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๐ŸŽฌ9-0 HAT-TRICK CLUB!๐ŸŽฌ Neymar gatecrashes Hat-Trick Club! (PSG vs Guingamp Parody)

Gillian welcomes a hatchery club and welcome to your dog as you know the first rule of hatchery club is you have to have scored a hair treat for your club or country Oh kaanchi which means it’s earlier today sorry late late you’re nuts even on the entry list stop pulling my hair you son of a female dog valium Chilean Nina I’m afraid the first water fast return is you have to have scored a trick for your club oh don’t you come I was going to say country oh and stop pulling my hair you senator female socks oh you’re right long hair it’s for girls what’s you had dreadlocks last week dreadlocks is long hair but for cool people shoe you looks like Whoopi Goldberg oh I mean it stop pulling my hair I’m going to kick your bum in a minute Oh losers pick your bum read it and weep Whoopi nine now three for me three for him sue for you no her cheek no match for now Jo away you haven’t heard the last of ders oh geez he’s so selfish no this is the part where we’re supposed to get our balls outs and tasmiyah damn what a magical silly oh thank goodness but we both scored hat-tricks elect and there is only one match below so what do we do well there’s nothing in the Hedrick club rules about hatrocks in the same game oh but luckily there is in my contract the events of somebody else during a hetrick in the same game as mr.

Cavani that’s me mr. Cavani will be awarded the match ball mom says it right here let me see em just there move your finger what that’s been added in pencil no it’s essence that’s just that’s just the fun Gillian oh not dissident gets outs whoopee Wow stopping my chair Gillian tell him where you’ll just blamed my boy so you’re on your own just like in the country everything okay how about I let you hold my ball that sounds of prickers roll up Gillian no okay how about I give you half of my balls do so skirt roll up it’s 2019 there is nothing wrong with being Jay there is if he’s not gay and you’re trying to get you to hold your ball is a path to match ball Oh like this here killing you I have one of my balls sounds a bit gay wow what slow Joyce of major cadets what’s you say so sorry Dupre she’s Savi’s apology accepted now let’s put that behind us and move on we have one match ball itch let’s get admiring each other’s balls where did you even get those match balls they were all round the pitch there was more than one match ball yes it was multiple it’s not 1972 that’s probably what ever since Barbara says when he sees that her toe every week Gillian problem solved now you have a match ball so you can sell whoopee he can’t stay because he didn’t score a hat-trick but mark did score boys clear no he didn’t yes he did you just wrote that’s in Plainfield no I didn’t it’s just the font I deserve luckily I never came here without a rubber sounds a bit how does that sounds a bit pink oh wait till oppress me about their life out of here Cavani bitch teammate in violent homophobic range drill heads we grab correction violent and formost homophobic rhymes Falmouth’s I said whoo Cavani commands teammates too screwed in basements oh and as far as thanking since you can shove your boss up even worse that’s practically Oh too funny I think you went a bit far system

Model Rocket Battle 2 | Dude Perfect

TY: Launching in 3 2 1 Dude Perfect CODY (Voiceover): The rules of this battle are simple. Whoever’s rocket travels the highest is the winner. Also, there’s a 300′ bonus if you catch it! TY: ‘Kay, it is time for the 1st rocket launch of the day. Here we are, at the blast zone; as you can see, we’ve got our blast shield, we’ve got the launch pad. Cody is up 1st; it is go time. CODY: Hey guys. Uh, it’s me and the traffic cone. Uh, the Traffic Cone has actually never seen flight; and it never will, ’cause he’s gone. I’ve upgraded to: the Missile. This time, I read the instructions This baby, she’s soarin’ high.

Let’s get a W baby whoo! GO! I gotta go! The ‘chute is deployed! Ooh that’s got potential for a 10 That’s got potential for a 10 Oh folks here’s the deal It fell 10 yards away from the edge I coulda caught it You guys have no idea how excited I am that this thing just flew in the air because uh man do I have a history of not reading the instructions alright boys let’s head to the launchpad we got good news and bad news good news is you had your first successful rocket launch TY: Bad news: most of our first rockets beat yours. TY: (inaudible) 1,010′. COBY: Oh, no! TY: Yeah, you wouldn’t have even won Rocket Battle 1. That’s brutal, that hurts deep Silver bullet version 1 Silver bullet version 2 Cody hit 1010′ Feelin’ pretty good following up that performance She’s a flyer and she’s about to soar ITS ROCKET LAUNCH TIME!! The silver bullet is launching in 3 2 1 NOOOOOO We gotta get this up Oh no silver bullet I’m gonna be honest, I have no idea how I messed that up First place still baby! Koby checkin in to the game, you may remember that this here rocket almost killed a cow and it inspired a song that while maybe not enjoyed but was heard by millions of people Today I would like to introduce you to the MOOve over rocket I have a feeling I’m not the only one who’s pretty excited that Ty’s rocket just blew up I mean that was just fun to watch Ty if you dont mind to moove over really appreciate that If you’re a cow and you can hear me MOOOOVE outta the way Oh my gosh that was insane! The parachute didn’t come out which is kinda disappointing You tried to catch it? It didn’t deploy I wanted to get close I have been there It blew it out of the ground like it was nothing It blew that out of the ground – It’s like 20 pounds That was a good launch, well done I’ve got some stats for ya guys – Max beat 280 miles per hour Wow that’s fast I will say this, that definitely woulda killed a cow Ty, the height, gimme the rocket height Koby’s rocket height 845 feet No way Cody Jones, still in first place right now We in this – we in this baby let’s go!! what’s up guys cory here, you may remember that my old rocket almost killed me That’s not gonna happen today I’d like to introduce you to Bumblebee 2.0 Right now Cody’s the man to beat, but I think the Bumblebee is the rocket to do it Let’s put the win back in twin – let’s go! 3 2 1 YEAHHHHHHHH oh it’s got a ‘chute, its got a ‘chute Yes! Bumblebee recovery! The bee flew so far That thing soared! This may come as a shock to you guys but with a height of 2,450’, CORY: (Celebration) Cory Cotton is in 1st place! (Applause) I’m so happy Gay Hilberg, you’ve got one shot at glory I also got multiple engines I’m kidding I didn’t do that Here’s my version 1 Welcome to version 2 Cory put an absolute phenomenal launch into the air but i got faith in the purple hoser I at least won the art design award, I mean come on it’s a thing of beauty so? let’s do it 3 2 1 Dude it’s gonna be close! I dunno Gar may have him on height, i dunno TY: I – I hate to let you down, but we went 0 for 5 on catches.

Right now, we are kinda in limbo. It was high, like high But yours was insanely high In my hand I have the final stats I know who the winner of rocket battle 2 is TY: With a separation of only a few hundred feet, is… TY: CORY! (Explosion SFX) I just wanna say thanks to the couple team cory fans that are out there Let’s head to an outro! What’s up guys thanks for watching and if you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos If you want some awesome DP merch, click right here If you wanna see the last video, click down here Signin off for now! Pound it, noggin, see ya! .