa. Why your grandpa? I’m a stork because I’m often called “Stork” at home Don’t try to make up an answer Second question, when your eyes are blindfolded, can you walk in a straight line? When our eyes are blindfolded, we can Up! Being blindfolded with nose covered, can you taste the food and tell what food it is? That team is giving so many hints My neck is painful – You should massage your neck We can, because we taste with our tongue Up! You don’t cover your mouth – Right What is the word for skin being burnt with boiling water? Analyze this word play question like the previous one Burnt (phỏng) Skin burnt (phỏng), water, burnt What are other words close to skin? epidermis (biểu bì) tissue (mô) That’s one.

If it’s burnt with boiling water Mô phỏng (simulate) What is the word of a late coming December? Another word play question Late coming December, late Analyze it Slow – No one knows. Don’t ask January is “tháng giêng” (tháng = month, Jan = tháng 1 or tháng giêng) Chạp (December)…Chậm chạp (slow) I lost my feminine image The answer is correct but S.T. gave a very obvious hint Lots of hints – January (tháng giêng) – I don’t know Then for sure, December is “tháng chạp” (December = tháng 12 or tháng chạp, tháng = month) We don’t count your answer I don’t know it I don’t know it Trường Giang saw Hari wearing a raincoat in a sunny day. Why? Because Hari is crazy Speak louder – Because Sis Hari is crazy Hari is crazy Up! – Really! What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere? Nitrogen Up When I was at grade 10, I was the best student at chemistry I volunteered to answer all oral quizzes and I got straight all 10.

It’s biology Chemistry, Sis – No Chemistry! – It’s history They two are arguing What directions does a needle of a compass normally point? North and South Up Correct? How many legs does a dragonfly have? Read the folk poem “Dragonflies fly….” “Dragonflies fly low, it’s rainy, fly high, it’s sunny and fly at medium height, it’s cloudy” Right, no relation – Only about the dragonfly Dragonflies have 1, 2, 3, 4. Do we count the two in…..? 6 – UP How many toes does a ostrich foot have? Ostrich? – It has 2 feet, then 2 toes Up Correct? 2 big toes What is Fansipan’s nickname? Well,…the roof of Indochina Up! More please, quickly please Where is it? Where is it? Pardon! – Where is it? Lào Cai- and – more? Lào Cai, Lai Châu Up I’ve just been to Sapa Time’s up Great! In 2 minutes with 7 correct answers.

Congrats! At the present, you have 7 and Tim has 3 The score is 1:1 LIGHTNING QUIZ Please choose someone who is smart, but different from the two previous one Quỳnh Hương and S.T. Who will go first? The loser makes decision. – The loser? The loser makes the choice 1-2-3 1-2-3 1-2-3 So weird! OK, you make the choice Lady first! – We have MCs in this show I’m the winner Go! – Yes Quỳnh Hương comes to LIGHTNING QUIZ The questions start! Who is Galileo? A scientist in electricity, right? Light bulb, right? Incorrect! The answer is an Italian astronomer, physicist, and philosopher Which scientist spoke the famous phrase “Eureka” (I found it)? I don’t know Quỳnh Hương – OK Incorrect! “Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.” Who said it? Archimedes – It’s the answer Which field is Archimedes named as the greatest scientist of all times? Humanities – Incorrect! Physics! – The answer is Maths Nhị Hà is another name of a famous river in the North of Vietnam.

What river is it? OMG! Is it Red River? – What river is it? – Two River! Two River! If you don’t know, give a random answer Red River or anything, just give an answer Red River Correct! Ha Ha Correct! – Lucky Your random answer is correct It’s just a random answer Luck is better than being good Why does a horse never stay still? It’s a word question I just give a random answer. A horse gallops Incorrect! Lan Ngọc! What is another name for a horse? (commonly horse = ngựa) Ô, mã (ô, mã = ngựa = horse) – Different from those? – Ngọ What ngọ doesn’t stay still? Ngọ ngoạy (wiggle) Correct! OMG! Finally it’s correct – It’s easy Ngọ ngoạy (wiggle) – I have the keys so you think it’s easy It’s because you don’t analyze the question There are 7 months which have 31 days in a year.

How many months having the 28th day are there? Answer it! – Every month has the 28th day Up – Correct! Which month is the shortest in a year apart from February? It’s a trick question 2 letters – Month….. Tháng ba (March, tháng = month, ba = 3), because it has only 2 letters, it’s the shortest Correct! – Great! What animals living in the water are mammals? What animals? Dolphin Correct! Arctic or Antarctic, which one is colder? Antarctic – Correct! What land animals move slower than turtles? What land animals? Snail! Correct! What province is the largest in Vietnam? Hồ Chí Minh! – Hồ Chí Minh is a city Ahh Hồ Chí Minh city Time’s up – Out of time The answer is Nghệ An Nghệ An? – Right Quỳnh Hương has 5 successive correct answers Ladies and Gentlemen, Quỳnh Hương is very good to have five successive correct answers Let’s meet S.T. Sơn Thạch With this question set, I think you can pass Number 5 Why is it always 5 answers? Is it hard? 5 is my lucky number but I don’t know about today 5 is also my lucky number – Really? 5 is my unlucky number.

Go please! What subjects were you best at when you were a kid? Maths, Physics, and Chemistry – Good! Fighting! Let’s meet S.T. in the LIGHTNING QUIZ Question 1, Who is Galileo? A mathematician – Up A great mathematician – You just said a physicist, right? He was very good at astronomy, physics and Maths – Ahhh Which scientist spoke the famous phrase “Eureka!” (I found it)? Nonsense! He may get it wrong A wrong hint Archimedes Up! – OMG! A correct answer, Archimedes, OMG! Which field is Archimedes named as the greatest scientist of all times? Maths, Physics and… – Maths, Up! T, are you that good? Done? OMG! Great! Nhị Hà is another name of a famous river in the North of Vietnam.

What river is it? I guess the biggest one, Red River Up! Lan Ngọc, say something! T, I’m so proud of you Why does a horse never stay still? It’s a word play question Horse (ngựa) is ngọ (another word refers to a horse in Vietnamese) – Ehh Lan Ngọc! No, what? – Don’t shake your head I said “Fighting, T” Ngọ (horse)… can’t stay still Ngọ ngoạy (wiggle) OMG! He answered correctly to a difficult question There are 7 months which have 31 days in a year. How many months having the 28th day are there? T, you can answer it Every month has the 28th day, so 12 months Up! Which month is the shortest in a year apart from February? (a trick question) It’s tháng tư (April, tháng = month, tư = 4), because it has two letters Up! T knows the answers of all these questions Bro Giang, look at his attitude Do you know why? I’m shivering.

I’m nervous Only 3 questions left, T What animals living in the water are mammals? Mammals? Dolphin – Up OMG! – Or whale, we all know it Fighting! Fighting! It’s a long time since the last one got VND 20 million. Lots of money is in the store Question 9, Very easy I’m very nervous, everyone Look up to ST And for sure 90% you can win that money with these two questions Arctic or Antarctic, which one is colder? Antarctic Up! S.T. S.T. S.T. OMG! I know the answer because Antarctic is the driest in the world Now, it comes to the last question Quỳnh Hương answered this question correctly This season is more difficult than the previous one Bro, I’m so nervous How many seeds are there in a jackfruit? Nonsense! It doesn’t matter, any is OK That question is just for fun That question isn’t in the timing, right? Now it comes to the official question Which land animals move slower than turtles? Ants Incorrect! OMG! It’s a waste What a waste! VND 20 million still remains with the show A waste! – Still very good! A big clap for S.T.

This team has 9 correct answers. The current score is 2:1 For this last round, please choose someone which can be under pressure and carry the burden Have you voted? – Võ Hoàng Yến and – Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc Life always places a burden on my shoulder So heavy! Who will go first? I went first in the previous round, now you go first, OK? I went first too. Please do the rock-paper-scissors OK, rock-paper-scissors. This round is very important Bro Giang, you make the decision, right? You two make it yourself The loser will….

The loser? – Right – OK 1-2-3 The loser will…something… Do you feel the tense? Very tense! – Win or lose, it’s important. Rock-paper-Scissor 2-3 Go Win, you go! Sis, I won. I’m so happy Yeah, no problem. You’re my luck! OMG! You’re so lovely I love you very much! Ninh Dương Lan Ngoc comes to LIGHTNING QUIZ Let’s start! What does your father call your grandma’s sister? Too easy! My father calls my grandma’s sister? Grandma too Incorrect! Grandma’s sister My father, right? Then, he calls her grandma Grandma, it’s what you call her Ahh my mistake! The answer is aunt Curve your hair! Be smart! Be smart again! OK! What does your mother call your grandma’s sister? What does my father call my grandma’s sister? Grandma’s sister, my father calls her Aunt Aunt too – Correct! OMG! Keep curving your hair OK, please read the question What does we call an illness that we only rely (ỷ) on the doctor? Word play question – Đại phu (old word for doctor) Phu….

Just give a random answer Đao phủ (executioner) or something Incorrect! – The answer is ỷ y (rely on physicians, ỷ = rely, y = physician ~doctor) That simple? – Right OMG! Next question, What is the difference between a toad and a frog apart from their names? Their skin, a toad’s skin is rougher and a frog’s skin is smoother Correct! – OMG! WOW Ngọc! My goodness! Why do we often feel dizzy when we stand up after squatting? Because the blood is running down to your legs and haven’t return enough to your brain It’s right! – Correct! Can we clear all spider webs? Spider web? If there are still spiders in your house, there still exists spider webs If you clear all spiders, then no more spider webs Kill all spiders to clean the house Correct! Why can’t an eraser clean letters written with a ballpoint pen? Because they sell….

Now if you write something with a pencil on paper, you can erase it but you can’t if you write it with an ink pen. Why? Because we write the word “Erase” Incorrect! Because lead can be smeared, right? Pencils only make a layer on the surface of the paper sheet, but ink pens penetrate into the paper sheet Very simple In a football match, who decides the length of the match? The one who decides the length is the referee Which referee? Referee… OMG! Main referee Correct! My goodness How can you know about it? Wait! For that question, you can see that Lan Ngọc’s one hundred and five fans helped her to answer the question No, No, it isn’t the way they gave me hints They only showed number 9 (9 = chín ~ chính = main) So I guess main referee. I don’t know anything Your answer isn’t counted What island is the largest in Vietnam? Island…. Phú Quốc? – 1 Nha Trang has some islands, right? Right, Hòn Tằm or something, a lot Then, Phú Quốc island – Correct! Fill in the blank: “A man owes his wealth to his ….

And owes his elegance to his ….” His wealth to his wife, his elegance to his friends Incorrect! – Wealth to his friends, elegance to his wife OMG! – You’ve answered the question I have the right to change my answer You answered it correctly Next question, how….- Time’s up Time’s up Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc has 3 successive correct answers Let’s meet Võ Hoàng Yến again See! What has Ngọc been doing? Pardon? – How was it? I think 2-2 is a possibility Is it hard? – She has only 3 correct answers It must be very difficult – Only 3 – It’s so so OK, please go to the chair Let’s do the LIGHTNING QUIZ with Võ Hoàng Yến Only one What does your father call your grandma’s sister? Aunt – Up! Is OK? Because I’m an aunt, I know it.

– Ohhh What does your mother call your grandma’s sister? My mother…, sister… By her name, Sis…. My mother… – Incorrect! Your father calls her aunt, then what does your mother call her? Aunt – Right! What does we call an illness that we only rely on the doctor? Word play question – Word question Bịn rịn (Long goodbye, bịn ~ bệnh = illness) Before saying farewell, Incorrect! The answer is (rely on physicians, ỷ = rely, y = physician ~doctor) What is the difference between a toad and a frog apart from their names? Their skin – Up! Why do we often feel dizzy when we stand up after squatting? Sudden change in pressure on the brain What to/on brain? Change in blood to the brain – UP! Can we clear all spider webs? Over the world, we can’t clear all Can’t – Over the world, Up! Great! Number 3, level Lan Ngọc! Why can’t an eraser clean letters written with a ballpoint pen? Because the ink sticks to the paper – Correct! It’s simple.

Sometimes, we have think in a simple way In a football game, who decides the length of the match? Referee – Which referee? Main referee – Up! I am worst at football What island is the largest in Vietnam? Phú Quốc Island – Up Fill in the blank: “A man owes hiswealth to his …. and owes his elegance to his ….” His wealth to his wife, his elegance to his friends – Incorrect! Wealth to his friends, elegance to his wife, Ohhh, what an anger! – Correct! You gave an opposite answer! – Too hasty So dependent How can we take a ping-pong ball out of a glass without turning it upside down, using your hands to take it or pouring water into the glass? Well….- Break the glass Make the glass fall – You’re not allowed to do it You’re not allowed – I didn’t hear the question clearly Use a vacuum to suck it out Blow it – Blowing is the exact answer Can we use a vacuum to suck it out? Or ask someone else to take it out – Right Lan Ngọc has 3 I know all the answers but I only need to have more correct answers than Lan Ngọc You have more correct answers in this round.

The final score is 2:2. Let’s have an extra question What I love the most is these last minutes No, I don’t love them very much How many questions? – I’m so stressful Only one question and only one player Choose the one that you can rely on S.T. – S.T. OK! Fighting Tim! – Trust him! Tim! If you lose, give us money After I say “Start” You will touch this one to have the right to answer. You have 5 seconds to give your answer For example, A B C Start! 5-4 Within the time, you have to give your answer. After 5 seconds, another team has right to answer Our question is How many chambers does the most amorous man in the world have? Start! Start! Please! Please! – 4 chambers Correct! Ladies and Gentlemen, whether he is the most amorous in the world or the planet, his heart still has 4 chambers We have nothing else to say.

Now it’s time for a tearful farewell So, what we don’t want has come What I don’t want has come – Turn off your Mic please Now we have to say goodbye to a team. Whatever team Quỳnh Hương joins, that team will go home OK, you go home with VND 9,000,000. Congrats! Your team with active, smart, wrinkled brain Look at Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc’s face We have passed the obstacle of that team and entered the special round to have VND 60,000,000 and a ticket to other rounds and compete with other teams Best luck for you in the special round LIGHTNING QUIZ SPECIAL ROUND Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to LIGHTNING QUIZ You have a ticket to go further and compete with other teams Now all you need is to be united to get VND 60,000,000 from the show OH The question is very simple It’s a listing question. You need to list 20 correct answers to earn that money Is it easy? – Yes Our today question, please list 20 kinds of fruit that we – peel its skin? don’t peel its skin Kumquat – Masau (Chinese apple) – Grape Strawberry What fruit? Plum – Rambutan, no Guava – Durian – Chili Durian!! – No durian What else? Apricot Peach – Right Pear Banana!! – Cherry Melon, no Seriz Ripen Plum – Only one kind of plum No, plum from Hanoi – Only one kind of plum Guava – Listed Rose apple Lime Kumquat – Listed – OMG, Ngọc, she eats limes What else? Time pressure makes us not able to give more answers And bothered by the MC.

We actually have a lot left Why do you keep disturbing them? I don’t disturb them. I just make the show more fun 11 is the number of fruit you listed 11 correct answers Special round must be difficult. Anyway, you’re very good Fun, smart, and provide us with a lot of knowledge as what Lan Ngọc did Very smart! You have a ticket and VND 15,000,000 to bring home Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for watching LIGHTNING QUIZ, which is produced by Ho Chi Minh City Television in corporation with Dong Tay Promotion The program is on air at 21:00 every Saturday on HTV7 Goodbye and See you again Please don’t leave me alone Why do you leave me alone? LIGHTNING QUIZ NEXT WEEK I come here just to prove that I’m not stupid. If I’m stupid, I won’t argue anymore Nothing – Correct! I have 2 correct answers, right? Hey! – One more correct answer It’s now a draw A draw comes so fast It’s already a draw In the song “Dấu Mưa” by Trung Quân Idol, how many sentences “Anh yêu em” are there? I think there is no “Anh yêu em”.

There are only “I love you, I love you so” ( Anh yêu em = I love you) There aren’t any “Anh yêu em” You can bite (cắn) it without teeth. What is it? Question 8 – Think out – Cắn rứt (guilty) Correct! OMG! ZONES NETWORK .

Things Only True Fans Noticed In The It: Chapter 2 Trailer

Ready to go back to Derry? The first trailer for It: Chapter Two has arrived, and it looks like writer-director Andy Muschietti might just pull it off again. “Hello.” Though most of the clip is devoted to one scene, there are a few small but telling details that you might have missed. Spoilers ahead! Meet Mrs. Kersh. Most of the trailer finds Beverly Marsh returning to her father’s old home. The new resident seems like a nice enough old lady, doesn’t she? Meanwhile, Bev is heartened to discover the old “January embers” poem that Ben wrote for her so many decades before. But the atmosphere in the apartment grows eerier by the second, especially when Mrs. Kersh’s starts verbally tormenting Beverly: “I was always daddy’s little girl. What about you?” If you read Stephen King’s massive novel It, you’ll remember this moment as one of the creepiest scenes in the book.

In the novel, Mrs. Kersh transforms into a yellow-toothed witch. The trailer doesn’t quite show us what she’ll become in the movie, but we’re already covering our eyes. Here’s another detail from the trailer that really stands out: The Losers Club appears to have thinned out. Although the group still sees young Stanley Uris and Eddie Kaspbrak in a window reflection, there are now only five of them standing as adults: Isaiah Mustafa’s Mike Hanlon, Bill Hader’s Richie Tozier, James McAvoy’s Bill Denbrough, Jessica Chastain’s Beverly, and Jay Ryan’s Ben Hanscom.

If you read King’s novel, you know that Stanley Uris never makes it back to Derry. Eddie does join the group for the second battle against Pennywise, but his fate isn’t as fortunate as the rest. However, in the book, Eddie’s death takes place late in the action. Perhaps the glimpse we see in the trailer is from the tail end of the film, after The Losers Club’s last stand with Pennywise. Or maybe Eddie just dashed off to the pharmacy to pick up a new inhaler? Time will tell.

The settings in the trailer for It: Chapter Two are entirely familiar. Evidently, Derry hasn’t put much money for renovations over the last 27 years. One location seems to carry some major significance, though, and we’re not talking about the sewer, although there’s bound to be plenty of action down there, too. No, we’re talking about this grassy hill. As you may recall, it looks like the exact same spot the kids visited to make their blood oath in the first film. “S-swear if it isn’t dead, if it ever comes back, we’ll come back, too.” It’s also the same spot that both Stan and Eddie seemed to confirm their fates by leaving the group first, in the same order they die in.

Surprisingly, the exit order doesn’t seem to be repeated in this trailer. If you look closely, it’s Richie Tozier who trails the group instead of Eddie. You may want to avoid Chinese food for a while. As we see in the trailer, the Losers Club heads over to the Jade of the Orient restaurant for a reunion meal, just like in the book. “This meeting of the Losers Club has officially begun.” The trailer only shows their arrival, but King fans, and anyone who saw the 1990 TV miniseries, will remember just how unappetizing things get.

So many unspeakable horrors can fit into those teeny tiny fortune cookies. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what ghastly surprises IT has in store. The trailer also calls back to a fixture of King’s book and the 2017 adaptation: the giant statue of Paul Bunyan in the town park. It’s there in the first film, when the Losers gather together to discuss Pennywise. In the book, it becomes animated and taunts Richie. It: Chapter Two brings the statue back into Richie’s life, but we don’t see it in motion just yet. Instead, Pennywise is seen floating above it, suspended by an inverted pyramid of balloons.

Even so, the Paul Bunyan statue’s importance clearly hasn’t been overlooked by the director. King fans also know that the statue really exists in Bangor, Maine, and freaks out the locals on a regular basis. The first chapter of It thankfully didn’t deal with the Ritual of Chüd or Maturin the celestial turtle, but fans know that these otherworldly concepts will make it into Chapter Two. The trailer appears to confirm it: The Losers hit the sewers to track down Pennywise and come upon a giant spiky object. We see the gang holding hands and looking up at the ceiling, or, more likely, something beyond the ceiling. We never get a glimpse of the creature in the trailer, but we imagine, we hope, it’ll be more frightening than that thing we saw in the miniseries. We know Muschietti plans to bring the inter-dimensional element of It to the big screen in Chapter Two, and this is our first look at how that might happen. Scared? Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite films are coming soon.

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Things that Freak Me Out (part 2)

JAIDEN! You… you already talked about dumb things you’re nervous about. Why are you… Oh you think I’m done? I’m just getting started. Uh yeah no, I’m not done. There’s more. Sadly. If you’re someone new here or just haven’t watched the first video I made about things I’m freaked out about. Uhh… You don’t need to watch them in order. Don’t worry about it, it’s not like you have to study up to watch these things.

I’m not going to pop out half way through like, “POP QUIZ!” In the first irrational fears video, which video game from my childhood did I finally beat after like 15 years? Answer incorrectly and you have to … restart your computer. That’s the punishment for not being up-to-date on every single one of my videos. But it would be cool if you went and watched it afterwards or something. Whatever you want, it doesn’t really matter. It’s fine.

I don’t really care. This is how you play hard to get right? Let’s just jump right in to it. Things that freak me out/generally make me a bit nervous. Part 2! Interacting with people. I feel like a lot of you can probably relate. I actually got curious to know the ratio of introverted to extroverted people. And apparently around 50 to 74 percent of the population is extroverted. Now that’s a big estimation gap but I thought that was kind of interesting because the majority of the comment sections on my videos are full of introverts. Looking at the bigger picture here, it kind of makes sense though because all the extroverts are just out being with people in the real world. Like extroverts Well anyway as a fellow introvert, I avoid interacting with people as much as I possibly can.

If there’s an option for me to not talk to people, I’m down. I’m talking to strangers and people I don’t really know by the way. Don’t get this picture in your head that I just want to live on the floor of my room, by myself in the dark with no friends. You probably weren’t thinking that. But just making sure. I think it’s common to not want to interact with every single person you possibly can when you go out somewhere. But I think I go an extra step in some situations. Like if you’re at a grocery store and you can’t find something An average person would go up to one of the workers there and ask “Hey! Do you know where I could find the cornmeal?” And the worker would say “Oh it’s in aisle 3 with the baking ingredients” And the person would be like, “Thanks! Not only did I get an immediate answer to my question” “but I also know the general direction I need to head to” because you physically pointed to where I can find the thing I’m trying to locate.” While over in my corner, I can’t walk up to an employee and ask them about something they’re paid to know the answer to.

*Pshh* I’m not some social interaction wizard. No, I have to walk to some obscure area no one else in, pull out my phone and google “Where to find cornmeal in a grocery store?” I choose to take an extra five whole minutes of my time to do an Internet search than initiate a normal human to human interaction. And Google can’t point out which direction I have to go. I’ve got to walk down the whole store scanning the little signs at the top as an extra bonus to find the cornmeal for a video to make bird treats that I’m never going to use again and Ari doesn’t even end up eating. One time I was in Target and I called my mom to ask her where the deodorant would be because I couldn’t find it, and she said “How should I know? Ask someone there. Why are you calling me? I’m at work.” And so I left without buying anything. Which is also a tangent little fear. Going in to a store, looking around, and leaving without making a purchase.

I feel so shady. Like the workers probably think I just committed a steal. Then you try and balance it out or something by looking extra friendly and smiling at the people. “Howdy ho there! I didn’t steal. No need to worry about me I’m a law-abiding citizen who pays for things.” But then it’s the whole thing like Well hypothetically, if I WERE to actually steal something, I would…try to… NOT look shady by smiling at people like, “Yep, totally didn’t just rob you.” So they probably think, I am stealing by smiling at them and I’m confirming their mind even more. People who walk in to stores, if you see someone walk in and leave without getting anything, do you assume they stole something? I haven’t had a job like that before so I don’t know the thought process you guys have. I just want to know if this can be something I don’t need to worry about any more and I’m just overthinking everything like I normally do. Plz help. Since we’re on the topic of socializing with other people, If I do find myself in a conversation with someone, I worry a lot about not looking like I’m paying attention to them while they’re talking.

I hate it when I’m trying to tell someone something and they’re just looking around. They check Twitter a few times, totally not looking like they want to be there. Like dude, you’re going to miss out on this stellar conversation I’m having with you here that could totally, maybe change your life. I’m just kidding, I don’t have anything to say that could change anyone’s life. BUT THEY DON’T KNOW THAT. So they’re risking that possibility. Also another side tangent, the word stellar. It’s a good word. Why don’t people use it more? I vote everyone says stellar more often. Stellar is … stellar. That was a public announcement. So that’s two things on your to-do list now. Go watch my ‘Irrational Fears Part 1″ video and say stellar more. I mean if you want to watch the video, it’s nothing really. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I thought I would just mention it again just in case you forgot.

WHOA. HEY. LETS GET BACK ON TRACK. Worrying about not looking I’m not paying attention to someone when they’re talking to me. So what I do to overcorrect that problem is focus way to make it look like I’m listening to someone. I concentrate so hard on looking like I’m paying attention to a conversation that sometimes I actually do forget to pay attention. I do a 180 and focus more on getting it across that I’m genuinely listening than just actually paying attention. And I don’t realize I’m not really hearing what they’re saying until the middle of their conversion, and it’s like “Crap. Wait. I don’t know what they’re talking about. I need to start paying attention.” And then I focus on trying to make it look like I’ve totally been comprehending what they’ve been saying this whole time and you get the point.

A good example of how this can be a bit of a problem is about a month ago I went to the bank to order some euros because as you know I was going to VidCon and stuff. There’s a video on that too if you want to maybe go watch that as well. I mean it’s whatever like. When the bank lady was telling me the ordering process, I was really focused on getting it across to her that I knew exactly what she was talking about and everything was peachy and there were no problems at all. And when she got to the point where she said “So they’ll arrive on Wedensday…” *drowned out voice* “Is that okay?” She basically told me when I could pick them up.

And without thinking about what day it was or what she actually just said, I went, “Yep, that’s fine” Finished the order and left. It wasn’t until a couple of hours later, I was at my desk doing some work and it dawned on me. “Wait, I’m… I’m leaving on Tuesday of next week.” “Did she say this Wednesday or the Wednesday after I leave the country?” “Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.” “I’ll take my chances.” It was the Wednesday before I left, it was fine. But in hindsight, that could have been really bad. And I was too nervous about going back and asking the lady about the order information because that would be extra interaction with another human and I just told you how that makes me anxious. I’m going to screw myself over someday by being like this. I know it. I’ll make a video about it. Don’t worry. Last one for now. So. So far I’d say I’ve talked about pretty general things that other shy, anxious people might relate to.

But this ones…this ones out there. The live-action version of the movie Pinocchio. There might be a few of you out there like, “Oh yea, when I saw that movie as a kiddo I thought it was a bit freaky too.” No, that’s not why it freaks me out. I saw it as a kid for the first time as a kid and I don’t recall a single thing about it’s really like or what happened in it. But I just know that that night I had one of the scariest nightmares of my childhood life. Like the type of nightmare that you never forget, and you wake up in a pool of your own sweat like, “Geez, what in the? How did my brain even conjure up something that horribly freaky.” “The heck? Where did that come from?” And at first, I didn’t think anything of it. Just a nightmare, they happen. Nothing out of the ordinary. But like a year or something later, I watched the live-action Pinocchio movie a second time.

And I got the exact same nightmare. “Yep, this two occurrences are connected. I’m never watching Pinocchio ever again.” And I didn’t. That’s the only movie I refuse to watch as of this point right now. Maybe sometime in the future, I’ll be brave enough to try and give it another chance but … nah man. I’m good for now. I bet you’re curious so I’ll try and explain the scary dream the Pinocchio movie gave me. It’s going to sound dumb but that’s just how dreams are when you try to explain them okay? Just go with it. I was in a dark room and I was pinned against this invisible corner. So like imagine you’re in a room and have your back against a corner and you can’t see anything.

It’s all pitch black. And by the way, I was Dash from The Incredibles. That’s just… I … I don’t get it either. That’s just how it was. Not even Violet. But whatever. So I was Dash from The Incredibles, pinned against this invisible corner looking to blackness And every once in a while, a big shark would lunge out of the dark and try to bite me. Just a huge shark jump scare at random intervals. Sounds dumb when I say it out loud. I’m not even scared of sharks. But it got really close at some points. It’s dumb, whatever. Anyways, quick off topic thing. I’m going to be going to Phoenix Comic Con next week with James and some of my friends. There’s not a panel or anything, I’m just going to go for fun and to be with buddies. So if you see us walking around, then yeaaa, say hi if you want. I don’t know. YEEEA. k bai. .

Is Zero Even? – Numberphile

JAMES GRIME: 0. That’s our friend. Yes. To a mathematician this is a number. But it wasn’t always obvious. ROGER BOWLEY: Math existed to do financial transactions, to sell sheep, to buy copper things, whatever. And you would use coins. And there would be values to the coins. So you would say this costs 5 pounds 20 shillings, or whatever. You don’t do any trading with the number 0. I’ve got no sheep here. Oh, I’m gonna buy no sheep, I’ll give you no pounds.

It doesn’t make any sense. So there was no need for shopkeepers to invent the number 0. JAMES GRIME: They had the idea of 5 cows. But the idea of 5, not so much. The idea of 5-ness they didn’t quite understand. So a number like 0, which is the absence of– well, whatever, cows, whatever it was– made no sense to them. I’m going ask Brady a question. See if I can catch him out. Brady, is 0 an even number? BRADY HARAN: I think the answer is no. But it feels like it is because it is round. JAMES GRIME: So this is an interesting– OK, let me ask another question. Is 16 an even number? BRADY HARAN: Yes. JAMES GRIME: Yes. So people have studied this. People have a delayed reaction. People are not sure whether 0 is an even number. Now I can tell you that 0, categorically, is an even number. It will follow every definition of an even number. ROGER BOWLEY: So there was an Indian called Brahmagupta who invented the idea of nothing not being nothing but existing as an abstract quantity in the mathematics.

Well, then it goes to North Africa. And there’s a guy called Al Qasimi. And he writes a book about the art of Hindu mathematics and reckoning by Hindu mathematics. And that spreads through North Africa to Spain and so forth. And it becomes, they think, Arabic numbers. So you have all the numbers plus 0. That was fine. Until 1200 when Leonardo of Pisa, also known as Fibonacci, translates this book.

It’s a wonderful idea. But this is in the period of the Crusades. So people think these are Arabic numbers, not Hindu numbers because it’s come from North Africa. So the Catholic church objects to this because there are Crusades going on and this is the work of the enemy. So in Florence, for example, they banned the use of this Arabic number 0. And it was thought to be the work of the devil. BRADY HARAN: Because my definition of an even number is something that can be divided by 2. JAMES GRIME: So Brady’s just told me an even number is a number that can be divided by 2. Well, 0 can be divided by 2. 0 divided by 2 is 0. In fact, in that sense, it is the most even number. In ancient times they had this idea of things being singly even or doubly even. So 12 would be doubly even because you can divide by 2 and then 2 again. Well, by that sense, 0 can be divided by 2 and 2 and 2 and 2– it is the most even number. The correct definition of an even number is it’s a multiple of 2. Something times 2. Something times 2.

Well, it is. There’s no problem with that. It’s 0 times 2. Great. Brady said it had to be divisible by 2. Well, that works. 0 divide by 2 is 0. OK, so it fits between two odd numbers. That might be a definition for even. Let’s do that. There’s 0. And over here that’s 1. Over here that’s minus 1. And then you get 2 over here, minus 2. Perfectly fits. There are some rules for numbers. Some arithmetic rules.

Two even numbers, if you add two even numbers together, you get an even number. Well, that works. 0 plus 4 is 4, an even number again. That’s what we want. We’re saying 0 is even. It follows every definition. In fact, if it wasn’t even, then it would break our rules of arithmetic, which would be a disaster. It is true to say that 0 is neither positive or negative. It sits here between the positive numbers and the negative numbers.

So it is neither positive or negative. ROGER BOWLEY: The discovery of 0 was the most important advance in mathematics of all, because it made mathematics capable of being understood by everybody. Everybody could do this mathematics. JAMES GRIME: The Babylonians, the Greeks, they had the idea of a space. So there was a difference between 26, 2 and 6, and 206, 2-0-6. They had a space there. They didn’t use the symbol 0, but they had a space. It was more like a punctuation mark. So the Babylonians would understand the difference between 26 and 206. But instead of using the symbol for 0, they would just have a space. However, if they wanted to write 260, 260 was written like this. And to us, that looks like 26. To them and in context, that would make sense. But they didn’t have this idea of 0 by itself. In the 9th century, the first instance– or the first recorded instance of 0– was found. It was actually found by a gardener keeping track of the number of flowers that his garden would produce.

And he used the number 50 as we would recognize it. 5, 0. After that point, they started to experiment with 0. What could it do? If you add 0, it makes no difference. If you times by 0, you get 0. Dividing by 0– that caused them some problems as it still does today. ROGER BOWLEY: In this sense, the mathematical sense, the number 0 does not mean nothing. It means a quantity which you can manipulate in the mathematics. And so it’s better to call it 0 rather than nothing. Nothing is when you’re counting. There’s nothing there. 0 is the abstract mathematical quantity. CGP GREY: I’m CGP Grey and my favorite number is 0. I like 0 because it’s not an obvious number.

You can have counting systems where there’s one thing, two things, three things, four things. But mathematics existed for a long time without having a 0 as part of it. So it’s a number, but it also isn’t anything in and of itself. .