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[ENG sub] UHSN [1회] ‘너마저 날 두고 가시나’ 소녀들의 랜덤 플레이 댄스 190523 EP.1

Now we’re going to do a random dance test Random play! (Sad) As if you’re having fun with your friends! Just have fun! by BTS The first random song Livia, Nada, Luna, and Deesee join in They know the exact choreography! Ulssoo~ I like it~ They run to the center as soon as the song begins! by Red Velvet (Shocked) Their moves are precise and powerful Their ‘dance pride’ depends on this! EXO! Let’s go! by EXO I can’t remember! Swag Perfect ending pose! Applause Now it’s a matter of pride… (Deesee again…?) It’s best to avoid dancer Deesee! by HyunA It’s Deesee’s time to shine! Her dancing skills are extraordinary She performed HyunA’s perfectly We approve! The Random Play Dance continues by EXID Everyone is showing of their dancing skills But Mind and Erii looks gloomy/sad (Gulp) (During break time) (I’ll just be like this) (I can’t sing or dance) (But you did great on ?) (No no!) Mind & Erii didn’t get a chance to perform yet by SUNMI That moment! Mind has betrayed(?) Erii! (Not you too…) (Why did you leave me…?) How could you leave me so easily? We were supposed to be here together…

Great job! by BLACKPINK (??) Finally… Is it Erii’s turn? But Erii seems nervous in front of the teacher Can she perform in front of the teacher? To be continued! .