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【#45】ナスDの無人島で2泊3日0円生活 MAN vsサメ⑪ サメ肉料理の探求者 編/CrazyD’s 3 Days Survival: Man vs Shark

The Great Adventures of Eggplant-D Youtube version : 3-Day Island Survival on 0-yen Budget! ~The “Pursuer of delicious shark cuisine”~ On his 3rd day at the island, Eggplant catches a small shark that is 150 centimeters long and weighs about 60 kilos. While trying to catch an even bigger shark he spends 1 + 1/2 hours carefully filleting the shark so it’s easier to cook later on. He cuts it up into 6 blocks, like so. And from here he will eat the entire shark by himself, all the way down to its bones! Look! The shark’s tooth mould! How many days will it take him? And… what will happen after he eats the whole shark down to its bones? How was this whole experience of Yes? How was this whole experience of …eating the shark? I have had enough. …eating the shark? A grueling battle had begun for Eggplant. Survival Battle Day 4 ~1st extension day~ Eggplant takes the shark’s back meat and skins it.

He cuts the meat up into bite-size chunks and smashes it for 2~3 minutes. Now I will grind this up in this mortar. I’ve added a pinch of salt, which makes …this stickier. I’ve been cooking for hours but it’s not at all hard. All right So here is…. an onion, a carrot, and a potato. I brought veggies to the island. I can easily go 3 days without eating anything. …Wait a minute …Wait a minute I thought this was a “0-yen” segment. Oh true I thought this was a “0-yen” segment. It’s called “Island survival on a 0-yen budget”. I should change the name of the segment to just “Island Survival”. I am totally not working on a “0-yen budget”. Let me mince one entire onion. Hehe Let me mince one entire onion. …It’s like you’re camping. He’s mincing an onion during his first island survival battle. You sure talk a lot, don’t you? He’s mincing an onion during his first island survival battle. I thought you’d say something when I used the egg. Weren’t you sleeping while we were filming yesterday? First I will cut the carrots like this. Then I’ll stack them up and cut them into strips I will then turn the strips sideways and mince them up.

Now I will stir-fry the onions with salad oil. I’m taking half of the ground-up shark meat …..about 150 grams of it….. and I’m adding salt and pepper……it’s my 1st time using pepper! I bet shark goes great with pepper! The shark meat is becoming ….pretty sticky. Another ingredient I’m using for the 1st time… ….bread crumbs! I’m adding breadcrumbs to the onions. Next up, another surprise… Milk!!! I’m pouring in milk but before that, lemme have some. GULP GULP GULP GULP GULP That’s so good! I want some more. So I’m pouring in milk. … Wait let me have some more. GULP GULP GULP GULP GULP GULP I’m adding an egg. So I’ve stir-fried the onions, then let them cool. Then I’ve added in bread crumbs, milk, and an egg. I will mix this up good. Then immediately combine it with the shark meat.

Let me put some oil on my hands so this doesn’t stick. He removes the air from the patties. Let me make a small pit in the middle. (this makes it easier the cook the patties) Don’t forget, this is shark meat. I’m making so many hamburg steaks. … but I can easily eat all of this. I’m going to stir-fry the carrots. ….then let them cool. Why did you just like…zoom into the carrots? Hey, stop it! This is embarrassing! Stop filming the carrots! Are you trying to make me feel guilty …for bringing ingredients with me? Stop being mean!! I’m going to cook these, one by one. Remember, this is shark meat. Wow. That looks so good. So while I’m cooking these hamburg steaks …I will make the sauce. For the sauce…. I’m using Daikon (Japanese radish) One Daikon cost 120 yen (About $1.10). Shark is a fish, so I want to make a Japanese-style sauce.

So I’m grating the Daikon. and pouring ponzu on it. I’m gonna eat this. Yep. This is good. Now I’m making aurora sauce. Eggplant makes 2 types of sauce for the hamburg steaks. Copper shark hamburg steaks… …with aurora sauce, and grated Daikon / ponzu. The ponzu’s not on yet. Let’s just leave this here for now. Let me put the ponzu bottle here……actually no. I can’t show the label. That could cause trouble later on. Mr. Kai will be like…. “Hey Mr. Tomoyori~!!!” Mr. Kai is in charge of compliance. He’ll say “Mr. Tomoyori! You gotta blur out the …”Mizkan” (Japanese condiment brand ) label. You can’t show it! We’d be setting a bad example to other shows. 80% of the vinegar share of Japan …. is “Mizkan” So if you show a bottle of vinegar, people will know it’s Mizkan. So you can’t do that! Also, Mr. Tomoyori~!! You gotta take your health examination test! You’re the only one in your department who hasn’t yet taken the test! Please take it! Okay, Mr.

Tomoyoriiii~? I’m going to mix in some stir-fried carrots into the hamburg mixture from before. The mixture are rolled into balls, and He deep-fries them, for 2~3 minutes, in 180-degree oil Don’t these look good? They do! Don’t these look good? All right, they’re done! These ought to taste good. What has he made…? Deep-Fried minced shark a.k.a “shark balls.” I’m adding soy sauce in a pan, then sake, then mirin (sweet sake), a little bit of ginger, and a liquid mixture of cornstarch and water. I will then add the shark balls in here, and mix them with the sauce. I know this sauce is good and the shark’s good too.

so I already know this will be good. The Shark balls. He tries a freshly-cooked ball. Hehehe. It It totally tastes like a meatball. Where did the shark go? It tastes great. I’m gonna try one more. Tastes great. Just one more. This kind of tastes like chicken. I’m gonna mash up some more shark meat! I won’t be grinding this up though. because I just tried the shark ball ….and it totally tasted like meat …..and the shark flavor was completely gone. This is a good thing. The shark meat has completely changed. I’m going to boil some potatoes ….in salt water. I’m going to stir-fry the onion and carrot. and cook the shark meat. This is like minced meat. I only mashed this, so it’s kind of like “Soboro ” (flavoured minced meat) This is more like meat …..than fish. That looks like minced meat. Yeah That looks like minced meat. ….I just said that. I just said that this is like minced meat.

You’re talking to yourself awfully loudly. He adds the carrots and onions he stir-fried earlier, and sprinkles on salt and pepper. Now I’m going to flavor this …. with dark soy sauce. Wow this already looks so good. Eggplant tries some. This is so good Wow. This doesn’t taste like fish. It has a plump texture …and is similar to chicken. If I ate this without knowing …it’s shark, I’d think it’s chicken. I’m taking out the potatoes and mashing them. That’s such a sad amount of potatoes. I should have bought 3. It cost 158 yen (About $1.45 ) for 3, and 48 yen (About $0.44) for 1 So I was cheap and only bought one.

Bad decision. Yesterday I would have been thinking about how to use the potatoes to make the shark taste ….less sour. But today I am focusing instead on how to make the shark taste better and how to bring out its flavor. These are deep-fried for 2~3 minutes in 180-degree oil. Copper shark croquette. Wow this is delicious. You know beef croquettes? These are as good as beef croquettes. These may be housewife quality. …and housewives are amazing cooks. Here Eggplant shares the croquettes with the camera crew. Wanna try some? Aren’t these good? They’re good! Aren’t these good? These taste better without flavoring Yeah. These taste better without flavoring. Hehe. These taste better without flavoring. He just told me “These taste better without flavoring” Are you trying to tell me to stop using so many condiments? Cuz that’s not gonna happen. I think sharks …go with any type of ingredient. Shark meat doesn’t taste peculiar. It’s also a little bit sweet …and sticky, so you can cook it any way you want because the raw meat is tasty.

This is sesame dressing. I have switched from using condiments to using dressing. Eggplant adds starch to the remaining minced shark meat. I’m becoming a pursuer of shark cuisine. I’ve been trying to seek delicious ways to cook the shark meat. and as a result , the shark meat is actually becoming tasty! Something has been smelling bad …and I realized it’s my head band. I think my “shark headband” is rotting. What are those? These…. are spring roll….. ….They’re spring roll skins. Damn. I was about to proceed without explaining what I’m doing. I’m going to place the skin so that one of the corners is facing me. Eggplant places the minced shark meat on the skin and folds the bottom, left, and right, corners. I’m going to do everything carefully. From now, I’m going to do everything carefully in life. I should call my Dad. …and my Mom too. The liquid mixture of cornstarch and water will serve as an adhesive. Eggplant deep-fries the spring roll to make the skin crispy When the shark is this good, you start to feel grateful for the shark.

….but I have mixed feeling about saying how delicious sharks are on TV because it may cause more people to catch sharks. It’s not that you eat the whole shark because you’re grateful ….rather, you start becoming thankful after you eat the whole shark. Sometimes, people ask me for my autograph. …which I don’t mind at all. Once in Roppongi, I ran into an office worker who told me he watches my show, and he asked me for my autograph …. but I don’t have a signature. So I drew a picture for him instead, in his pocketbook. We sat down together and I drew for like 40 minutes. He saw my drawing and was like “Wow, this is amazing!” and gave me towels from his company. We exchanged business cards. Mine has my phone number and e-mail on it but he never contacted me. ….Hehehe. Why’d you just laugh? That bubbling sounds like a fish tank. ….Why would you say that? I don’t get you. ….Hehe You’re right though. Like a fish tank for keeping goldfish, right? Yes. A bubbling fish tank. Like a fish tank for keeping goldfish, right? Whenever I did goldfish scooping as a kid, I caught so many goldfish.

The vendor would tell me “Hey your paper scoop ripped! It’s against the rules to scoop the fish with the plastic part ….young man!” I’d also grab the fish with my hands when he wasn’t looking. All right these are done. Shark spring rolls. Spring rolls made with copper shark. So let me dish all these up. I’m going to use these kitchen towels. I’m going to fold it like this…. ….then like this. Eggplant lays the fried shark on top of the carefully-folded kitchen towels. Shark croquette (flavored with sesame dressing) Shark croquette (flavored with aurora sauce) Satsuma-age (deep-fried shark meat paste) I feel like I’m making a lunch for Undo-kai (Japanese school field days) The shark-balls.

I can’t believe this is all shark. The shark-balls. Then….. I’m going to cut some lemons He carefully decorates the shark platter. That looks pretty. This looks like hors d’oeuvres. Once again Eggplant starts paying too much attention to detail. All right. I’m done. This is the liver oil I got yesterday We gotta a little more oil so let me add it in here. We have collected a jar full of liver-oil. Let me try the liver now. Eggplant tries the shark liver after he took oil from it. …It’s very oily. Yeah, it tastes like liver. So let’s dig into this ‘Jaw-some’ meal! Grilled shark. I’ll start with the sashimi. Mmm. Shark in sashimi-tartare-style I can’t believe I made this a few hours ago. How does it taste? ..Wow… This is good. This is like Japanese butterfish sashimi. It’s sticky …and it’s sweet. Also, the sourness …has disappeared.

How is the satsuma-age (deep-fried shark meat paste)? Wow Mmm… It’s so soft. The Satsuma-age may taste better chilled. I haven’t tried the hamburger steak at all. Let me pour ponzu on it. I wanted to eat this when it was still hot. How is the shark hamburger steak? This is good. It’s practically meat. It’s like sweet chicken hamburg steak. It’s light-tasting and sweet. This is like hamburg steak made with meat! Mmm Now that a day has passed, the shark is no longer sour I hated the sourness ….but I’m going to pour ponzu on this. The ponzu goes great with the shark! The ponzu sauce brings out …. the original taste of the shark. Actually I’m not really sure what the “original” taste of the shark is like. but if it is what I’m tasting now, … then it’s basically meat. This is the hamburg steak with the aurora sauce.

How does the hamburg steak taste with a different sauce? This is so good. This would’ve been better if I ate it hot though. Totally tastes like meat hamburger steak. It’s like if you took those chicken breasts sold at Seven-Eleven and you made it softer …and sweeter. It’s shark, though. Next, the “shark balls” It’s not a meat ball. Once again….. mmm This is good. It’s like a soft chicken meatball It doesn’t smell and it’s not sour. Next the croquette with aurora sauce. The flesh is kind of unsmooth. How is the shark croquette? It’s good! The flesh is unsmooth, and the texture of the shark is still there. It’s still soft though. Shark meat croquette with sesame dressing. Don’t forget – this is shark. Will shark meat and sesame dressing go well together? This tastes just like beef croquettes. The flesh is surprisingly firm and it’s still delicious, though it’s cold. The shark is not ruining the potato flavor at all! This is still crispy. I just made this shark spring roll. How does the freshly-fried spring roll taste? Mmm Wow Mmmmphhh Whew …This is the best dish. I should squeeze lemon juice on this. Once again, Eggplant starts paying a little too much attention to detail Wow Delicious The order that I’m making the dishes in may be affecting how tasty I find it.

When I tried the Satsuma-age I found it fresh and super delicious. ~Survival battle: Day 4 (currently extending his stay)~ Right now he is trying to provide an accurate report of the best way to cook / enjoy the shark. and when I tried the croquette, I was only going to taste-test a little but ended up eating 1 whole croquette. ~Survival battle: Day 4 (currently extending his stay)~ Right now he is trying to provide an accurate report of the best way to cook / enjoy the shark. but then eventually I forgot how it tasted. ~Survival battle: Day 4 (currently extending his stay)~ Right now he is trying to provide an accurate report of the best way to cook / enjoy the shark. I’m making and eating so many different dishes ….Is this man stupid? …that I keep forgetting how each one tastes. ….Is this man stupid? I’m becoming full… Then… I’m gonna have some milk. He drinks the milk although he is full. Will pouring on lemon juice change the taste? Mmm Mmm This is good.

Mmm. Lemme pour the lemon juice …on the satsuma-age, too. Satsuma-age goes great with lemon juice! The shark spring roll tastes really good. Do you know why? Because the meat pieces in it are big so you can really taste the shark ….and the shark tastes good. So it’s good. Shark tastes good when it’s deep-fried. because when you when fry it, it becomes more meaty. Lastly… Mmm He even eats up the bread crumbs that have fallen off. It is now 1 AM. It took Eggplant 3 hours to finally finish eating all the dishes he made today. However, Oh man, this is getting kinda tough for me…. How much of the shark is left? Um… Damn I forgot about that. Don’t remind me, man. Half of the flesh, and the head is leftover. I’d like to extend my stay. We must decide something important before we move on. Remember they once aired that scene of me paying the “extension fee” to the crew? The same crew are here with me right now. ….so let me ask.

How much will it cost Yes? How much will it cost ….to extend my stay for 30 minutes? If you’re thinking “The total could be like 20,0000 yen(About $1828.99) I feel bad for making him pay,” then you don’t have to make me pay. I don’t want to be the guy who says “I’m not paying!!” So…. How much for extending my stay for 30 minutes? 6500 yen (About $59.44) That’s a little more expensive than last year’s fee! 6500円 (About $59.44) …..But that’s fine! 6500 yen (About $59.44) is kind of expensive! Last year’s extension fee : 6000 yen (About $54.88) for every 30 minutes That’s 13,000 yen (About $118.88) for every hour! Last year’s extension fee : 6000 yen (About $54.88) for every 30 minutes You raised the rate the little. Last year’s extension fee : 6000 yen (About $54.88) for every 30 minutes I did. You raised the rate a litte. Last year’s extension fee : 6000 yen (About $54.88) for every 30 minutes What about you Mr. Terashima? I…. What about you Mr. Terashima? I… You can totally say …. “That’s okay, Eggplant-D. You don’t have to pay me. I don’t need money,” if you want. So let me ask again. Yes? So let me ask again.

How much for every 30 minutes? 8000 yen (About $73.16) How much for every 30 minutes? …..What the actual hell. 8000 yen (About $73.16) for 30 minutes is way too expensive. I can’t pay that much! That’s not a realistic rate! I mean that ‘s 16000 yen (About $146.32) for every hour! This time the extension fee will be 6,500 yen(About $59.44) for every 30 minutes! Anways. I have now finished eating the entire “grilled shark course” What a great meal it was. But let’s keep going! Let’s keep cooking. We still have half a shark left! I will pay the extension fee. I will pay the super-expensive extension fee and continue cooking. If you think I’m gonna sleep with the shark and makes jokes like “this shark is fuka-fuka” (“Fuka-fuka”=Soft, Fuka=”Shark” in Japanese) then wake up the next morning and say” I woke up ‘fin’-tastically this morning” ….then you’re wrong. That’s a good one. …then you’re wrong. ….That’s not the point! Then I know we’ve extended our stay but I assume you’re all tired, so do you want to sleep a little? At TV Asahi, we sometimes receive complaints. One person e-mailed us to tell us that TV Asahi ….exploits its employees I’m paying an “extension fee” Right now I’m being paid …zero yen for overtime work.

Actually, right now is Winter Break for me. But here I am. *Office worker Eggplant-D is here filming during his Winter Break I am here during my break, and paying money to the people who are here for work. *Office worker Eggplant-D is here filming during his Winter Break *Office worker Eggplant-D is here filming during his Winter Break I’m not going to sleep. *Office worker Eggplant-D is here filming during his Winter Break …Just kidding. Today was my 2nd day cooking the shark. Today, the sourness had disappeared completely, and it was tasty.

There is 1 slight problem though…. Yesterday, when I was cooking the shark, I felt it tasted too sour. So I did everything I could to make it less sour, like flavor it and grind it up, and although the sourness went away, I feel like the original “shark taste” got lost So from here I want to continue seeking this shark taste. The pursuer of “delicious shark cuisine” So from here I want to continue seeking this shark taste. The pursuer of “delicious shark cuisine” I think I need to focus on that from here on . Shark meat is good though. Shark meat definitely has potential to become a common cooking ingredient. It has no bones and lots of meat. It’s not peculiar-tasting. It’s tasty, and it goes well with anything. ….these are my overall thoughts about Day 2. So I’m going to start making Sashimi now. I’m about to get busy~!!! I’m sure we’re going to receive another complaint via e-mail soon. saying “Don’t let such a gross man on your show” We’ve been getting such complaints from a 56-year-old man.

This man keeps emailing us. He said “That man on your show must die.” Are you all sleepy? You guys aren’t reacting. Thank you. That was a great meal. Thank you. It was great. I’m so thankful. I am so grateful for this meal. Thank you. I just had a flashback of the moment I caught this shark Thank god I caught it. It I hadn’t, there wouldn’t even be ….a show. I want to work to make the shark as tasty as possible and enjoy every part! Today, Eggplant continued to cook the shark until midnight and made 10 dishes in total. This is his current ranking of the dishes he’s made. Today, the sourness of the shark disappeared. Eggplant managed to make it tasty by processing it but weakened the “original taste” of the shark.

His current #1 dish is the “shark spring roll” which he made by wrapping minced shark meat in spring roll skin He managed to keep some of the shark flavor in these rolls. At this point Eggplant has eaten 35% of the shark. 65% of it is left. How many days will it take him to finish eating the entire shark? And can he find more ways to make it tasty? Also – how much will his total “extension fee” be? Eggplant’s island adventures are nowhere near over! Please don’t forget to subscribe to this channel.