Junkyard-Rescue 1969 Mustang Mach 1! – Roadkill Ep. 66

– This time on Roadkill, we’re going to try and rescue a Mach 1 Mustang that’s been abandoned for 37 years. – Yeah. We’re saving it from the jaws of death. (crashing) – Woah! (laughs) – Oh my god! – That was good! (rock ‘n’ roll music) (engine revs) – This time we’re at Colorado Auto & Parts in Englewood, Colorado. And how this all began is these guys built a ’39 Plymouth truck that’s powered by a radial Cessna aircraft engine. And that thing was on the cover of Hot Rod magazine, we had it in Roadkill magazine, and so we sort of got to know the guys who run this yard which is basically a late-model sort of you-pull-your-own-parts kind of yard, but they also have a ton of classics because their grandfather founded this place in 1959.

And a bunch of the cars are still here. So I came here last week and wandered all around just thinking, man, we got to do a junkyard rescue. And then, I spotted a car that I thought I would never be able to own in my life. And these guys made it possible. And now I’m going to go surprise Finnegan by showing him this car. – Nothing good for me has ever happened on any Roadkill trip in Colorado. So I have a little trepidation here, but what I do know is we are going to rescue a car on David’s bucket list. I don’t know what the car is, but the fact that it’s on his bucket list means it doesn’t suck, so this should be fun. I’m going to keep it positive, but I do want to point out the fact that our track record in Colorado has not been good.

You realize we tried to flat tow a ’55 home from Colorado, and left it there. We jumped a Cadillac and left it there. – (laughs) Uh-huh. – We’re really — – We’re not leaving this one here. – We’re not good at leaving this state with what we, y’know, intended to leave in. – The Bradley GT. – Oh, my god, these are so sweet. Except for the Volkswagen part. – Except for the VW part, yeah. – At home, Google it, or YouTube it. Hardcastle and McCormick. Awesome show. – Kind of an obscure reference. They shot it at my high school once, though, and they actually let me stop and park my Super Bee next to the Hardcastle and McCormick car and get photos.

I have ’em at home. – That’s why he’s a legend. – (laughs) It’s true. Today is National Mustang Day, no joke whatsoever. – Really? – Because it’s April 17th, and on April 17th, 1964, they unveiled the very first Mustang. – Well, wait, don’t buy the ’64 to ’66, ’cause that’s the girl’s Mustang. – Nope! – You bought the man’s Mustang. ’67 and — – Yup! – Okay.

– Well you have to guess which one it is. – All right, well, it won’t be a coupe. You do like convertibles, but I really hope it’s a fastback. Let me guess. Is that a Mach 1? – Which one? – This red one, is that a Mach 1? – No, it’s a sports roof, base model. But the car we’re actually getting is a Mach 1. – Oh, you sandbagger. – ’69 Mach 1 Mustang. – No way. – 100% legit. Ah. This is like not sample junkyard. – I was going to throw him a rope. This is arguably the best body style of Mustang. – This is the Mustang. This is the only Mustang. I looked for one of these for years, I was like I’m priced out of the market.

Can’t happen. I think I can get a new bumper out of the yard, but — – Air conditioning? Geez. – You’ll notice the one thing missing is the distributor. This to me has like, that General Mayhem thing going on, where it’s like a radical body style, but completely beat, and just an open canvas for thrashing. Is it the Mach None or is it the Disgustang? – The inside is pretty damn Disgustang.

– (laughs) It’s the Disgustang. – Disgustang is perfect. – So I think we got to go get the big forklift, take it inside, and the first order of business has got to be if it runs, and after that, if the transmission works. Because either one of those things are going to shut us down. But I already gave them the heads up that if that happens I need to have something else ready to just squirt right into it. – Woah. He did that on purpose. He did that on purpose. This could go either really well or really poorly.

– Well, this is really cool because it goes all the way to the rear end, it doesn’t smash the whole underside of the car. It just bends the tie rods real bad. Woah! That’s good! Yes! – Oh my god. This is cool. We’ve never done this before. – This reminds me of the ’67 ‘Cuda from Texas. Remember when we forklifted that? – That’s not bad. Oh! – Oh! – Ah, he just shook the trunk on me! Who ever’s in there. Okay your hood’s a little more smashed than it was before. Well, this is about a good a day as we’ve ever had on Roadkill. Found the right car, and moved the right car to a place where we can work on it. And I feel like we’re spoiled here on Roadkill. – Man, this has been an awesome day. Not only did we pick up the Mach 1, but this whole yard is so cool. The Corns family over here is just awesome. I cannot wait to take this Mustang and make it actually drive away from here. – This is going to be cool. – They brought the rzrs.

– What’s up with the turds? That part’s not going to be cool at all. – That’s good. The car’s cool. Ooh, they got us all set up. I didn’t even sleep last night, I was all stoked to get working on this thing. They moved the car into position, they brought us some rzrs so that we can go cruise the yard and find parts that we need like a bumper and a valence and a distributor but number one thing we got to find out if this runs because if it doesn’t then we’re into an engine swap or something like that. So, that’s the first thing that we’re going to do. Second thing we’re going to do is drop it in gear and see if that FMX transmission is going to even move. I have my suspicions about that one. This cars got a 351 Windsor engine and it’s a factory two barrel car.

H-code. Somebody put a four barrel on it, I got a rebuild kit for that, hopefully it works. – Shop vac? How ‘about gas mask? – That’s better. – Can’t really see anything. It’s scary. – It really doesn’t need to be beautiful, it just needs to be wrench-able and running. – And not give us any diseases we didn’t walk in here with already. – Yup. – It’s reasonably clean in there. Not so much in here. – Woah. – Leakages is frozen, choke is stuck.

It needs a full rebuild. – Okay, I’m going parts shopping. I need to find a distributor, number one, and keep my eye peeled for hood engines, front bumper. They’ve got a giant you-pull-it yard, but there’s some classics back here that have been sitting around forever and ever and ever. Hey, dirt. That distributor is locked in there. Okay, that’s going to need an implement of leverage. Woah. (laughs) What is that? That’s a dog. Guaranteed Finnegan’s back there right now going: “How long does it take to pull a distributor out of an engine?” – It’s remarkable, and I’m going to jinx myself here, but I’m going to say it anyway, it’s remarkable that we haven’t snapped a single bolt yet. Right about now Dave’s on the other side of the yard and probably snapping every bolt he’s touching just because I said that out loud. – There we go! Broke the distributor, perfect. What do you bet that was the only distributor in the yard? That would be my luck.

Where’s my tools? – (laughs) Coming in hot. – So does it have a long head gasket? – No, I’m calling water down the carb and tank valve open – Okay. – It’s probably okay. – Sure. – Right, let’s go with that. – So, unfortunately, I’m defeated and we need auto parts store for distributor, I think. Unless they have one already removed, I’ll ask ’em upfront. But, yeah I found a great valence and a bumper. – Is it valence or valence? – Valence, valence, you say tomato, I say tomato. (upbeat rock music) – Stupid carburetor is going to beat me, I spent like an hour dialing in every orifice in that thing and I’m going to give up because the throttle blades are just like (banging) bad. I could probably spend a bunch of time perfecting that but the thing is with the vacuum secondary, if it’s not moving totally free, they’re not even going to open. I’m out of time, I want to drive, I want to see this thing run, so I’m just going to go run it.

Buy a cheap carburetor. – You got it? Hey. – Radiator’s got a bunch of holes in it, actually taking preemptive measures not to overheat. Imagine that! – What’s happening right now is Dave’s off getting the radiator fixed, I’m going to change the oil, put new plugs in it, get the engine on top dead center on number one, and then at that point if we had a distributor we could put it in and put the spark plug wires and if we had a carburetor we could put that on and fire this thing up but we don’t have those things, so I’m just going to do everything I can to make ready for when we do have those things. Right after I sweep all the turds away so I can crawl under the car. Uh oh, there’s water coming out of this. (laughs) that’s not good. There’s oil there, that’s good news. If anything in this car is going to kill me it’s going to be whatever’s in here.

Oh look at that! That is a home for wayward spiders. Now this might need an alignment. Look-y, look-y, our first new piece of bling for this Gustang. This is a universal 600CFM holley 4160 Carburetor. You can find this at most auto parts stores when you’re too inept, like we are, to fix what you have. This is season 6, we’re restoring stuff, here. – Yeah. – We’re going full on cable television – This is virtually Gas Monkey Garage. You know what makes this exactly like Gas Monkey Garage? – We’re cheating? – Aaron’s not here. (Finnegan laughs) See what I did there? – I have complete guilt that we not only have a shiny new carburetor but an absolute Chinese knockoff of an MSD ready-to-run distributor. All they had, all I could get on short notice. – It looks suspiciously familiar. Right down to the cap. – It’s called a pro-billet. The part number is the same as an MSD, I think.

– Oh, man. (rock music) – So, we need gas. We need a Sawzall to cut off the folded up exhaust manifold. – A sort of turkey-baster type thing to fill that would be nice. – Yeah. If we knew where that was, that’d be great. – That’s worse than pigpen. – Wow, look at that. – That’s pretty awesome. – So we don’t have any fuel source hooked up right now, it’s just going to be drinking whatever’s in the bowl. All we’re really looking for is for it to fire a little bit, rev a couple times, let us know that it’s actually going to do something.

(engine revs loudly) – Yeah. Yeah! Listen to it. – Look at that! – Listen to it. – It’s idling. – That’s a lot of — – That’s a lot. It’ll clear right up Look at that! – Hey, the wheels are spinning. – Wow. – Dude. – Awesome. – Dude. – That’s going to work, it’s going to smoke like fourteen mofos, but it’s going to work. – It’s in reverse. You have reverse. – Well, it smokes like a choo choo train and blows dirt everywhere. There’s little grit in my teeth, smoke hanging in the air, but it runs. I think it’ll clear up a little bit and it’s going to be good. Now that we know that the engine is, you know, got some life to it, the transmission might work a little bit, we’re going to do the fuel system ’cause once we put a new gas tank in it, replace the rubber lines and stuff, put a fuel filter, then we’ll be able to actually tune it and most importantly, find out if the transmission works by driving it around after Finnegan, you know, vacuums the interior and gets in there with a 409 and stuff.

– We’re friends but we’re not that kind of friends. – Really? – No. – Let’s exercise the demons. – In the Mustang, the trunk floor is the top of the gas tank. So, we need to clean it out. – Ooh, numbers matching jack. – Buh-bye. – Yeah? Somebody might want it, somebody else might want it. Who did this keep warm at night? Prison blanket, yuck. Why am I doing this? – I don’t know. – Strangely fascinated by it. – I can taste like the stink. Green shag carpet, ladies and gentlemen. – Dude, remember these? – Oh yeah! Wow, I’m surprised you remember those. – I just saw it on TV. – There was a time when oil actually came in a metal can or like a hard cardboard can with a metal lid and you would go boink and shove this into the top of it to pour the oil in your engine. – Who wants to play baseball? – That was the original jute padding. – Yeah, it can stay original.

Go back from where you came. It’s much smaller than I thought it would be. – There we go! – Made in Canadia. – Actually in Canada. – Alright. (upbeat music) – Today’s the day. I can feel it, we’re going to be driving this thing today. ‘Cause the engine runs, I’m going to get the radiator back from getting rodded out, we’re going to go through the brakes on it and, if we can bear to sit in this thing, we’re going to take it around the block. It’s going to happen. – Watch this. – What is that? – That’s coming out of the rotor, dude.

New calipers. And to go with the new calipers, brand new brake pads. These are from EBC brakes. These are the sport compound. This is a sporty car, so, they go together. – Man, this drum is completely rusted to the axle, I can’t get it off. We’re going to fire. That was big. So the problem is that the center of the drum, the hole in it, is completely rusted to the axle. I think that cracking noise you just heard might have been it actually releasing. Yup! Look at that. Bam! Fix it with fire, every time. That was textbook use of heat. So the master cylinder is not moving fluid to the back brakes and we think it’s that instead of a clogged line. So we’re going to change the master.

– Luckily, you bought one, so. – I did. ‘Cause this isn’t my first barbecue. The studs are so long that you can’t get the master cylinder off because it hits the shock tower, that’s hilarious, you got to apparently take the booster off with it. – You got to cut a good amount. – Okay – Good blade. – Yeah, that was really nice. – Mach 1 owners everywhere are going: “dude, just take the booster off the front” – I know. Victory. – Now, the brakes work and I got the radiator rodded out, but Finnegan and I had to hit the junk yard again to find a radiator hose and hood hinges. We are getting so close to firing this thing up and tuning it. – Alright, I think we’re set. (upbeat rock music) – Well, we got water in the radiator and I think we got all the fluids in it, transmission fluid even looks high, so we’re going to fire this thing up and hopefully tune it. Make it run right.

(engine runs loudly) – Whoa, cut it off. – Remember me mentioning that wasn’t tight. – I tightened it. – Really? – Yeah. – Okay. Fuel pump works. (engine runs loudly) – This is all smoke out of the exhaust. The smoke’s already clearing up . So it runs not too bad, it smoked really, really hardcore when we first fired it up and it was all coming out of the exhaust but look how it’s already cleared up out of the crank case and it’s getting better out of the exhaust, so, not bad.

Well we’ve reached the inevitable, there’s nothing left to do but clean the poop out. – This sucks, dude. – It’s terrible. – This truly sucks. – We’ve had some bad jobs on Roadkill, I think this might be the worst. – Call Mike Rowe, man. This is a dirty job. – I’m going to start big. Ready? – It’s petrified. – Oh, it’s breaking apart. – That is disgusting. – Oh, doo doo. Catch. – I will roundhouse kick you so fast. Eww. You want to get this one? There’s a monster here — – No, that’s on your side, I’m good. What is this? Ooh, ashtray. That’s the quarter window. – This one looks more like bunny. – Did you use my quarter window to scrape that poop off the carpet? – You’re damn right I did.

I don’t have a trash can, here you go. – Dude, this is the quarter window. – Well, it’s not like you’re going to lick it. – Hank grapefruit juice. – Ah! There’s a big turd right here. – Big turd? – Giant one. You want this? – No! (laughs) Wow, I mean that’s genuine right there. – We need to set this carpet on fire, this is not safe. – It’s gnarly. – No matter how much I vacuum it, we’re not getting the disease out of the car. These seat belts are worse than the one from the missing Linc. – Oh, I’m not wearing ’em. – I am not putting that across my body. If it snows, I found your jacket. – Wow. – Another clue. Peppermint schnapps, dude. – That explains a lot. – Oh my God, there’s a pile of poo.

– Tell you one thing, they weren’t lactose intolerant; that (beep) is solid. (Finnegan laughs) That is some decent poo. This is starting to look not worth it. That is a lot of poo and — Oh, yuck! – Did you get it on yourself? – No, I dropped it all over the floor. Now it’s blowing everywhere. – Hey, you know what we need? Get the seat out and then just get most of the carpet out by hand with razor knife and then power wash the (beep) out of this thing. – Yeah. – This isn’t like “ahaha, this is funny” Roadkill. This is “ahaha funny” Roadkill we’re going to the ER if we drive this thing. – Yeah, the floor’s a little rustier than we’d hoped for, but the only reason we know that is that Mike and I stayed here really late and got the whole interior out of this thing because the dookie was bad.

And so, this morning we’re going to go in here and pressure wash the whole interior and try and make it not so hantavirus-y. But the good news is there’s plenty of drainage so there shouldn’t be too much water left in the car when we’re done. Before we start pressure washing, we wanted to do everything that involved lying on the ground so that we didn’t have to lie in a mud pit. So I tried to lube the thing up, Finnegan’s sweeping up, and this is Eric and Adam Corns, they run the place, and they’ve been dying to fix this bumper because it’s so maimed. Watch how fast they are. This is going to be good. (drilling noises) Wow, that’s really, really good. The front bumper is key to the styling of the front end. – Where’d you get the popcorn? – You get it free when you go to Colorado Auto and Parts, right at the front. – I’m going to get me some of that. Can’t work without popcorn. – How can you guys not have your own bags? – Working on it. – Okay. It’s all steamed up, I can’t see. – I don’t want to inhale the steam.

– Oh, I’m blowing the floor out of it. – It’s like you’re cleaning a dog kennel. – I feel like I can’t wash it enough. – It’s just a lake of poo residue that he’s standing in right there. – I don’t want to get water in the gauges. – Yeah, right now the electrics work in this car. – I know. – As he aims directly at the fuse panel. – I’ve never pressure washed a steering wheel in my life. Setting records, once again on Roadkill. But, I feel good about it. – Look how good it looks. Shiny. – Oh, I know the paint is much better. Maybe we can wash and wax it.

Clear coated, that’s what everyone says these days. Here’s our wheels and tires which I hope fit. I consulted a friend and I think they do. Cooper Zeon RS3S and it’s got a 275/40 in the back, a 245/45/17 in the front. This is American Racing TR 70R wheel. Kind of like a torque thrust but with a different cap. 17 by eight with four and a 1/2 inch backspacing in the front and 17 by nine with five inch backspacing in the rear. So, we’ll find out if that is the key to success or not. The other thing is you can fit bigger 17 inch wheels on a Mustang than you can 15s. ‘Cause in the front the control arm hits the wheel if it’s a 15. But, if it’s a 17, it actually goes over it like that. Okay, going down. Down in front. Boom. Yeah, it sits way too high, but I like it. It still looks good. – Yeah.

– We’ve come so far and we’re getting so close, but then I got the hood hinges off the wrong year Mustang so it’s back to the yard to find the right stuff. – Trashed. No hinges, mangled hinge, wrong year. The hood latch is rusted shut. Giving up, not one functional hood hinge. – David struck out, he’s back at the shop putting the hood fins on the car and I’m going shopping in an ATV searching for the elusive chrome air cleaner. Nope. Too broke up, that’s not going to work. It has potential. It sucks that it’s raining and it sucks that this hood is mashed shut because under here is a 14 inch chrome air cleaner. I need a pry bar. Or drive shaft. Alright, it ain’t pretty but it might work. I have options. It’s really cold, I may have assaulted a ’66 Mustang to get this one. – And it’s raining. – And it’s raining. And then this one — – That’s five liter Mustang stuff. Either that or it’s off a Ford truck with a 5-0.

– Ford truck. – Okay, you know what the really bad news is though? – Neither one of ’em will work? – There’ll be no way to actually install them. – Why? Is the hood permanently attached? – Yes! So, I put the hood pins on, standing back admiring them, like checking it out and I hear “click.” Then I realize that the hood release lever is right here where it’s bent and it’s wedged up against right there and needs to pull this way.

– That’s awesome. Well let’s go test drive it then; it’s ready to go. – There we go. Think the transmission works. To me that’s been the roll of the dice the whole time. (engine runs loudly) – I think it’s full but it’s hard to tell ’cause there’s stuff in the — – Tube, I know. But, you know, it acts like low fluid. Like you rev it up, it goes. You know what else I’m going to do that’s going to be very daring? Power steering fluid. The dip stick says empty. Or it means massive leak. (engine runs loudly) Power steering worked except for it blew fluid everywhere. Whoa. Yeah! Boom! Where’s the puking? – Water pump. – That’s awesome. (laughs) Well, look at the positive side, it banged into gear hard.

– Sure did. So, about that test drive. – Oh, the lower radiator hose blew off. – Thought you tightened that? – I did. I ramrodded it, but I also greased it. So it obviously didn’t like it. So I’m actually like really, really positive right now. I think it’s going to work. The transmission worked. – Oh yeah. So far our starter switch has proven not too reliable so I’m going to add a power wire from the battery into the car ’cause I don’t trust the wiring in the car either. And then I’m going to run a wire from the solenoid into the car and we’ll just touch them together movie car style and hot wire this thing every time we want to start it. – Here’s the new starting system. (laughs) Where’s the screwdriver? – And that’s why they have neutral safety switches.

– Yeah. – Ready? – Yeah. – Moving! – It doesn’t honk. We’re in a Mach One, we’re in a Mach One. – Let me test brakes. Hard. The booster doesn’t work. – I can feel the exhaust pulsing against the fire hole. – Wow, power steering works mint except we’re leaking super badly. – Enjoy it while it lasts. I can’t believe this car has sat here for 37 years and we’re now driving it out of here. – I know. – We’re about to pass the gate. Anything beyond that is a win. Second gear. – That’s a lot of smoke out of the breather. – If we had a hood you wouldn’t even notice.

– Oh, I have a rear view mirror. – I think you might have all three gears. – I think it does. As a fact. Oh, the power steering just totally ran out of fluid. – I call that success. Put align on it, figure out where it’s at, put a hood on it. – Align on it, exhaust system – Yeah, and then venture out a little further. – Yeah, not — – Oh, that’s smoke. – What is that? – I think it might have come out of the valve cover.

– Let’s have a look. Oh, look there’s like turds on fire. See the glowing embers? – Oh, we can keep breathing it then. – It’s like the weeds and stuff are on fire. So, that was a pretty good first test drive. It gets all three gears, it stops even though the booster doesn’t work so it’s a really heaving petal, the power steering works except for that it has a leak in one of the lines and pukes all the fluid out in the distance it took to go up to the street so now it doesn’t have power steering anymore. I’m going to say not over heating, yet. Although we can probably make that happen in the future. And the thing that stopped us was a giant cloud of smoke that came out of it when I stood on it. So, that’s either a piston ring deciding it’s not so happy or it’s just simply all these weeds on fire on top of the manifold, which is my vote. Overall, we good. – Our first test drive was so good and we made some timing adjustments and of course it was time for the first burnout in the Disgustang.

– Yeah. Come on. – Yeah. Now you know we’ve won. It’s smoking more out of the engine than it is out of the tires though. Well I think it’s everything we expected because it smokes really, really bad but it runs and drives. The transmission was my biggest worry and it works. So, I think now we’ve got to finish the cosmetic restoration meaning installing the hood then go thrash it some more and decide what’s next. And by the way these hood hinges, since I couldn’t find any in this yard, they were like 25 miles away at a Mustang specialist guy’s place. That one I think’s already bent.

Pre-bent. Find out if they work. – Well the hood’s bent, so — – It all adds up. – Maybe it will counteract itself. Did you grease these already? – I did. – ‘Cause that looks like it wants to bend. – This is exactly what’s wrong with every Mustang hinge in the junk yard. These are also garbage. – Let’s take the springs off. I’m going to hold this up. Pry the spring off. Just going to fling it my way. – Got it. – Crisis avoided. – One of Ford’s better ideas. – The springs are Ford, the hinges are not. – Little heavy now? – Done. – Perfect. – It’s a race car now. Look at that. – Let’s go thrash it. (rock music) – Yeah! – Look at all the smoke. Woo! – We’re making more smoke than dust. – I know it. Why is this so fun every single time? – ‘Cause we’re alive.

Nice. Woah! Yeah! There you go. There you go. – That’s lots of smoke. – We’re not on fire, just looks like it. – You cannot believe how long ago I gave up on ever owning a ’69 Mach One. I have got to send huge thanks to the Corns Family and Colorado Auto and Parts for making this happen. It is unbelievable to even find a Mach One in the junkyard much less being able to grab one that’s been sitting since 1980 and make it run, and drive, and do burnouts and thrash in the dirt.

I’ve got big plans for this thing, maybe I’ll get around to do ’em someday and you can find out first by following us on social media. We are Roadkill Show on Facebook and Instagram. – Yeah! That was a good one. – Support companies that support Roadkill. Buy your speed parts at jegs dot com. – That’s spot, I met spot the other day. He was going to be our pet ’til I dropped him and knocked some teeth out and I felt guilty about it so he became a hood ornament. I think he was a chihuahua. – He’s not right up here. Maybe I should drive. .

Cyanide & Happiness Compilation – #1

*Muffled laughter* *plate shatters* -*Chuckles* Well son, are you ready to open your present? Whoa! *Tears wrapping paper* -Wha…? -It’s your very own pony! Dad, you idiot! I WANTED AN XBOX! *Grumbles* Nuh uh uh! Not so fast, son. This isn’t JUST a pony, for within this pony is the antidote. An antidote you ask? Why; the antidote for the POISON that was in your birthday cake! *Flickers lights and imitates thunder* *Sinister chuckle* Oh yes, that’s right son. You ate a poison! Now you get to choose either to kill the pony to retrieve the antidote, or spare the pony and let yourself DIE! The clock is ticking, birthday boy. *Maniacal laughter* Kill the pony! *Laughs* Yes, yeah son! -*Screams and charges towards pony* *Sounds of stabbing, neighing horse* *Yelps and begins to sob* *Shuffles through horse’s organs* -*Running noises* Happy birthday, son! *Laughs* Well, it would seem that the lesson…

…was more valuable than the present; ey, boy? *Opens fridge* Reach into the back; those are the freshest. I know, I know… *Grunts* Whoa! Okay, I got it. We’re going to need you to power down before takeoff. Thank you! *Attention sound* Welcome aboard Magic Airlines. This is your (uhh…) captain speaking. If you look down the aisle, you’ll see (uhh…) Cindy, who will be… …demonstrating for you the (uhh…) safety features we have on-board your flight. Emergency exits can be found at the front and rear of the plane. Please turn off all electronic devices during this time until it is safe. In case of an emergency, An oxygen mask will dispense from your overhead. To inflate your life preserver, pull on these doohickeys here. That oughta do it.

Magic Airlines appreciates your attention; thank you. *Attention sound* Alright folks, buckle up, I hope you paid attention to our safety features on today’s flight, Because (uhh…) we’re gonna take a little pop quiz. *Plane splashes* “Crowd Gasps” *Screams of fear* *Metal clank, screams from climbers* There’s too much weight! I — I have to cut the rope! *stammers* I’m sorry! WAIT! Let me do it! Whoa! What the fuck, dude?! There’s too much weight; it has to be done. I’m sorry! What makes you think he can hold you?! Trust me, he can! He’s been working out! Tell him I’ve been working out! Well, if anything, can’t we cut the piano off? Huh.

Yeah, that might actually be a good place to start. Whoa, whoa whoa! Slow down! Slow the fuck down! I didn’t come all the way to perform the first sonata… …at the summit of this mountain just to fall off and die! Are you fucking kidding me? I’m sorry, there’s no other way. I..I’m so sorry… Your piano is just too heavy… Your mother’s too heavy! Hey! -You take that back! Make me! *begins to cut* I take it back! *rock crumbles* Guys, I’m slipping! *Dramatic piano music* Haha, nice! Thank you! -Seriously though, we’re all gonna die! Hold on! We’re…we’re gonna figure this out!!! If I may, if you’re still deciding that whole “where to cut the rope” thing, *chuckles* Um, pretty sure the guy below me is a pedophile. I’m a teacher; not a pedophile!!! This is a field trip; I’ve told you guys like nine times! Wait, there’s kids down there? We can’t kill kids! Not just that; they’re retarded kids!!! Oh, God! -This is bad! This is really bad! Hey, uh… can we just cut off the panda bear? -*Whimpers* I should think not! That’s an endangered species! Oh, okay.

Hmm. (to all) What does everyone else think? Drop him. -Ditto. -Kill the panda! Cool; here ya go! Whoops! Well, this is it! *Sad piano music* It’s been an honor climbing with you guys! I’ll see you all in another life! *Music stops, snapping sound* *Multiple thuds and groans* -that’s the knife. *Phone rings* Hi, this is Rod’s Thick Pizza. How do you want it? Hi there. I’m a real lonely girl, and I’m so hungry. I could take ALL the meat you have. Mmm…

I think we could “do it” for you, Would you perhaps like a spicy mexican? Or a hot Italian sausage?… Ooh, I’ll take Italian, with extra sausage. Now ma’am, you know we only do it “deep”… I’m so ready!!! Mmm, good. I’ll be “coming” in thirty minutes. See you then. I’ll be waiting… *Doorbell rings* Hello ma’am, here’s your pizza!!! Aaaaand? Aaaaaand…that’ll be 12.95.

“Shocking breath” *Laughing* “Panicked shout” Alright everyone!!! Let’s get moving!!! Single file, let’s go!!! *Screams* Sorry, we’re only evacuating woman and children first. Hey Hey..mom!! Whaaa. WHAAAA. Whaaaa whaaa! *Struggling Grunt* huuuu, huuuh!!! Alright, we have room for two more. Next. Wah. Ok, climb aboard. Ha, thank’s ma’am (Man voice) No problem -Hehehey, alriiight! -Get this bra off me! *Chattering* *Crying* Doc, give me the good news! How’s my bundle of joy doing? (Low voice) Hmm…No… No that’s…that’s not right at all… Oh no?…Is there something wrong? Uh…

I’m sorry to tell you this, Miss McCloud but… I think you’re feelling what is called a “phantom pregnancy.” The symptoms you’re experiencing are psychosomatic… You simply aren’t pregnant.. WHAT?!! No that can’t be, i know that I’m pregnant i can feel it! Ma’am, I understand that this is very difficult news to hear… But I can assure you that you’re not pregant. -I’m so sorry, I can’t ima… -wuuuuUUUAAAAA I’M GOING INTO LABOUR! AAAHHH Woah woah woah woah, wait, wai..wait, what? How can that happ… Oh o.. o.. ok um… Take deep breath Miss McCloud, uhh… Deep breaths… In, and out In, and out -Haaaaaaa!!! -Ok you’re doing good -AAAAAAH!!!!!! IT HURTS!! -Keep breathing -IT F*CKING HUUURTS!!!! You better watch you’re mouth Miss McCloud, you’re baby’s coming out swearin’ like a sailor! SHUT THE F*CK UP AND HELP ME!!!! Yes of course, Just keep pushing, and focus on the breathing, -Perfect, Just like that… -AAAAAAAH -I think I can see it! -HAAOOOooow SHIT! “Plop” I cannot believe it!!! It’s a boy!!! Well, Ms. McCloud, it seems I spoke too soon! You are now the proud mother of a bouncing baby bo…..

M.. Miss McCloud? Okay, when we break the news to the kids, We need to do it in a way that doesn’t make one of us seem like “the bad guy.” We need to let them know that we still love them…we just don’t love each other. Yeah… you’re right. But, look, it’s okay, I’ll start the conversation… If they have any anger, it will be towards me. They can’t be mad forever. Really? Wow. Thank you Brad. That’s very mature of you. Well… they’ve always liked you more anyway…

Heh… Kiiiids, put you’re toys down for a minute. Your father and I… Your father and I have something to tell you… Kids, your mom and I love you, very much. So very much! You’re just the best kids in the gosh darn world, and we are so lucky to be your parents.. And that’s why, I’M RAISING YOUR ALLOWANCE BY FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS! (Both kids) -Yeaaahhhh! What? -Thank you daddy! -You’re the best dad ever. Brad? What are you doing? Kid’s, you’re not getting a bigger allowance. Your father and I are getting a divorce! WHAT??!! Noo!! M-Mom? Whyyy??!!! -Why are you doing this to us? -Yeah mom, whyyyy? *Cries* You monster!!!!! “Neighing horse” “Country Music” Starly: Can I put it in your butt? Starfy: Can you put it in my what? Starly: Can I put it in your butt? Starfy: Can you put it in my what? Starly: Can I put it in your butt? Starfy: Yes you can! Starly: Thank you Starfy! Haaa…

Pinocchio, you look marvelous. You almost look like a real boy… I wanna be a REAL doll! *Flute Music* *Drilling* “SMS” “whistle music” “Blink” “Whistle” “SMS” “Cash sound” “Whistle” “SMS” “Sad violin music” “Whistle” “SMS” “Whistle” “SMS” “Whistle” “SMS” “Suspense Music” Pfft… “Whistle” “Scream” “Sad piano music” *Whistle music* *Crying bird chirps* .

[ENG sub] UHSN [1회] ‘너마저 날 두고 가시나’ 소녀들의 랜덤 플레이 댄스 190523 EP.1

Now we’re going to do a random dance test Random play! (Sad) As if you’re having fun with your friends! Just have fun! by BTS The first random song Livia, Nada, Luna, and Deesee join in They know the exact choreography! Ulssoo~ I like it~ They run to the center as soon as the song begins! by Red Velvet (Shocked) Their moves are precise and powerful Their ‘dance pride’ depends on this! EXO! Let’s go! by EXO I can’t remember! Swag Perfect ending pose! Applause Now it’s a matter of pride… (Deesee again…?) It’s best to avoid dancer Deesee! by HyunA It’s Deesee’s time to shine! Her dancing skills are extraordinary She performed HyunA’s perfectly We approve! The Random Play Dance continues by EXID Everyone is showing of their dancing skills But Mind and Erii looks gloomy/sad (Gulp) (During break time) (I’ll just be like this) (I can’t sing or dance) (But you did great on ?) (No no!) Mind & Erii didn’t get a chance to perform yet by SUNMI That moment! Mind has betrayed(?) Erii! (Not you too…) (Why did you leave me…?) How could you leave me so easily? We were supposed to be here together…

Great job! by BLACKPINK (??) Finally… Is it Erii’s turn? But Erii seems nervous in front of the teacher Can she perform in front of the teacher? To be continued! .

Inside Anfield: Liverpool 4-0 West Ham | Behind-the-scenes tunnel cam from the opening day win

Hats and scarves! He-llo. How are you? Jürgen, good to see you. JÜRGEN: Looking great. – You OK? – Yeah, good, you? Right, two debuts for Liverpool, Alisson and Keita, Fabinho and Shaqiri debuts from the bench. Five for West Ham. Fabianski, Balbuena, Fredericks, Wilshere and Anderson. Alisson! APPLAUSE Come on, boys. Woo! FANS SHOUT OUT Thanks for waiting, guys. Let’s go, yeah? FANS: Yes! FANS: ♫ Mo Salah! Mo Salah! ♫ Running down the wing ♫ Salah-la-la, la-ah-ahh ♫ The Egyptian King ♫ Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Mo Salah! ♫ CHEERING HALF-TIME WHISTLE VIRGIL: Come on, Milly. JÜRGEN: Come on! CHEERING APPLAUSE FANS: Yes! FULL-TIME WHISTLE Jürgen, not a bad start to the season. Obviously. It’s what you wish for, I don’t think you can expect it, it means we had a good pre-season. They are always dangerous, you saw our team today, for sure we were not as tall as West Ham. Yeah, it was a bit nervy, but in the second half we controlled the team completely.

Scored two more goals, and, yeah, it’s good. James, it looked on paper a very dangerous fixture today, new team with new players, but you must be really pleased with the way you negotiated it. Yeah, it was a dangerous fixture. Like you say, with the new signings they’ve made, they’re a strong team, and with a new manager who’s got experience of winning the Premier League. So it wasn’t going to be easy, but a few goals, a clean sheet at home and a win is pretty much the perfect start to the season.

– See you later, right? – Oh, you’ve got a new buddy now, have you? The only one that understands me! Nice to see you back. .

【#45】ナスDの無人島で2泊3日0円生活 MAN vsサメ⑪ サメ肉料理の探求者 編/CrazyD’s 3 Days Survival: Man vs Shark

The Great Adventures of Eggplant-D Youtube version : 3-Day Island Survival on 0-yen Budget! ~The “Pursuer of delicious shark cuisine”~ On his 3rd day at the island, Eggplant catches a small shark that is 150 centimeters long and weighs about 60 kilos. While trying to catch an even bigger shark he spends 1 + 1/2 hours carefully filleting the shark so it’s easier to cook later on. He cuts it up into 6 blocks, like so. And from here he will eat the entire shark by himself, all the way down to its bones! Look! The shark’s tooth mould! How many days will it take him? And… what will happen after he eats the whole shark down to its bones? How was this whole experience of Yes? How was this whole experience of …eating the shark? I have had enough. …eating the shark? A grueling battle had begun for Eggplant. Survival Battle Day 4 ~1st extension day~ Eggplant takes the shark’s back meat and skins it.

He cuts the meat up into bite-size chunks and smashes it for 2~3 minutes. Now I will grind this up in this mortar. I’ve added a pinch of salt, which makes …this stickier. I’ve been cooking for hours but it’s not at all hard. All right So here is…. an onion, a carrot, and a potato. I brought veggies to the island. I can easily go 3 days without eating anything. …Wait a minute …Wait a minute I thought this was a “0-yen” segment. Oh true I thought this was a “0-yen” segment. It’s called “Island survival on a 0-yen budget”. I should change the name of the segment to just “Island Survival”. I am totally not working on a “0-yen budget”. Let me mince one entire onion. Hehe Let me mince one entire onion. …It’s like you’re camping. He’s mincing an onion during his first island survival battle. You sure talk a lot, don’t you? He’s mincing an onion during his first island survival battle. I thought you’d say something when I used the egg. Weren’t you sleeping while we were filming yesterday? First I will cut the carrots like this. Then I’ll stack them up and cut them into strips I will then turn the strips sideways and mince them up.

Now I will stir-fry the onions with salad oil. I’m taking half of the ground-up shark meat …..about 150 grams of it….. and I’m adding salt and pepper……it’s my 1st time using pepper! I bet shark goes great with pepper! The shark meat is becoming ….pretty sticky. Another ingredient I’m using for the 1st time… ….bread crumbs! I’m adding breadcrumbs to the onions. Next up, another surprise… Milk!!! I’m pouring in milk but before that, lemme have some. GULP GULP GULP GULP GULP That’s so good! I want some more. So I’m pouring in milk. … Wait let me have some more. GULP GULP GULP GULP GULP GULP I’m adding an egg. So I’ve stir-fried the onions, then let them cool. Then I’ve added in bread crumbs, milk, and an egg. I will mix this up good. Then immediately combine it with the shark meat.

Let me put some oil on my hands so this doesn’t stick. He removes the air from the patties. Let me make a small pit in the middle. (this makes it easier the cook the patties) Don’t forget, this is shark meat. I’m making so many hamburg steaks. … but I can easily eat all of this. I’m going to stir-fry the carrots. ….then let them cool. Why did you just like…zoom into the carrots? Hey, stop it! This is embarrassing! Stop filming the carrots! Are you trying to make me feel guilty …for bringing ingredients with me? Stop being mean!! I’m going to cook these, one by one. Remember, this is shark meat. Wow. That looks so good. So while I’m cooking these hamburg steaks …I will make the sauce. For the sauce…. I’m using Daikon (Japanese radish) One Daikon cost 120 yen (About $1.10). Shark is a fish, so I want to make a Japanese-style sauce.

So I’m grating the Daikon. and pouring ponzu on it. I’m gonna eat this. Yep. This is good. Now I’m making aurora sauce. Eggplant makes 2 types of sauce for the hamburg steaks. Copper shark hamburg steaks… …with aurora sauce, and grated Daikon / ponzu. The ponzu’s not on yet. Let’s just leave this here for now. Let me put the ponzu bottle here……actually no. I can’t show the label. That could cause trouble later on. Mr. Kai will be like…. “Hey Mr. Tomoyori~!!!” Mr. Kai is in charge of compliance. He’ll say “Mr. Tomoyori! You gotta blur out the …”Mizkan” (Japanese condiment brand ) label. You can’t show it! We’d be setting a bad example to other shows. 80% of the vinegar share of Japan …. is “Mizkan” So if you show a bottle of vinegar, people will know it’s Mizkan. So you can’t do that! Also, Mr. Tomoyori~!! You gotta take your health examination test! You’re the only one in your department who hasn’t yet taken the test! Please take it! Okay, Mr.

Tomoyoriiii~? I’m going to mix in some stir-fried carrots into the hamburg mixture from before. The mixture are rolled into balls, and He deep-fries them, for 2~3 minutes, in 180-degree oil Don’t these look good? They do! Don’t these look good? All right, they’re done! These ought to taste good. What has he made…? Deep-Fried minced shark a.k.a “shark balls.” I’m adding soy sauce in a pan, then sake, then mirin (sweet sake), a little bit of ginger, and a liquid mixture of cornstarch and water. I will then add the shark balls in here, and mix them with the sauce. I know this sauce is good and the shark’s good too.

so I already know this will be good. The Shark balls. He tries a freshly-cooked ball. Hehehe. It It totally tastes like a meatball. Where did the shark go? It tastes great. I’m gonna try one more. Tastes great. Just one more. This kind of tastes like chicken. I’m gonna mash up some more shark meat! I won’t be grinding this up though. because I just tried the shark ball ….and it totally tasted like meat …..and the shark flavor was completely gone. This is a good thing. The shark meat has completely changed. I’m going to boil some potatoes ….in salt water. I’m going to stir-fry the onion and carrot. and cook the shark meat. This is like minced meat. I only mashed this, so it’s kind of like “Soboro ” (flavoured minced meat) This is more like meat …..than fish. That looks like minced meat. Yeah That looks like minced meat. ….I just said that. I just said that this is like minced meat.

You’re talking to yourself awfully loudly. He adds the carrots and onions he stir-fried earlier, and sprinkles on salt and pepper. Now I’m going to flavor this …. with dark soy sauce. Wow this already looks so good. Eggplant tries some. This is so good Wow. This doesn’t taste like fish. It has a plump texture …and is similar to chicken. If I ate this without knowing …it’s shark, I’d think it’s chicken. I’m taking out the potatoes and mashing them. That’s such a sad amount of potatoes. I should have bought 3. It cost 158 yen (About $1.45 ) for 3, and 48 yen (About $0.44) for 1 So I was cheap and only bought one.

Bad decision. Yesterday I would have been thinking about how to use the potatoes to make the shark taste ….less sour. But today I am focusing instead on how to make the shark taste better and how to bring out its flavor. These are deep-fried for 2~3 minutes in 180-degree oil. Copper shark croquette. Wow this is delicious. You know beef croquettes? These are as good as beef croquettes. These may be housewife quality. …and housewives are amazing cooks. Here Eggplant shares the croquettes with the camera crew. Wanna try some? Aren’t these good? They’re good! Aren’t these good? These taste better without flavoring Yeah. These taste better without flavoring. Hehe. These taste better without flavoring. He just told me “These taste better without flavoring” Are you trying to tell me to stop using so many condiments? Cuz that’s not gonna happen. I think sharks …go with any type of ingredient. Shark meat doesn’t taste peculiar. It’s also a little bit sweet …and sticky, so you can cook it any way you want because the raw meat is tasty.

This is sesame dressing. I have switched from using condiments to using dressing. Eggplant adds starch to the remaining minced shark meat. I’m becoming a pursuer of shark cuisine. I’ve been trying to seek delicious ways to cook the shark meat. and as a result , the shark meat is actually becoming tasty! Something has been smelling bad …and I realized it’s my head band. I think my “shark headband” is rotting. What are those? These…. are spring roll….. ….They’re spring roll skins. Damn. I was about to proceed without explaining what I’m doing. I’m going to place the skin so that one of the corners is facing me. Eggplant places the minced shark meat on the skin and folds the bottom, left, and right, corners. I’m going to do everything carefully. From now, I’m going to do everything carefully in life. I should call my Dad. …and my Mom too. The liquid mixture of cornstarch and water will serve as an adhesive. Eggplant deep-fries the spring roll to make the skin crispy When the shark is this good, you start to feel grateful for the shark.

….but I have mixed feeling about saying how delicious sharks are on TV because it may cause more people to catch sharks. It’s not that you eat the whole shark because you’re grateful ….rather, you start becoming thankful after you eat the whole shark. Sometimes, people ask me for my autograph. …which I don’t mind at all. Once in Roppongi, I ran into an office worker who told me he watches my show, and he asked me for my autograph …. but I don’t have a signature. So I drew a picture for him instead, in his pocketbook. We sat down together and I drew for like 40 minutes. He saw my drawing and was like “Wow, this is amazing!” and gave me towels from his company. We exchanged business cards. Mine has my phone number and e-mail on it but he never contacted me. ….Hehehe. Why’d you just laugh? That bubbling sounds like a fish tank. ….Why would you say that? I don’t get you. ….Hehe You’re right though. Like a fish tank for keeping goldfish, right? Yes. A bubbling fish tank. Like a fish tank for keeping goldfish, right? Whenever I did goldfish scooping as a kid, I caught so many goldfish.

The vendor would tell me “Hey your paper scoop ripped! It’s against the rules to scoop the fish with the plastic part ….young man!” I’d also grab the fish with my hands when he wasn’t looking. All right these are done. Shark spring rolls. Spring rolls made with copper shark. So let me dish all these up. I’m going to use these kitchen towels. I’m going to fold it like this…. ….then like this. Eggplant lays the fried shark on top of the carefully-folded kitchen towels. Shark croquette (flavored with sesame dressing) Shark croquette (flavored with aurora sauce) Satsuma-age (deep-fried shark meat paste) I feel like I’m making a lunch for Undo-kai (Japanese school field days) The shark-balls.

I can’t believe this is all shark. The shark-balls. Then….. I’m going to cut some lemons He carefully decorates the shark platter. That looks pretty. This looks like hors d’oeuvres. Once again Eggplant starts paying too much attention to detail. All right. I’m done. This is the liver oil I got yesterday We gotta a little more oil so let me add it in here. We have collected a jar full of liver-oil. Let me try the liver now. Eggplant tries the shark liver after he took oil from it. …It’s very oily. Yeah, it tastes like liver. So let’s dig into this ‘Jaw-some’ meal! Grilled shark. I’ll start with the sashimi. Mmm. Shark in sashimi-tartare-style I can’t believe I made this a few hours ago. How does it taste? ..Wow… This is good. This is like Japanese butterfish sashimi. It’s sticky …and it’s sweet. Also, the sourness …has disappeared.

How is the satsuma-age (deep-fried shark meat paste)? Wow Mmm… It’s so soft. The Satsuma-age may taste better chilled. I haven’t tried the hamburger steak at all. Let me pour ponzu on it. I wanted to eat this when it was still hot. How is the shark hamburger steak? This is good. It’s practically meat. It’s like sweet chicken hamburg steak. It’s light-tasting and sweet. This is like hamburg steak made with meat! Mmm Now that a day has passed, the shark is no longer sour I hated the sourness ….but I’m going to pour ponzu on this. The ponzu goes great with the shark! The ponzu sauce brings out …. the original taste of the shark. Actually I’m not really sure what the “original” taste of the shark is like. but if it is what I’m tasting now, … then it’s basically meat. This is the hamburg steak with the aurora sauce.

How does the hamburg steak taste with a different sauce? This is so good. This would’ve been better if I ate it hot though. Totally tastes like meat hamburger steak. It’s like if you took those chicken breasts sold at Seven-Eleven and you made it softer …and sweeter. It’s shark, though. Next, the “shark balls” It’s not a meat ball. Once again….. mmm This is good. It’s like a soft chicken meatball It doesn’t smell and it’s not sour. Next the croquette with aurora sauce. The flesh is kind of unsmooth. How is the shark croquette? It’s good! The flesh is unsmooth, and the texture of the shark is still there. It’s still soft though. Shark meat croquette with sesame dressing. Don’t forget – this is shark. Will shark meat and sesame dressing go well together? This tastes just like beef croquettes. The flesh is surprisingly firm and it’s still delicious, though it’s cold. The shark is not ruining the potato flavor at all! This is still crispy. I just made this shark spring roll. How does the freshly-fried spring roll taste? Mmm Wow Mmmmphhh Whew …This is the best dish. I should squeeze lemon juice on this. Once again, Eggplant starts paying a little too much attention to detail Wow Delicious The order that I’m making the dishes in may be affecting how tasty I find it.

When I tried the Satsuma-age I found it fresh and super delicious. ~Survival battle: Day 4 (currently extending his stay)~ Right now he is trying to provide an accurate report of the best way to cook / enjoy the shark. and when I tried the croquette, I was only going to taste-test a little but ended up eating 1 whole croquette. ~Survival battle: Day 4 (currently extending his stay)~ Right now he is trying to provide an accurate report of the best way to cook / enjoy the shark. but then eventually I forgot how it tasted. ~Survival battle: Day 4 (currently extending his stay)~ Right now he is trying to provide an accurate report of the best way to cook / enjoy the shark. I’m making and eating so many different dishes ….Is this man stupid? …that I keep forgetting how each one tastes. ….Is this man stupid? I’m becoming full… Then… I’m gonna have some milk. He drinks the milk although he is full. Will pouring on lemon juice change the taste? Mmm Mmm This is good.

Mmm. Lemme pour the lemon juice …on the satsuma-age, too. Satsuma-age goes great with lemon juice! The shark spring roll tastes really good. Do you know why? Because the meat pieces in it are big so you can really taste the shark ….and the shark tastes good. So it’s good. Shark tastes good when it’s deep-fried. because when you when fry it, it becomes more meaty. Lastly… Mmm He even eats up the bread crumbs that have fallen off. It is now 1 AM. It took Eggplant 3 hours to finally finish eating all the dishes he made today. However, Oh man, this is getting kinda tough for me…. How much of the shark is left? Um… Damn I forgot about that. Don’t remind me, man. Half of the flesh, and the head is leftover. I’d like to extend my stay. We must decide something important before we move on. Remember they once aired that scene of me paying the “extension fee” to the crew? The same crew are here with me right now. ….so let me ask.

How much will it cost Yes? How much will it cost ….to extend my stay for 30 minutes? If you’re thinking “The total could be like 20,0000 yen(About $1828.99) I feel bad for making him pay,” then you don’t have to make me pay. I don’t want to be the guy who says “I’m not paying!!” So…. How much for extending my stay for 30 minutes? 6500 yen (About $59.44) That’s a little more expensive than last year’s fee! 6500円 (About $59.44) …..But that’s fine! 6500 yen (About $59.44) is kind of expensive! Last year’s extension fee : 6000 yen (About $54.88) for every 30 minutes That’s 13,000 yen (About $118.88) for every hour! Last year’s extension fee : 6000 yen (About $54.88) for every 30 minutes You raised the rate the little. Last year’s extension fee : 6000 yen (About $54.88) for every 30 minutes I did. You raised the rate a litte. Last year’s extension fee : 6000 yen (About $54.88) for every 30 minutes What about you Mr. Terashima? I…. What about you Mr. Terashima? I… You can totally say …. “That’s okay, Eggplant-D. You don’t have to pay me. I don’t need money,” if you want. So let me ask again. Yes? So let me ask again.

How much for every 30 minutes? 8000 yen (About $73.16) How much for every 30 minutes? …..What the actual hell. 8000 yen (About $73.16) for 30 minutes is way too expensive. I can’t pay that much! That’s not a realistic rate! I mean that ‘s 16000 yen (About $146.32) for every hour! This time the extension fee will be 6,500 yen(About $59.44) for every 30 minutes! Anways. I have now finished eating the entire “grilled shark course” What a great meal it was. But let’s keep going! Let’s keep cooking. We still have half a shark left! I will pay the extension fee. I will pay the super-expensive extension fee and continue cooking. If you think I’m gonna sleep with the shark and makes jokes like “this shark is fuka-fuka” (“Fuka-fuka”=Soft, Fuka=”Shark” in Japanese) then wake up the next morning and say” I woke up ‘fin’-tastically this morning” ….then you’re wrong. That’s a good one. …then you’re wrong. ….That’s not the point! Then I know we’ve extended our stay but I assume you’re all tired, so do you want to sleep a little? At TV Asahi, we sometimes receive complaints. One person e-mailed us to tell us that TV Asahi ….exploits its employees I’m paying an “extension fee” Right now I’m being paid …zero yen for overtime work.

Actually, right now is Winter Break for me. But here I am. *Office worker Eggplant-D is here filming during his Winter Break I am here during my break, and paying money to the people who are here for work. *Office worker Eggplant-D is here filming during his Winter Break *Office worker Eggplant-D is here filming during his Winter Break I’m not going to sleep. *Office worker Eggplant-D is here filming during his Winter Break …Just kidding. Today was my 2nd day cooking the shark. Today, the sourness had disappeared completely, and it was tasty.

There is 1 slight problem though…. Yesterday, when I was cooking the shark, I felt it tasted too sour. So I did everything I could to make it less sour, like flavor it and grind it up, and although the sourness went away, I feel like the original “shark taste” got lost So from here I want to continue seeking this shark taste. The pursuer of “delicious shark cuisine” So from here I want to continue seeking this shark taste. The pursuer of “delicious shark cuisine” I think I need to focus on that from here on . Shark meat is good though. Shark meat definitely has potential to become a common cooking ingredient. It has no bones and lots of meat. It’s not peculiar-tasting. It’s tasty, and it goes well with anything. ….these are my overall thoughts about Day 2. So I’m going to start making Sashimi now. I’m about to get busy~!!! I’m sure we’re going to receive another complaint via e-mail soon. saying “Don’t let such a gross man on your show” We’ve been getting such complaints from a 56-year-old man.

This man keeps emailing us. He said “That man on your show must die.” Are you all sleepy? You guys aren’t reacting. Thank you. That was a great meal. Thank you. It was great. I’m so thankful. I am so grateful for this meal. Thank you. I just had a flashback of the moment I caught this shark Thank god I caught it. It I hadn’t, there wouldn’t even be ….a show. I want to work to make the shark as tasty as possible and enjoy every part! Today, Eggplant continued to cook the shark until midnight and made 10 dishes in total. This is his current ranking of the dishes he’s made. Today, the sourness of the shark disappeared. Eggplant managed to make it tasty by processing it but weakened the “original taste” of the shark.

His current #1 dish is the “shark spring roll” which he made by wrapping minced shark meat in spring roll skin He managed to keep some of the shark flavor in these rolls. At this point Eggplant has eaten 35% of the shark. 65% of it is left. How many days will it take him to finish eating the entire shark? And can he find more ways to make it tasty? Also – how much will his total “extension fee” be? Eggplant’s island adventures are nowhere near over! Please don’t forget to subscribe to this channel.


5 Ridiculous Movies with 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

mama always said if he can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all today we’re gonna see if we can apply that principle to some of the worst movies ever made yes so we’re gonna be looking at movies that have been given a big fat zero on Rotten Tomatoes which is really quite an accomplishment okay so zero percent of critics like them and we’re going to show these clips to one another and see if we can say anything nice at all which is really quite a challenge it is quite a challenge link it’s time for give props to these blocks okay so the first one is I remember this one Mac and me this et ripoff uh-huh that does have a zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes from 1998 a 1988 link watch the clip and see if you can say something nice it’s not safe here anymore you have to come with me please I won’t let anybody hurt you it’s like the movie et if you wanted to put et in a bag and then set the bag on fire it’s a good thing please take that of that off compliment I also think that this thing right here if we ever get upset with each other if we can just do like this I could just look at you through my hands like this right I’ll see you there a whole new perspective hey link I don’t even know if the thing talked I don’t you don’t have to you look so wonderful through my hate not ET you don’t have to hold and hold me you don’t have to hold me I’m framing you up for okay perfectly for the camera all right show me what you got okay I found this one horror classic Empire of the ants also zero percent on the Rotten Tomatoes I’ll play the clip say something nice I got these things up nice hey I got two things first thing they used real ants guys those were real ants hey nobody can deny that a lot of filmmakers are not willing to do that they used real ants and the second thing I can say is that I actually have an ant problem in my house and now I know I should just be treating it with an ax I thought he was gonna tax an ant and then it cuts he probably got shot and it was a just a rope he damaged his boat he damaged boat a little bit and then the ants crawl not which is my favorite part of the movie the only part that I’ve seen right all right okay here’s another one for all you eighties kids Rainbow Brite and the star stealer do you remember this one 0% you’re a person but audience score 80% like today okay all right that’s usually a good sign it’s gonna help me it’s free in the air well every day right now there is no more work to do on that movie because it seems as if it’s already perfect yeah I believe that they got Kenny Rogers brother to sing Donnie Rogers it took me a second to realize that the horse was the one singing you know saying cuz this voice changed so much but it was so wonderful finally my wife and I have a new soundtrack to our lovemaking Oh even little things need a helping a guy get a link yeah you’re right I stepped right in there oh shoot I love rainbow horse manure I got one for you the lonely lady this is a story of a rider pushed to the brink of madness zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes of course doesn’t look too mad in the movie poster but watch this clip and say some nice hmm well you know this actually kind of gives me a good feeling because this is exactly how we wrote our book chapter one you know and then there’s New York Times bestseller hold on you gotta say something nice about the movie you can’t say something nice about our book New York it made me feel nice about myself man and I mean you know it’s uh good graphics really good graphics the pier the way they composed the different element okay how about this one this is a sequel I didn’t know you know this existed a sequel to Saturday Night Fever called stayin alive zero percent of course dance to your own beat let’s watch it oh goodness hmm really you know I appreciate the fact that this movie employed a lot of out-of-work singers who were really good at going oh that’s all I guys ha ha ha it was good for the economy it was good for the economy of grunting singers okay there you go mom we said said the nice things were liking commenting and subscribing you know what time it is hi I’m Jenna rain soand I’m Andrea we are from Milan Italy and it’s time to spin the wheel of mythicality put the bottom link to watch today’s episode from the beginning and click the top link to watch us do yoga with sandwiches that’s right it’s sandwich yoga and to see where the will of mythicality lands

The Grinch Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

Illumination! (laughing) (screams) (“Happy” by Pharrell Williams playing) Hmm? (groans) (“Happy” by Pharrell Williams playing continues) Aah! (crash) Humph. (“Happy” by Pharrell Williams playing continues again) (groans) Max! GRINCH: Max! (singing) You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch You really are a heel You’re as cuddly as a cactus You’re as charming as an eel Mr. Grinch You’re a bad banana with a greasy black peel Today, we will do mean things and we will do them in style.

Oh, hello! Happy ho– Eh-eh. (grunting) What’s this? Excuse me. Are you getting that? No. (chuckling) (retches) (vomits) Ugh! (growling) The Grinch Mmm… Pop! (coos) .

The Insane Logistics of Formula 1

This video was made possible by the Crew 2—a new open world racing game from Ubisoft. More about it after the video. No sport is as logistically challenging as motorsports. While equipment matters in any sport, in motorsports the human is only half the athlete—the vehicle is the other half. The performance of a motorsports vehicle is directly tied to having the right components in the right place at the right time so the logistics are part of the competition. Racing may be a sport but it’s not all fun and games. Teams are businesses—businesses that are expected to make money. The most valuable Formula 1 team—Scuderia Ferrari—is worth over $1.3 billion. This means this team is valued at about as much as tech companies Discord, Bird Rides, or DoorDash. The wealthier teams, like Ferrari, are able to spend more money on transport to bring more equipment and spare parts which can make the difference between winning and losing when things go wrong.

Formula 1 is by many measures the most international sports competition. Over its 21 yearly races the teams traverse five continents with as little as a week between events. A chaotic ballet of trucks, boats, and planes transports this show across the world each year. Ten teams compete in Formula 1 and despite it taking place worldwide it is by all measures a European sport. Eight of the ten teams are registered in and operate out of Europe. Only the Indian and American teams are from elsewhere although, the Indian team is actually based in the UK while the US team, based in North Carolina, operates a secondary forward base in the UK so that its staff doesn’t have to travel all the way back to the US between each of the European races which in recent years have been held consecutively, with the brief interruption of the Canadian Grand Prix, in the middle of the season over summer.

Thanks to this, the European leg of the season is, compared to the rest, relatively easy logistically because within Europe you can drive. The cost of shipping by truck is so comparatively low to shipping by plane that teams bring whole buildings with them to the European races. These buildings are what are modestly referred to as “motorhomes” but can be as large as Red Bull’s three story structure that includes offices, bars, and a restaurant with a complete kitchen. All of that packs into a number of trucks and can be assembled in less than two days. Along with all the other equipment including cars, spare parts, and electronics, convoys of dozens of trucks per team criss cross the continent before each European race. Typically races are held every two weekends on Sunday which gives teams plenty of time to relocate before activity begins on the Thursday before the Grand Prix but from time to time the schedule is crunched and races take place two weekends in a row.

This proves a more daunting logistical challenge as teams only have three full days to break down, transport, and reassemble their equipment at the new race site. Even worse, for the first time ever the 2018 season saw three weekends with three races in a row. On June 24 the French Grand Prix took place in Le Castellet then the next weekend the Austrian one was held in Spielberg finishing off the following weekend with the British Grand Prix in Silverstone. The Austria-UK transfer was the most difficult one as it involved driving nearly 1,000 miles including through the choke-point of the channel tunnel. For this trek, each truck was manned by three drivers so that while one drove the others could sleep in an RV that accompanied the convoy.

That way, the trucks could drive continuously only stopping to refuel. But again, these races are easy logistically compared to the ones outside of Europe—the ones known as flyaway races. Just like with the European races the majority of flyaway races occur with two weeks between them but from time to time races are scheduled on back to back weekends thousands of miles apart. These back to back flyaway races are the most logistically difficult weeks of the Formula 1 season. On Sunday April 8th, 2018 the Bahrain Grand Prix was held in Sakhir, Bahrain then seven days later, the following weekend, the Chinese Grand Prix was held in Shanghai, China. Over 4,000 miles separated those two racetracks and yet, just like with every race, everything came down on Sunday night in Bahrain and had to be operational by Thursday morning in China. Even worse, Shanghai is five hours ahead of Bahrain which is effectively five hours fewer to do the work but in reality, the planning for this transfer began months before.

Around January 2018, three months before the first races of the season, each of the ten teams packed up five sets of shipping containers. Each of these sets held their sea kits carrying things like chairs, tables, appliances, cooking utensils, and some elements of their garages. They send these bulkier and less expensive pieces of equipment by sea as it’s massively less expensive than sending them by plane. The number of containers per team varies as the wealthier teams like Red Bull will take more but in general each team takes about three 40 foot containers. Of course ocean shipping is slower, but since there are five sets there is always one at the right place at the right time. That January shipment sent the first five kits to the first five flyaway races—Melbourne, Australia; Sakhir, Bahrain; Shanghai, China; Baku, Azerbaijan; and Montreal, Canada. Then, as each race was completed its kit was packed up and sent to the next flyaway race destination without a kit—the Australian one went to Singapore, the Bahraini one to Russia, the Chinese one to Japan, the Azerbaijani one to the United States, and the Canadian one to Mexico, and then towards the end of the season, when there are no more tracks to send kits to, they’re sent back to the teams’ home bases for the winter.

At the racetrack, the Formula 1 logistics team’s main downtime is actually during the race itself but for the Bahrain to China transfer real work began the Thursday before the race. That’s when each team’s logistics manager started making their tear-down plan—deciding in which order and into which containers their different pieces of equipment should go. Once that was completed there was really not a lot to do until Sunday. On Sunday morning, before the race even started, the pack up began. Many of the spare parts can’t be used during the race—they’re not going to replace an engine during the Grand Prix—so they’re the first pieces of kit to be packed into their containers. Not much happened during the race itself but within 15 minutes of it ending the main pack up began.

The cars, the most important pieces of equipment, were subjected to a post-race inspection to be sure no illegal modifications were made but everything else was immediately ready for packing. All the equipment that the teams wanted at the destination first were put in one of three priority pallets. Together each team’s priority pallets filled up the first plane to Shanghai. As soon as these were packed they were driven directly to the airport only a few hours after the race ended to be prepared for an early morning flight to Shanghai. As that plane took off the final pallets were being packed up back at the racetrack.

Only about six to eight hours after the drop of the checkered flag, all pallets were packed up and on their way to the airport. By midday Monday, all six of the Boeing 747’s used to transport the teams equipment to China were in the air. These planes were chartered by Formula 1 but the teams still pay for the space. Also on Monday all the staff started their journey to Shanghai. Many of the lower level staff just flew on normal commercial flights while some of the higher profile drivers flew private between the two countries. After nine hours in the air the first plane touched down in Shanghai around early evening local time. The freight was unloaded and brought to customs. By midnight, all the priority freight was on its way to the racetrack. Overnight, logistics workers arranged the different teams’ freight into their respective paddocks. No team is allowed to touch their freight until all the other teams’ freight has arrived both for fairness purposes and safety to assure that there aren’t many people around as pallets are being unloaded and moved.

By Tuesday morning, it’s game on for the assembly crews. At this point each team had their three priority pallets and their sea kit. In their priority pallets teams didn’t put the highest value or most important cargo, they put the things they needed to assemble first—the bare bones of their garage. That includes the wall paneling, the core of their electrical system, and the majority of the IT and communications equipment. By Tuesday evening that build was done and the track was once again made inaccessible to the teams as the non-priority pallets were delivered overnight.

Early Wednesday morning around 6am the teams arrived back at the track and began work on the final assembly of the garage. Only after about four hours, by late morning, all the different teams garages were operational. All in all, ten Formula 1 teams successfully packed up, shipped all their equipment 4,000 miles, and reassembled their paddocks in 58 hours. Thanks to careful planning and practiced workers, Formula 1 pulls off this impressive feat every year without a hitch. Earlier in the video I mentioned how the short 7-day Spielberg, Austria to Silverstone, UK transfer is the hardest race transfer in Europe but interestingly, about a month ago Ubisoft brought me out to the Spielberg Formula 1 track to try out their new racing game—the Crew 2. This game is open world meaning they actually recreated the entire US and you can drive and race through all of it not only in cars but also motorcycles, boats, and planes. Even as someone who doesn’t play video games much, I enjoyed the Crew 2 a lot and it seemed an accurate recreation of the actual racing I did that day on the Spielberg track.

If you think you might be interested in playing this, there will be a link in the description where you can check it out. Thanks to the support of the Crew 2 and Ubisoft, this video is an extra one so there will be another Wendover video out next week. .

Drink Up with Daniel – Tosh.0

(crowd cheering) (screaming) Oh my God! (screaming) Oh my God. (screaming) Oh! Mike, go! Mike, go! How you guys doing? Good. I wanted to let you know one of our regulars would like to buy you a round of tequila shock shots. Outstanding. Hey don’t get too excited. First thing I’m gonna need you to do is sign these release forms. Yep. There you go. All right bottoms up. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that’s not how the tequila shock shot works. I need everyone to put on an electric dog collar. Red for the lady. -Seriously? – I will electrocute the (bleep) out of you while you take the shot. When you finish begin barking. Once everyone is barking I will stop shocking you. Bottoms up. All right, all right. That was great. Oh, he wants to buy you another round. – Yeah thank you. – Thank you. They’ll really be shocked to know my dog Roofie’d all of them. You might be unaware that I have my own drink.

A lot of celebrities do. There’s the Arnold Palmer, the Shirley Temple, the Eliza Dushku, yeah. And now, the Toshtini. What’s a Toshtini? I’ll tell you. It’s when you open an expensive bottle of water and immediately pour half of it straight down the drain. Now fill the bottle up with tap water and gently shake. Serve it at room temperature and garnish with a twist of limon, the active ingredient in Sprite. Now go to a bar and order a Toshtini tonight and please enjoy responsibly. I am… Shut up dad. Oh yeah folks. He drinks gravy, deal with it, dad. You got anything else you want to say to the fans? More gravy. Delicious. Ah. With tits like those, who needs a job? Bowl of gravy. Ah yeah folks, a bowl of gravy.

A nice bowl of gravy. Bowl of gravy. Until next time folks. Bye-bye. Bye-bye buddy. Keep on living every day like it’s Thanksgiving. All right so that’s an actually glass of your urine. Very fresh. Very fresh. Looks pretty dark. Looks a little dark. Is it warm? Can I feel how warm it is? Mm-hmm. Ah, it’s a nice temperature. It’s perfect. And you just drink your pee? Finally milk, let’s talk about it. Did you know the milk you’ve been drinking is disgusting and impure? The folks at whitepowermilk.com think so. They go beyond pasteurization to racial purification. They have a room filled with Arian women who do nothing but gargle milk, spit it into bottles and send it to you, the racist insane consumer. Well I did some digging. Turns out that company is out of business or maybe fake.

But I’m not crying over it, instead I picked up the torch and started purifying milk myself. Thanks. Thanks a lot man. Thank you. .

“5-1 or 1-0?” | Your 09 Questions for Roman Bürki

Well when they’re on target they’re pretty hard to stop, unfortunately! From Borusse to Borusse That’s what I’ve heard. Why do you always grab the ball from the referee before kick-off? It’s kind of become my ritual… it’s a way to test my grip and get a good feel for the ball in my hands. That’s all it is, but it’s become my routine before every game.

How hard is it to save shots from Marco Reus? Well when they’re on target they’re pretty hard to stop, unfortunately! He has a really special shooting technique, and it’s very difficult for every goalkeeper. Do you spend a lot of time in the gym? Well… less than I did earlier in my career. I think the main thing is for me to feel good on matchdays, so I’ve sort of eased off a bit. At the moment things are going well, we’ve been on a good run, so I’ve focused on other things. Are you an early riser or are you not a morning person? I’m definitely not a morning person! Back when I still lived with my parents the pack of Cornflakes and the milk were my shield – they meant I didn’t have to talk to anyone in the morning. Do you speak Swiss German with Akanji and Hitz? Swiss German, yes.

Do the others understand it? No – they give us a funny look and sometimes laugh at us because it sounds weird, but obviously when we’re around the other players we speak Standard German. Who’s the best FIFA player in the team? It’s hard to say because I don’t play FIFA against the others really. I’d say Manu Akanji… that’s what I’ve heard.

Why did you choose Number 38 when you joined Dortmund? Because not many numbers were available! 38 was the first one that I thought of – I didn’t want to take a popular player’s number from him! So that’s why I chose Number 38. Can you take free kicks or penalties? Sometimes for a laugh after training I try to score from long range. Every time I try to score it shows me how hard it is just to get the ball on target, so when a goalkeeper’s there as well it’s obviously even harder. It makes it easier for me to understand when we have a bit of a goal drought.

Who’s your role model? It was Iker Casillas, Buffon as well, and Manuel Neuer, but now there are so many top goalkeepers putting in fantastic performances, so you can learn from all of them, and I really like that. Would you rather win 5-1 or 1-0? 1-0, definitely! .