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YOU WON’T DO IT! Challenge Part 2

(squeaking) – If I never come out again, it’s your fault. I can’t! In today’s video, we do the You Won’t Do It Challenge! But before we get started, subscribe to our channel, and give us a big thumbs up! – Hi, Soty family! – All right, guys! Today we’re bring you part two! – Of You Won’t Do It Challenge! – All right, guys! Four people in our family have been eliminated so far. – So that means there’s four left! – So here’s a little recap on who’s out of the game.

So Taylor, you won’t win your soccer game. That means, if you don’t win, you’re out! Um, guys, the game’s over, and guess what the score was? Two to zero! And Taylor didn’t win! – I lost my game! So I’m outta this challenge. Not fair, Stephen! (music) Blake says you won’t ride the rocket. – The rocket? Uh… no! (music) – Parker, you won’t ride the haunted house. – Yeah, I will! – Uh, I thought she was too scared. – Guys, after waiting in line forever, Parker got a little too scared for the ride. So guess what? You’re outta the challenge! (music) – Dad, you won’t win the game! – Like, a carnival game? – Of course! You won’t win! – Ready? (pop) (pop) Shoot! (laughter) (pop) Oh! – So close! (pop) – Oh, I thought I won ’cause I popped two balloons.

I lost! I get nothing! (music) – We’re the eliminated ones! – But it’s our job to eliminate the rest of them! – Never! (upbeat music) – I know exactly what works with these kids. Jordyn, you won’t put that bike away when I ask one time. – I will! – Will you put the bike away? – Yes. – I’m wondering if she’s really gonna do it? We’ll see about that.

That has literally never happened in my entire life. I knew it was too good to be true. – What? Jordyn, hurry! You’re gonna be out! – No, she is out! Jordyn, will you put the bike away again? Elimination squad, one. The rest of them, zero. – Yes! – We’re bad to the bone. – I cannot believe that Jordyn got out so easily, but actually that is a good thing for Blake and I, because that means one less person to compete for the winning title! All right, Blake and Stephen, we are the only ones left. – You two girls don’t stand a chance! – Stop! Mom, you won’t go down the slide head first. – Really? That slide? – Yes! And head first! – I don’t even know the last time I went down the slide, let alone head first! – Come on, Mom! – Oh no, guys. I am really doing this. But I don’t want to be eliminated so here goes nothing! ‘Kay! (laughter) Oh my God! I did it! And I’m stuck.

– Stephen, you won’t get in this baby swing! – I got this! My legs won’t go through the holes, but… (grunting) – You must try to get in the baby swing! (creaking) – If I never come out again, it’s your fault! (groan) I can’t! – Here you go, sweetheart! My little baby! – Why you not? You act like Blake! – Here you go, my little baby. – I can’t move my legs. – Is this fun? – This is so uncomfortable! – Least you’re not eliminated, Stephen! – I think there’s only one way out of this! (laughter) – I’m stuck! (laughter) (sigh) – Blake, you won’t climb this rock wall! It’s too far! You won’t do it! Look at me! I can do it! (grunting) (babbling) – Um! – She’s climbing down! There you go! – Come here! Good girl! Blake! She did it! – Um, what did you call yourselves? The elimination squad? You guys are failing! All right guys, so I know that I am not a part of the elimination squad, but I wanna win, so Stephen? You won’t stand on our new front porch and sing at the top of your lungs! In front of the neighbors! – Oh, I will.

Who do you think I am? Chicken? (clucking) (clearing throat) Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore! – Stop, stop, stop. Okay, this is embarrassing! Stop, you did it. You passed. Go, go! The neighbors are looking! Well, he passed! Let’s go. – Um, I bet you won’t go down to that dark, cold storage room. – What? – Alone. – No, it’s so scary! (evil laughter) – Oh guys! This is scary! ‘Kay, I’m not getting eliminated! Here I go. Hello? Hello! Am I all alone? Okay! (loud exhale) ‘Kay, my idea is to make it quick, and fast, and painless. Run down, run in, run back out. And don’t get scared! (heavy footsteps) It’s gonna get dark soon! Okay, scariest room in the house. Here, I cannot even see, guys! Okay, okay.

Oh no. Okay, okay. I made it, the start of the corner! Okay, I’m going! I did it! I did it! I’m not eliminated, and I’m getting outta this place! – Stephen, you won’t run through these sprinklers! – I won’t ever give up! (yelling) – You can go faster than that! – I am so wet! – You’re not getting in my car. – Stephen, you wouldn’t buzz your hair. Look at this thing! – I’m growin’ it out! – Stephen, it’s your choice. If you don’t do it, then it’s me and Blake! What’re you gonna do? – Fine, I do it! – I say we shave Mom’s head. – No! (music) – I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this! I can’t do this, I can’t do this! I can’t do this! Stop it! Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it! I am not buzzing my head! – All right, guys! Guess what that means? It’s me and Blake left for this awesome challenge! I’m totally gonna win! – It was not worth it at all.

– Um, Stephen, what was it that you said at the beginning of this video? – You two girls don’t stand a chance. – Um, us girls are the only ones left! – It’s the final showdown between Mom and Blake! – Why can’t someone just challenge me to, like, eat ice cream or something? Come on, guys. Step up your game. – You won’t feed me ice cream. – No! No, that’s not fair at all! No, that backfired! Caramel? I like caramel. – Oh no, there’s only enough left for, like, one person! – No, that’s not! – One fat person! – That’s a lot there! Fine, I’m gonna do it! I’m not gonna lose this challenge.

– You’re feeding Stephen, right? But which one? We’re both Stephen though! – Guys, this makes me really sad! (sniffing) Smells so good! – Mmmm. (laughter) – There’s your ice cream! – Blake? You won’t dive into the ball pit! – Sink or float! (squealing) – You wanna go in the ball pit? (whimpering) – No! (crying) – I guess that’s a no. – She will not do it! – No! – We won’t make her do it then. – Well, Blake won’t go in the ball pit, but I will! (balls clacking) Does that mean that I win? – She’s the winner! – Did I win? I won! Yay! How dirty are these ball pit balls? All right, guys, well that’s it for today’s video. Part two of You Won’t Do It, and guys? I won! – Should we play this game again, guys? – Subscribe to our channel! – Comment below! – Give us a big thumbs up! – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow! – Bye! (upbeat music) .

Parenting 1:01: A Moment in Search

Each night around 1:00 am, Each night around 1:00 am, searches peak for how to help my baby how to help my baby sleep how to help my baby how to help my baby walk how to help my baby how to help my baby play nice “What are you doing?” “You think you can get this?” is my child ready for potty training is my child ready for school “L, E.

That is correct!” is my child gifted “Good job honey!” 2, 1 “that it’s orange… “…sometimes it’s like the moon” why does my kid talk so much “Raquel, Raquel?” why isnt my kid talking to me “Congratulations!” “Oh my god, I got in!” “I got in?” how to help my child succeed how to be a supportive parent how to be a fun parent “Haley, to be adopted by her stepmother” how to be a good parent how to be a good grandparent To everyone who knows parenting never sleeps Search on. Google .

SML Movie: Jeffy The Rapper 2

Jeffy: Tacos gave me diarrhea, diarrhea, DIARRHEA! Tacos gave me diarrhea and it is in my pants! Mario: Jeffy, stop it! Don’t sing about stuff like that it’s gross! (BTW, all of the parenthesis are from iSunnyD) (doorbell rings) Jeffy: Somebody is at the door, at the door, AT THE DOOR! Somebody is at the door, and there is diarrhea in my pants! Mario: (sighs) Why jeffy? Mario: Uh, hello? Goodman: Give it to me… Mario: Give what to you? Goodman: Your house payment, Mario! Mario: It’s not due till midnight and it’s only eight o’clock! Aka 8pm Goodman: It’s midnight somewhere in the world! Mario: Well, look, I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to make my payment tonight…(You gone done the wrong thing Mario) Goodman: Mario, if you don’t pay your house payment by midnight tonight… Do you know what I’m gonna do to you? Mario: What? Goodman: Purple Nurple. (oh no). Mario: What? Purple Nurple? Goodman: I’m gonna take your nipple in this hand, see this hand, Mario? I’m gonna take your nipple and TWIST REALLY HARD!! I’m gonna take this hand and pick up where I left off and TWIST REALLY HARD!!! I’m gonna take this hand one more time, see this hand? Mario, see it? Bring it around town and SQUEEZE AND TWIST REALLY HARD!! And in this hand one more time, pick up where I left off, and TWIST REALLY HARD This hand Mario, one more time, look at this hand, watch it, bring it around town and TWIST REALLY HARD!( (sounds of constipation) I’m gonna rip your nipple clean off your chest Mario.

You see right here?(ouch) What do I have in my hand? Your nipple. Guess what I’m gonna do with you’re nipple Mario?( I don’t wanna know) Ah. (makes eating noise) ( this will make me throw up) Yummy your nipple. (Goodman, you are messed up) Mario: Tha- that seems like its gonna hurt… Oh yeah. I’ve only done it twice in my life before. The guy, the guy I did it to guess what his name is? Mario: What? Goodman: No Nipple Tim.

Guess how many house payments No Nipple Tim has missed? Mario: How many? Goodman: Zero. Hold up, why would Goodman do that to Tim if he never missed a house payment? So if you miss your house payment tonight Mario, your nickname is gonna be No Nipple Mario. See you later, No Nipple Mario. It kinda has a ring to it. Cat Piano: Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow Mario: Aw, my Poor nipples… Jeffy: What’s wrong, Daddy? Mario: Well, Jeffy, if I don’t come up with $2,000 by tonight. I’m gonna lose my nipples!( In the worst way possible) Jeffy: Well I don’t have nipples, see?( Because you’re a plushy, Jeffy) Mario: That’s gross Jeffy. I just need quick money tonight… TV: Yo, yo, yo! Do you need money tonight? Then enter in your most fire rap song, into the rap song competition! And you could win $50,000 dollars! $50,000! Just to make some stupid little rap song! I can do it, it can’t be that hard.

Okay. Uh, my name is Mario I really need some money if I don’t get it… Then my nipples will be goney? (You suck Mario!!) I don’t know! This is stupid! I’m gonna just ask Black Yoshi to do it… Hey Daddy I can make a rap! No, you can’t Jeffy. Yeah, I can daddy. I just need a saxophone. Wha, a saxophone?( Oh boy, here we go) *Epic sax solo* YASSSS!!! Wanna See My Pencil? x4 Hey Daddy, wanna see my pencil? I stick it in my nose, until it hits the middle.

It’s yellow, it’s special. It tastes like a pretzel. I hit it on my head to make it instrumental! I mental, I’m crazy, diaper like a baby, who’s the Easter Bunny? You know that is my daddy! My rhymes are freaking hot! You weren’t even ready. I got my jammies on, I’m ready for bed! Wanna See My Pencil? Wanna See My Pencil? Wanna See My Pencil? Wanna see my pencil? (7x) C A T P I A N O S O L O *Uh Noise* Back on the track, These hoes, I smack, These haters can’t kill me, you know that’s a fact! My diaper I pat, My Piano is a cat! I see a can of green beans, and i hit it with a bat! Always wear my helmet, don’t have to ride a bike! These bullies wanna try me, but you know we’re gonna fight! People say they hate me, well they can take a hike! I just schooled these haters, now lemme drop the mic! Wanna See My Pencil? (x4) Wanna see my pencil? (x7) Do you want to see my pencil?! So daddah, Wadya Think? Jeffy that was ridiculous! I can’t believe you submitted that! You’re not gonna win! Maaaan Daddah stop hatin’! When that beat drops, It’s gonna be straight fire! It’s gonna be top on charts, and tastin farts! Ima need a snorkel.

A snorkel, for what? For all the wet Kitty I’m gonna be swimming in. Wet kitty? Oh yeah, I’m talking wet, soaking wet. MEOW ?????? Who’s that? Jeffy, just stay right here. all right daddy. Hello? Hey is Jeffee here? Jeffy is here! ๐Ÿ™‚ No No, Not no Jeffy. JayFee! Look anyway, I got $50,000 that he won in a rap content. WUH! He actually won the contest?? Yeah Man! Oh well come on inside! Alright, so uh, sit right here. JEFFY! JEFFY GET IN HERE! So Jeffy Really Won? Yeah, he sent us the HARDEST Rap song.

What’s up ball sniffers? Jeffy, you won the 50-thousand dollar rap contest! I knew that bit was hot! Yeah, you beat everyone in the competition! So here’s 50K who is that? Uh I Don’t Know… Hold on, I’ll get it. Uh hello? YO Mario! Is the rap judge here! Rap Judge? Well theres a guy here givin us 50K For a rap song. Wha? MOVE OUT THE WAY! Man! Look at all this paper! Yep! and its all yours! Wait! Not so fast! Who are you? MAN SOMEBODY GET THIS SKID MARK OFF MY TABLE! I’m Toad and I need to submit a song to the contest! Don’t waste your time. Well. Yeah, he’s right It’s kind of too late to submit a song But I kind of do want to hear another song so go ahead. send me a song. Let me see OH MAN WHO LET THE A@S OUT? HA HA! OH I NEED ALL GIRLS TO GET BONKERS BABY! JUST SHAKE IT! BABY TWERK IT, SHAKE IT, DO IT FOR THE MONEY BABY.

FOR THE MONEY BABY TWERK IT, SHAKE IT, MOVE DEM CHEEKS, TWERK IT, SHAKE IT, MAN YO BUTTS FOR WEEKS! TWERK IT, SHAKE IT, I NEED A SNEAK PEEK! I WAS STUDYING THAT BOOTY, I’M KINDA LIKE A GEEK! Studdy ASS, JONY HAD A SEIZURE (idk), Flow So SLICK, I think i got the measles! Booty make me hungry i need little caesars! Move it for the money girl! You all most legal! (God or something) SHAKE IT FOR THE MONEY, DON’T WORRY BOUT THE BUDGET BABY. Got a bunch of cash pound in the bucket baby! Dis song about butt, if you didn’t know the subject baby! Turn that ass like you just bought some megas baby? (hes hard to understand) TAG, YOUR IT, DAT BOOTY I’M CHASING, BOOTY GOT INSURANCE GO HEAD AND BREAK IT.


MOVE IT LIKE YOUR AT IT, I’LL GET YOU A SADDLE! SHAKE IT REAL FAST, JUST LIKE A BABY’S RATTLE PUT YOU ON SCREEN, YOU COULD BE A NIGHTCLUB WHIP IT LIKE A SLAVE BABY GIRL, CALL ME MASTERS. Prayin for some booty, (unintelligible) as a pastor Wind it up baby, and the f is for faster (if anything is wrong, its because i can’t understand them :/) Shake it, Shake it, and dont forget to drop it, dat ass to big, girl you know I’m bein honest! Make them cheeks shine, like they gettin polished Twerk for you tuition for college. Toad: TWERK IT, SHAKE IT, DO IT FOR THE MONEY BABY, FOR MONEY BABY WHOA! THIS SONG CHANGES EVERYTHING! DIS SONG IS FIRE! Wh- What’s going on? Man dis song’s so good… it might be a tie! A TIE ARE YOU HIGH!!?? (Here’s another one rhymes) Wha a tie? IT CANT BE A TIE! You already said Jeffy Won! Look Look Look, Its so good, I think Toad put up a good fight! Yeah mine is good, right? Wa Wa Wait, so so if the songs are tied, how are we gonna settle this? Huh, I Don’t know…

Maybe we should call the fire department to see whose song is the most fire! MARIO: wa wa Okay, so I got a call about a fire. Yeah, we want you to see which song is the most fire! What, which song is the most fire? Yeah? Yeah. Wha-, So you’re telling me. There’s no actual fire here No, we we just want you to see which song is better which song is the most FIRE! All right just play the songs. okay. (the sound of a blazing fire) UH, Yeah both of those songs are pretty fire. I think I got third-degree burns on my face.

So which song was the most fire? Huh well they were both pretty fire, but I got a thing for butts so I’m gonna go with that one Wahoo! I won! THATS B.S! Yeah, Jeffy’s song was better. Well the firefighter has spoken. I’m gonna go to the hospital now… Oh Man… Jeffy I Can’t believe you lost Well Jeffy. I guess you can say bye-bye to my nipples.

Bye Bye Daddy’s nipples. I was supposed to get $2,000 by tonight. Oh well daddy i got this! $10,000??? Yep. Where’d you get that at Jeffy? Oh I stole it off the pile of money. (SAVAGE)Wha- you stole it? Yeah, I’m about that life. I’m on that gangster shiz. Well I guess my nipples are saved. YAY! Daddy’s nipples! Let’s Celebrate, daddy. Let me grab my hoes. Wha-? hoe? There you go Daddy, my main hoe! *best song ever* (Jeffy’s Rap 2, obivously) Captions by PokemonPlushUniversal, Hansen, BlankFlank, Natlie Chaet aka NDC, Omar Addus, RubberDaduckey, and Tom Clover

Talking Tom and Friends – The audition (Season 1 Episode 0)

Are you ready I hope you’re ready because I am definitely ready what am I ready for I’ll tell you what I’m ready for I’m ready for you TV producers to give me my own show Oh ginger pay attention okay here it is the talking tom reality TV show audition video now I’m not gonna come on here and be like Oh producers please please please give me reality show no I don’t need to do that why because I know when you see my friends and my cool life you’re gonna be like oh Tom please please please let us give you a reality show hey probably being paranoid but just wanted to make sure that you knew I was kidding when I was acting like you for canopy begging me to do a reality show okay okay and cut thanks ginger Angela I got here as quickly as I could your message said it was urgent is everything okay yes I’m finally filming my reality show audition tape oh not really interested now Angela I need you to check the acoustics for our new reality TV confession booth Tom it’s a bathroom well yeah people sound great in the bathroom that’s why they sing in the shower there’s no shower in here there’s just a toilet shower toilet use your imagination what use my imagination are you kidding me right now that’s our Angela she’s not only my good friend but she is also kind of a pop star you might even know some of her songs yeah yeah baby baby why don’t you send one of your songs I love Tom but my manager thought it might hurt my career to sing one of my real songs on his crazy audition tape as you can see this is no ordinary neighborhood garage it’s what we call the studio and it’s where I produce games and songs and apps with my best friend and business partner Ben ah please tell me that camera isn’t recording are you kidding me that was reality TV gold Ben here is the owner of all this high-tech expensive equipment correct Tom so don’t you dare touch it Ben’s mom will let him keep the stuff at his house because of a few too many shall we say power surges caused a few too many shall we say the house fires not really my fault our electricity grid badly needs an upgrade so Ben can you tell us what kind of mind-blowing life-changing high-tech invention you’re working on I can but I don’t see the reason why I would oh come on Ben tell us what it does well if you must know this is a squirting flower joke app ooh what’s that no no don’t push it hmm it doesn’t even work well it should now that is the funniest thing I have ever seen you do what do you mean I’m often very funny ah not really uh-huh I am so nope nope hmm you reality show producers you should know the following yes I’m a tech genius but I also possess a well rounded personality for example I can be whimsical I’m often spontaneous I’m organized in a fun way and most of all I am humorous you’re humorous what you don’t think I’m funny you know what forget I said anything oh no no no no you’re not leaving until I’ve shown everyone that I am more than just the brains of this operation please don’t um hello viewer prepare to laugh at the following stand-up comedy humor presentation joke number one so yesterday I flew in from the West Coast and boy are my arms tired so you see Tom the word flu has two different meanings so Ben if the joke is funny you don’t need to explain why it’s funny stop it Tom you’re embarrassing yourself I have studied a lot more comedy than you have good day oh of course the best comedy comes from a spreadsheet what are those two bickering about do they think that’s gonna impress the producers and why am I talking to you instead of talking directly to them ah take over hi I’m Tom’s roommate Hank I’ve seen every sitcom made from 1986 to 1994 and in France ah I’m called hot ginger Oh ginger ginger it’s your turn to talk hey that’s my phone I told you if you don’t behave I’m gonna send you home just like my role model Hank ah I feel Li what who disciplines the kid that’s why he looks up to me hey give me that and tell the producers about yourself tom you start I’m what people call a visionary some days I’ll wake up and think let’s see today I’m gonna design a hot air balloon that can land on a passing asteroid except a hot-air balloon can’t fly in space that’s a minor detail comments like that prove that you’re just not a visionary and you’re not a scientists you two are a great team tell us about some of the apps you’ve created Oh tell her about the ray-ray oh why did you bring that up the ray-ray was an app that used bursts of microwaves to locate people nearby named ray Wow nobody needs that well maybe we should talk about cook my salmon the app that makes your phone so hot it can cook salmon which totally worked it just drained your battery and set your pants on fire really guys so tell us how you first met well it was like a million years ago no it was 8.3 years ago eight-point-three you’re talking nonsense nonsense you’re the king of nonsense no the vibe I’m going for here is everyone’s got their own whatchamacallit so tom is there anything about Ben that gets on your nerves don’t touch that don’t touch my computer that’s it I’m never going to work with you again hey Tom how’s it going not so good I don’t think my video is good enough to convince the TV producers to give me a reality show that just turned it into a very special Christmas audition video would that work do you know that show the Hermit Housewives of the Aran Islands sure everyone does they were almost canceled and then they turn to every episode to do a very special Christmas special would that work for us don’t ask me ask this guy somebody goes Santa hohoho where did he come from okay ginger cue the snow and action this season children all over the world are going to be asking me for the same thing Santa there sing all I want is to see a reality show sorry talk to Tom and his friends hey what is this it’s a public service announcement for children who want me to get my own reality show kids watch enough TV my show will be good it’ll be like a Christmas miracle but I’m not sure if the TV producers will like it Oh what do you need a TV producer for to make all my dreams come true oh good one tom you don’t need some outdated washed-up TV producer to make your own reality TV show I don’t know oh you need it’s a video camera a computer and a bunch of crazy goofball friends which you definitely have I do oh yes you do so just make the show yourself I can do that thanks Santa this may be the best Christmas ever hey buddy Ned Johnson until about Awful’s singing stops I’m staying right in here with you confession camera you’re welcome forgot my Christmas list Oh