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“5-1 or 1-0?” | Your 09 Questions for Roman Bürki

Well when they’re on target they’re pretty hard to stop, unfortunately! From Borusse to Borusse That’s what I’ve heard. Why do you always grab the ball from the referee before kick-off? It’s kind of become my ritual… it’s a way to test my grip and get a good feel for the ball in my hands. That’s all it is, but it’s become my routine before every game.

How hard is it to save shots from Marco Reus? Well when they’re on target they’re pretty hard to stop, unfortunately! He has a really special shooting technique, and it’s very difficult for every goalkeeper. Do you spend a lot of time in the gym? Well… less than I did earlier in my career. I think the main thing is for me to feel good on matchdays, so I’ve sort of eased off a bit. At the moment things are going well, we’ve been on a good run, so I’ve focused on other things. Are you an early riser or are you not a morning person? I’m definitely not a morning person! Back when I still lived with my parents the pack of Cornflakes and the milk were my shield – they meant I didn’t have to talk to anyone in the morning. Do you speak Swiss German with Akanji and Hitz? Swiss German, yes.

Do the others understand it? No – they give us a funny look and sometimes laugh at us because it sounds weird, but obviously when we’re around the other players we speak Standard German. Who’s the best FIFA player in the team? It’s hard to say because I don’t play FIFA against the others really. I’d say Manu Akanji… that’s what I’ve heard.

Why did you choose Number 38 when you joined Dortmund? Because not many numbers were available! 38 was the first one that I thought of – I didn’t want to take a popular player’s number from him! So that’s why I chose Number 38. Can you take free kicks or penalties? Sometimes for a laugh after training I try to score from long range. Every time I try to score it shows me how hard it is just to get the ball on target, so when a goalkeeper’s there as well it’s obviously even harder. It makes it easier for me to understand when we have a bit of a goal drought.

Who’s your role model? It was Iker Casillas, Buffon as well, and Manuel Neuer, but now there are so many top goalkeepers putting in fantastic performances, so you can learn from all of them, and I really like that. Would you rather win 5-1 or 1-0? 1-0, definitely! .