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5 Ridiculous Movies with 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

mama always said if he can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all today we’re gonna see if we can apply that principle to some of the worst movies ever made yes so we’re gonna be looking at movies that have been given a big fat zero on Rotten Tomatoes which is really quite an accomplishment okay so zero percent of critics like them and we’re going to show these clips to one another and see if we can say anything nice at all which is really quite a challenge it is quite a challenge link it’s time for give props to these blocks okay so the first one is I remember this one Mac and me this et ripoff uh-huh that does have a zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes from 1998 a 1988 link watch the clip and see if you can say something nice it’s not safe here anymore you have to come with me please I won’t let anybody hurt you it’s like the movie et if you wanted to put et in a bag and then set the bag on fire it’s a good thing please take that of that off compliment I also think that this thing right here if we ever get upset with each other if we can just do like this I could just look at you through my hands like this right I’ll see you there a whole new perspective hey link I don’t even know if the thing talked I don’t you don’t have to you look so wonderful through my hate not ET you don’t have to hold and hold me you don’t have to hold me I’m framing you up for okay perfectly for the camera all right show me what you got okay I found this one horror classic Empire of the ants also zero percent on the Rotten Tomatoes I’ll play the clip say something nice I got these things up nice hey I got two things first thing they used real ants guys those were real ants hey nobody can deny that a lot of filmmakers are not willing to do that they used real ants and the second thing I can say is that I actually have an ant problem in my house and now I know I should just be treating it with an ax I thought he was gonna tax an ant and then it cuts he probably got shot and it was a just a rope he damaged his boat he damaged boat a little bit and then the ants crawl not which is my favorite part of the movie the only part that I’ve seen right all right okay here’s another one for all you eighties kids Rainbow Brite and the star stealer do you remember this one 0% you’re a person but audience score 80% like today okay all right that’s usually a good sign it’s gonna help me it’s free in the air well every day right now there is no more work to do on that movie because it seems as if it’s already perfect yeah I believe that they got Kenny Rogers brother to sing Donnie Rogers it took me a second to realize that the horse was the one singing you know saying cuz this voice changed so much but it was so wonderful finally my wife and I have a new soundtrack to our lovemaking Oh even little things need a helping a guy get a link yeah you’re right I stepped right in there oh shoot I love rainbow horse manure I got one for you the lonely lady this is a story of a rider pushed to the brink of madness zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes of course doesn’t look too mad in the movie poster but watch this clip and say some nice hmm well you know this actually kind of gives me a good feeling because this is exactly how we wrote our book chapter one you know and then there’s New York Times bestseller hold on you gotta say something nice about the movie you can’t say something nice about our book New York it made me feel nice about myself man and I mean you know it’s uh good graphics really good graphics the pier the way they composed the different element okay how about this one this is a sequel I didn’t know you know this existed a sequel to Saturday Night Fever called stayin alive zero percent of course dance to your own beat let’s watch it oh goodness hmm really you know I appreciate the fact that this movie employed a lot of out-of-work singers who were really good at going oh that’s all I guys ha ha ha it was good for the economy it was good for the economy of grunting singers okay there you go mom we said said the nice things were liking commenting and subscribing you know what time it is hi I’m Jenna rain soand I’m Andrea we are from Milan Italy and it’s time to spin the wheel of mythicality put the bottom link to watch today’s episode from the beginning and click the top link to watch us do yoga with sandwiches that’s right it’s sandwich yoga and to see where the will of mythicality lands