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Best of Jersey Shore Season 2 (Supercut) | MTV

(electronic music) – It’s t-shirt time? – 12:10 is t-shirt time. – T-shirt time? – It is 12:10. ♪ It’s t-shirt time ♪ ♪ T-shirt time ♪ ♪ It’s t-shirt time ♪ ♪ Everybody knows it’s t-shirt time ♪ – So annoying. ♪ T-shirt time ♪ ♪ It’s t-shirt time ♪ – Oh my God, shut up now! – I’m just tryin’ to let everybody know so they put they t-shirts on. The cabs are here! (phone rings) – Angelina, phone. – Hello? – Speak to Angelina? – Hi. – That’s incredible. – Angelina is on the phone all (bleep) day. Angelina is on the phone, the phone’s ringin’, it’s for Angelina. (phone rings) – Hello? – May I speak to Angelina please? (phone rings) – Hello? – Hi, can I speak to Angelina please? (phone rings) – Situation speaking. – Hi, is Angelina available please? – For Angelina.

(Vinny laughs) – Hold on. – I mean, enough’s enough with this friggin’ phone. (phone rings) – Angelina. – Hello? – This cannot be for you. – Hi. – I need to use the phone right now. – All right. – Angelina’s on the phone talkin’ 24/7. – I’ll call you in a little bit, bye. – Like, if you wanna be here, interact with everybody, but not like I want her to. – The bridge burnt. She should’ve came up to us like a woman the first day when we got here and apologized. – When she left last summer, she was running her mouth like crazy and she was blasting everybody in the house.

She said that Tom’s better, better– – Too good. – Too good. – To be with me, and same with Emilio. And– – About me? Listen, all I have to say, it’s one thing to talk about us, but to bring our boyfriends into it– I don’t care if you talk (bleep) about me, talk (bleep) about me all you want. But if you talk about my girls, my boyfriend, or my family, that’s when I’m gonna (bleep) you up.

I need to have a talk with you. – Me? – Yes. I don’t know why you’re on my (bleep) so hard. It’s fine to talk about me, to anybody. – Okay. – Okay. – It’s fine. When I find out, but when you talk about my boyfriend that you don’t even know, he’s the sweetest kid ever in the world. – Never talked about your boyfriend. – You’re lying. – To who? – Just admit it. – To who? – When you were in Long Island one night you were talkin’ (bleep) about Emilio. – To who? – Saying, “How did I get “this guy, he’s a (bleep).” – This is high school (bleep). – You are high school (bleep), Angelina! – Okay. – So much (bleep) that you talk– – You’re listening to everybody else. – No, once you start talking (bleep), you keep going. – No, no. – That’s who you are. That’s the kind of girl that you are. – You don’t know me! You don’t even know me. – I don’t wanna know you! If you have something to say, say it to my face. – I’ll say it to your face.

And I’m looking at you right now. – Blast my boyfriend, do it all. – I don’t blast your boyfriend. – Do it all, no, you do. – No I don’t. – You do. – It’s pathetic– – You don’t know me. – You’re pathetic. – You don’t know me. You’re coming at me right now with he said she said– – But I know for a fact that you said it because– (drowned out by Ronnie) That’s how you are, Angelina.

– No I’m not, your listening to everybody else and you’re not listening to me. I hang out with everyone from Long Island. – No, no. I’m friends with everyone from Long Island. – Jenni, am I not right about– – I wanna be cool with everybody here, I don’t wanna fight with you guys. – You ran your mouth to my best friends. – To who, I wanna know their names. – J420, Joey Yanks, Bill. – J420, I only (bleep) saw him one time. I wanna be cool with everyone here. I don’t even want any problems. – But you can’t be cool if you keep talkin’ (bleep). – I’m telling you, I’m not talking (bleep). – Angelina is fessing up to nothing. That’s stupid, why are we all gonna make up this (bleep)? We’re not, because it’s real. – I’m here, I’m having this experience with you guys– – You’re not having (bleep) with us. – I’m gonna be here forever. – You wanna get your (bleep) beat, you’ll get your (bleep) beat. You can stay, get your (bleep) beat– – But that’s– – You can stay, get your (bleep) ass beat. – Okay. – You can stay and get your (bleep) ass beat. – All right.

– Plain and simple. – Okay. (Ronnie laughs) you want, want some pretzels? – Say that, when we walk– – Popcorn. – Some pretzels? – Popcorn, popcorn. – I got no popcorn, pretzels. – Got it. – Regardless if you’re not gonna fight me back, I’m gonna swing. – Okay. – So sleep with one– – But that’s not– – (bleep) Eye open. – Classy though. – Sleep with one (bleep) eye open. – Listen to me, I’m here like everybody– – I’m gonna make you sweat– – Else is. – It out, I’m gonna make you sweat it out. – Okay, okay, okay. – J-Woww is, I see her in the gym, and she’s throwin’ out combos, okay. I’ve also got a little taste of a smack myself. – You punch me in the face? – Oh! – So I have an idea of what Angelina’s about to go through. And it’s like Rocky versus Apollo. You know I’m sayin’? Rocky doesn’t have a shot right now. – Sweat it, bitch. – Yeah. – I got you, don’t worry. – Mmhmm. I’m not gonna downgrade myself. – Downgrade, you’re gonna get your ass beat. – Listen, I’m not apologizing because you’re yelling at me, whatever. I’m being real. Okay whatever. (phone rings) That’s mature to walk away too.

– Hello? – Hello? – Who’s this? – Can I speak to Angelina please? – No, she died. – She– (phone slams) (phone rings) – I got no strength to (bleep) fight with people. I’m not here to fight, I just wanna have fun, party. (phone rings) Who the (bleep) is calling? – I can’t believe you said that. (laughing) (phone rings) – Hello? – Angelina died? – Who is this? – How’d it happen? – I didn’t die (bleep). – It’s gon’ be a long two months. (country music) – Me and Nicole go to Savannah, Georgia, and go to this bar. (laughs) All you hear is crickets. So at that point, all we wanna do is just eat, chill out, and get the hell outta there. – Fried pickles. – Wow. I think the night is (laughs) turning around. – Shots! (country music) (both laugh) I had fried pickles for the first time ever. Oh my God, amazing. This puts pickles on a whole ‘nother level. It was like a sliced pickle, and then it was fried. It was crunchy, but juicy. Eating fried pickles was a life-changing experience. – Hey, how are you ladies doing this evening? – Hi. – Hey, we’re making a mess.

– Yeah. – Looks like it over there. I was wonderin’ if y’all would be interested in a couple of shots, I got a couple Lemon Drops here if you’d like to take one. – Thank you. – Yeah. – Yeah? Do you mind if I have a seat? – Okay. – So what brings you girls down South? – I don’t know, we’re both kinda interested, ’cause I think the Southern hospitality.

– We can go find a cool spot to hang out, shoot some pool. – This guy just does not know how to hit on a girl. – Do you fist pump? – Do I fist pump, I’ve never fist pumped a day in my life. – Wanna start? – (laughs) What’s in it for me if I do? – Obviously, he like (bleep) his sister for a living. – Well show us what you got.

– So this is what I’ve got. Here we go. ‘Kay. (girls laugh) (house music) – So he like, goes into this exorcism mode. He rolls his head, and then he starts convulsing. He was like. (country music) And I was like all right, we need to get out of this state asap. (upbeat pop music) – Booboo, you ready? We gotta get goin’. Internet cafe, here we come. ♪ It’s too bad we can’t go outside anymore ♪ (car horn honks) (Nicole yells) – Jenni, we’re gonna get run over. – Cyber cafe. ♪ We’re desperate, get used to it ♪ – Should we do it in pink font? – (laughs) No. The first night at B.E.D. when you left crying, Ron made out with two girls and put his head in between a cocktail waitress’s breasts. – Boing. (both laugh) We say (bleep), it’s not breasts. So she probably won’t even know it’s us, hopefully.

– Also was grinding with multiple women. (keys clicking) – This is gonna be so bad. Okay. – Multiple people in the house know, therefore, you should know the truth. – Love, Snook and Jenni. (laughs) (drawer opens) (dramatic music) – So I get up, and I found this note. This note pretty much told me that Ron gets with fat chicks, hooks up with girls, holds hands with girls, got a girl’s number, every (bleep) thing Ron has done to me here. (paper rustling) Vin. Just tell me if this is true. I kinda like wanted to find out like what’s really going on before I open up my mouth and kinda look stupid, ’cause I didn’t know like where this note came from, I didn’t know anything about it.

I don’t know, just tell me the truth. And don’t say anything, right now I need a friend. – I have, Sam, I really don’t know. – Don’t say anything. – All right. – Don’t say, promise? – Yeah. – Pauly. Pauly. I don’t want anybody to know, but. – No, I definitely didn’t see that. (house music) If anything, I know that, because I was doin’ my thing. We all were. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – So as far as that– – How’d I get this? – I have no idea, that’s crazy. – Right, found it in my drawer. I’m not stupid, I’m pretty sure all the guys like aren’t gonna say anything to me. I just wanted to see if they would. But I feel like I know when something’s not right, so I just wanted to get to the bottom of it, and nobody’s really spitting anything out.

(hip-hop music) – My eyeballs hurt. (bleep) Couldn’t sleep last night. Feel like there was a big fat elephant in the room. – I shouldn’t of did that right before bed. – I couldn’t see– – I caught a mean adrenaline rush. – Me too. – Did you hear the drawer open, I’m like, (imitates rapid heartbeat) – Yeah, I was like, (gasps). I was like this, sleeping with one eye open. Me and Jenni are terrified to come back to the house. We just don’t wanna deal with that drama, that we’ve caused. Wonder if she’ll find it this morning? – I know. (snaps fingers) – (sighs) This is (bleep) (bleep) bro. I’m sittin’ down, ready to eat my food, and Vinny’s like, (bleep) just hit the fan. Sam found the typed up letter (bleep) from Anonymous, like we’re (bleep) 12 years old.

Man up (bleep) jerk-offs. People in this house got (bleep) big mouths. (chair slides) If I find that it was Mike, I’m breakin’ his (bleep) face. What’s that? (rock music) – What? (laughs) – What’s that? What is that? – You tell me. I found this. I found that in my drawer just now. – Right away, I know it’s either Snooki or Jenni. But then I read the letter, and I see the word wisely, and I know Snooki doesn’t use that kind of vocabulary. People in this house got (bleep) big (bleep) mouths. ♪ So let the games begin ♪ – I think that’s (bleep) for somebody to type up a letter to tell Sam what I did when I wasn’t with her.

It’s people in this house not minding their own (bleep) business, that’s what it is. Come here, look at me. I wanna talk right now. – It’s okay, it’s okay. – No, no, it’s not okay. It’s not okay. Yes, I was dancing with girls. Yes, I took shots between some waitress’ breasts. Was not holding hands with no girl at Clutch. Got her number, threw it away. Come here, come here, come here, come here, come here. – No, this is not– – Come here, come here.

(somber music) I’m definitely not a saint. If I probably walked through church right now, I’d (bleep) burst into flames, to be honest with you. I’ll admit that I was wrong. Look at me. Look at me. – Ronnie can say all he wants, but at this point, he admitted to some things in the note, so pretty sure all the things in the note happened. – I wanna talk to you about this. – I don’t wanna talk anymore right now. – Look at me though. Believe me, I love you. Like more than like, anything, like, look at me. I was (bleep) hurt– – I need to go to the bathroom. – I made a mistake. – I’m just going to– – I did what I did. – The bathroom. – And yes, I’ll admit it. I did what I did, but– – I’m just goin’ to the bathroom. – I think I can talk my way out of the hole I’ve dug myself into. I mean, how big’s a grave, six feet? I’m probably like, 2 1/2, three feet down right now. (laughs) This isn’t funny. – What happened to you? – No, no, no, no, no, I wanna know who typed up the letter.

Who got to a computer to type up a letter and print it out? The stuff in the letter wasn’t that bad. I’m more pissed about the letter being anonymous because they thing that I’m (bleep) stupid, and I’m not gonna know who it was. – What, what’s goin’ on? What happened? – Sam woke up this morning with a note, that said Ronnie was hookin’ up with girls the night that she left cryin’. The note was typed. Crazy, right? – Mmm. I really feel like they can’t blame me, ’cause Jenni and Snooki wanted me to get involved but I wasn’t there when they typed up the letter. So I’m just gonna say I don’t know anything, and stick to that. It’s crazy. (somber rock music) (phone rings) – Every time I hear the phone ring, I think it’s gonna be the house. – I don’t even wanna know. – I’m scared to go home. (upbeat music) ♪ Go now and find your own way ♪ ♪ Don’t look to me for your change ♪ ♪ The sun always breaks to hide your mistakes ♪ ♪ You’ll come back to me someday ♪ – Sit down, talk to me.

– I’m here in a (bleep) house with you, obviously in love with you– – And obviously I’m in love with you, like, I made a mistake. – If you are, you just don’t (bleep), like– – I made a mistake, I was hurt, I had a mindset– – You make out with anybody? – I told you on the phone– – Hold on a second, did you make out with anybody? – I told you, I told you on the phone– – Hold on, shut up. – Not to my recollection, I don’t remember making out with anybody. – No, no, not I don’t remember, yes or no. – I don’t think so, no. (house music) – Did you? – No. – You didn’t make out with anybody? – No.

(house music) At Clutch that night, I got a girl’s number. – You asked for her number. – I got her number, yes. – I’m sick right now because I came home crying, and you ended up in my (bleep) bed. (bleep) you. At this point, I believe the note. I look like a fool, ’cause I didn’t know about it. I haven’t done anything to you. – And I haven’t done anything, Sam, I (bleep) up. – You keep on– – I gave, I get, I (bleep) got a girl’s number. – Keep doin’ this. – Okay, I got a girl’s number. I threw it away, I don’t have the girl’s number. – I go home crying over you, and you get a girl’s number? You were with me. – I didn’t do anything. – You were with me, and you, I don’t give a (bleep). – I didn’t do anything.

– Leave me alone, have a great time in Miami, ’cause we’re gonna be done, we’re done right now because that’s disgusting. – Like what do you want? I came home to you, and I’ve been dedicated to you since that (bleep) night, because I made a mistake. Every day I wake up with you, every night I go to bed with you, every day I spend my whole (bleep) day with you. Do you get that? I gave you the chance, and you (bleep) spit in my face so, I’m gonna go do my own thing. (bleep) (bleep). ♪ Where it catches your eye ♪ ♪ But you can’t be sure it’ll be a good life ♪ (Sammi crying) ♪ And ya hate giving up after how hard you try ♪ ♪ So you just make peace and kiss her goodbye ♪ (thunderous slamming) (upbeat rock music) (cat meows) – Angelina’s doing her usual phony, talking behind people’s back, tryin’ to instigate drama.

This bitch Angelina was telling Ronnie and Sammie that you were talking (bleep) about Pauly, when he, ’cause he’s drunk. – Angelina said that? Angelina, what were you saying about me talking (bleep) about Pauly? – Vinny, why would you try and start trouble right now? – What? – Why is my conversation even being brought up though? – Don’t yell at me, honey, don’t. – Unfortunately, Jenni and Sammie have had a history and a lot of turmoil boiling up. – I don’t like you– – Why don’t you like me, ’cause I came to you as a woman and told you about your man, dang.

– Who wrote the note, yous two. – For someone that begged, begged, begged to like all the girls in the house, “If ya know something, tell me.” – Funny hows people become (bleep) all of a sudden. – And it’s like puttin’ firecrackers in a dumpster. – I’m in your (bleep) face right now. – One match, and poof. – I’m in your (bleep) face too. – Stop, stop, stop! – Stop, stop! (bleep) stop! Don’t (bleep) do this guys! (bleep) (everybody shouting) – Stop, stop! – You (bleep)– – Stop guys, stop! – (bleep). – You guys have to stop it! Stop it! – Jenni, stop. (bleep) oh my God! – Stop. – Stop. – Stop. – Sam– (all shouting) – You’re holding me back so your girl can swing at me? – (bleep) with me again, I won’t (bleep) around.

– (laughs) – (laughs) – Come on, come on. – Stop, stop! – Come on! Vin, shut the (bleep) up man, ’cause you know what, you started it bro. And you know you (bleep) did. It’s not– (all shouting) Stop, ’cause you (bleep) started it bro. – Angelina– – You shoulda (bleep) kept your mouth shut. – I was talkin’ (bleep) Angelina, bro. – I never in a million years thought that Sammi would step in. I was talkin’ about Angelina. That is why I did what I did. Angelina is a shady bitch and needs to get (bleep) confronted about it. – Oh yeah, it’s always me, it’s always (bleep) me in this house, right, I talk (bleep) everyone in this (bleep) house. – Angelina, it is you.

It is. – It’s me? – You’re playin’ both sides right now, and you’re trying to– – I’m playing both sides, no I’m not, I’m friends with everybody in this house. – You are. – You agreed, you agreed. – I’m playin’ both sides right now, that’s what I’m doin’. – Angelina. – What’d I agree to? – Agreed to what? – What’d I agree to? – Angelina, what lunch did we take? What lunch did we take– – I agreed to the note? – With me, us– – Oh, but you didn’t write the note. You both can suck it. – She wrote it too! – I didn’t, I was– – She wrote it too! – I was there. – Finally, Jenni and Snooki admit to writing the note. – (bleep) you Nicole, (bleep) you. And your (bleep) sidekick. – I knew who wrote the letter. And Jenni’s not talkin’ to me, Snooki’s not talkin’ to me, it’s like, what am I, (bleep) stupid? – Sam, I was watching out for you! – No, Snooki shut the (bleep) up, that’s it. – I was watching out for you. – That’s it, that’s it.

– Really? – Watching out for her? – I was. – (bleep). – That’s why I told you. I don’t give a (bleep) about Emilio. You wanna (bleep) call him and tell him that I (bleep) him over, go ahead! ‘Cause I didn’t do anything, I was watching out for Sam, ’cause Sam’s my (bleep) best friend in the house. – Yeah. – Yeah, I thought you were mine. – No, I am. – That’s why Emilio– – I don’t give a (bleep) about (bleep) Emilio. (door slams) – Snooki, she was tryin’ to help her girl out, you know? So she was damned if she did and she was damned if she don’t, you know? – We did the right thing. – Yeah. – Angelina’s a (bleep) in there. – Told you. – We didn’t do anything, we were telling her the (bleep) truth. And now that she realizes that we wrote the note, she’s mad at us. That makes no (bleep) sense to me, it doesn’t. She is not a good friend right now. They both look like (bleep).

– Whatever, whatever. – And all the shorts. – Over here. – Here mama. Need a hug from me. – No, I feel like the worst friend ever. – Listen, listen– – To both people. – You did what, listen, you were stuck in a sticky situation and that’s what happened. – Do you think I did the right thing? – You did it with the best intentions, you were tryin’ to look out for the girl. (Sammi laughs) (Jenni and Sammi laugh sarcastically) – I bet everyone’s laughin’ at Tom. (laughs) – Laugh, what? – Aww– – You heard me. – That’s (bleep) up. That’s (bleep) up. – Stop! – Ron, you (bleep) bitch! – Don’t come at me, don’t come at me. – Bitch. – Don’t come at me you (bleep), oh! Don’t come at me. – Stop it! – Let go! – Don’t (bleep) come at me.

– Jenni. – Sam gets these type of balls when she has Ron to protect her. Yeah, we’ll see who gets the last laugh. – Yeah, we will see honey. (upbeat music) – After this crazy melee of a fight, it was definitely a very big turn in the house. Hopefully tonight we’ll really just start to just get past some of this high school, kindergarten, prehistoric (bleep). – Oh, boy, the tension in this house, you can cut it with a knife. – Troublemaker Vinny, that’s his name. Wait until I (bleep) trash your name on Staten Island when I get home. – Angelina’s very upset with me. But at the same time, she knows she’s responsible for Jenni and Sammi getting into a fight. So guilty. – You really are a (bleep) troublemaker. – But Vinny sit there and nobody (bleep) cares about what he started. – (blows raspberries) Had to do with you. – It was only– – I wanted you to get confronted about you talking (bleep), not her.

Everybody talks crap about each other, but this one– – And when she, let me ask you a question. – Stop defending this. – What (bleep) are you that you have to go back to a girl and start (bleep)? – (bleep) you’re (bleep) shady. – I’m not shady. – You’re (bleep) shady. – Yeah, what’d you grow balls now? – You’re shady, you (bleep). – No one wants to hear you. – You (bleep) truck driver (bleep)– – Okay, who was a truck driver bringin’ home skanks like you? – Get the (bleep) outta here. – You and your dirty grenade. – Get the (bleep) outta here. – You gotta ride on Mike and Pauly’s bandwagon. – You’re the dirtiest one. – I have, honey, I’m, I know I’m the best right now. So I don’t care (Vinny blows raspberries) what you have to say about me. – All right Kim Kardashian. You’re more like the Rob Kardashian of Staten Island, you ugly (bleep). – Shut the (bleep) up! You (bleep) 22 year old little (bleep)! – Oh my God.

– Oh, I hate him, I hate Vinny. I hate him, I can’t stand Vinny. Go (bleep) yourself. – I’m just shutting up so you shut up. At this point, I just don’t give a (bleep) anymore. I don’t want the girl to affect me, you know what I mean? She’s not affecting me, I don’t care. I don’t give a (bleep) either way. Angelina, please. (heavy metal music) ♪ I really, really want whatever I want ♪ ♪ The sky’s the limit, if you want it, better say so ♪ ♪ I really, really want whatever I want ♪ ♪ The sky’s the limit, if you get in my way boy ♪ – Probably like four or five in the morning.

So now the whole group’s ready to go, ready to leave. – Busted! – I’m just tryin’ to gather up the van and bounce. – Yo, tell me why, tell me why, son? – That club is ill, yo. It’s so sick. – I love that club. – So Ronnie, check this out. – I turn around, and I’m like, oh (bleep)! Wait a second, is (bleep) Vinny hooking up, these two people, they hate each other. Go figure. – Staten Island ferry, son. – Staten Island ferry. – Angelina thinks like a guy, so she wants to get laid. Vinny is a guy, so he wants to get laid. That’s Miami for ya. Oh yeah, get it son, oh yeah, oh yeah. (laughs) – Can we stop so Vinny can buy a Fossil watch, I’m tryin’ to get in there. (applause) – Come on Angelina, better come to my (bleep) smoosh.

– Vinny– – What? – Are you serious right now? – Yo, Snooks gettin’ (bleep) right now. – In there? – You can hear it. Snooks, we can hear it, girl. Meh. – Go away! (laughs) – I’m gettin’ (bleep), rah! Rah! (mysterious music) What the, explain to me what’s going on right now. – Yo listen, me and Angelina need some privacy. – Aight bro, got you. – Oh my God, Vinny, are you crazy right now? Stop! (laughs) – Vinny calls Angelina the Staten Island dump. Like, Vinny gave Angelina the Staten Island dump name. We’re gonna let you smoosh bro, we ain’t even gonna bother you bro.

– Your bed is comfortable though. – It is very comfortable. ♪ Shorty you should lock on ♪ ♪ You know I’ma take it there ♪ – I’m in Miami, I’m a single girl. I can do whatever I want. Vinny’s cute, and I’m down for it, I don’t care. (laughs) – You’re both from Staten Island bro, goes without saying. – I kinda wanna see that. – (bleep) my belongings? He did. Mike’s a (bleep). – Oh, yeah! – She took the tampon out of her bed. If you weren’t dirty, you wouldn’t get a prank. – Don’t even say nothin’ about it. ‘Cause if you do, then it’s gonna get, that’s what they want you to do so. – Oh no, I don’t care. – ‘Sup man, what’s your name? – Michael. – Nice to meet you. Are you friends, or related, or– – Yeah, he’s my friend.

– Where did you meet him? – On the beach. – Oh, cool, cool. You know Angelina brought home another dude from the beach? – We really have to step up our pimpin’ game. ‘Cause like, she bangs two guys in the same day, she’s gettin’ daytime dates in the house. Yo, we gotta step up, bro. – She brings home a guy every other day. – She’s like (bleep) matinee, during the day. – Wow, she gets a matinee. – Matinee, ya know? – Hey Ange, when you get a chance, if you could help out with dishes with some of the other people in the house that don’t do anything. – I cleaned up all morning, babydoll. – Really? – Mmhmm. – Are you for real, ’cause I’m the one that cleaned the whole house today. – You cleaned up everything else, but I threw away garbages, and I cleaned up a lot of stuff in the morning. – Garbages? Are you for real? – Swear to God.

– Would you wanna walk outside and see how many trashbags I filled up today? – Can you stop sweating me Mike, ’cause I’ve (bleep) had enough of your (bleep). – Yo, oh my God, Angelina, not for my (bleep). You know what, maybe if you wouldn’t leave a (bleep) tampon– – It was you. – In the (bleep)– – It was you. – In the bathroom, on the floor, you, what world do you live in? – It wasn’t on the floor, idiot. – What world do you live in where there’s a (bleep) tampon? You are the dirtiest girl I have ever met.

– I think it’s gross that Angelina leaves her pads around the house. So for Mike to get mad at that, I got his back completely. – Don’t talk about me like this in front of my friends, ’cause you’re makin’– – I don’t care– – Everybody not like you. – I don’t care who’s here. This is my house, I don’t care. – Leave me the (bleep) alone. Get out of my face. – I don’t wanna hear– – Yo, shut your mouth, you dirty little hamster. – You look like Popeye on crack. In your face, jerkoff. – Popeye on crack, oh my God. (sirens blaring) (rock music) (all yelling) – She’s leavin’? – It’s all over bro. (all yelling) – You’re leavin’? – Hi. – That’s your stuff? – You’re leaving? I want a shot. – Alex. What, are you with her now? Are you? You hooked up with her? Did you kiss her tonight? – No, I didn’t.

(laughs) – So I’m sitting there, and I’m about to leave. I’ve had enough of everyone. Snooki walks through the door holding my guy’s hand. Well I don’t know why you came back here, like with her. – You should’ve come to the club tonight, we had a good time. – They’re all a bunch of (bleep), everybody’s fake. So I’d rather leave. Why’d you come home with her? – We all came together I guess, I don’t know– – All right, you definitely hooked up with her. It’s okay, because it doesn’t really matter to me, I’m just saying. – Yo, how’s Jose doing, anyway? – How’s Jose? – Jose? Oh, he’s awesome, why, who’s business is that? Is it your business, no. Alex, have fun. – Don’t even walk into this kitchen. Go over– – Oh yeah, go from the kitchen, yeah. – Go away, go away.

Go away, go hang out with Angelina. (all yelling) Go away. (all still yelling) (Sammi laughs) (all pounding on table) Stay over there, you’re not allowed over here. I think Angelina loves my sloppy seconds, ’cause she goes to Vinny, and then she’s tryin’ to go to what’s his name. Like, what are you doing? If you wanna make out with me, just ask. I will say yes. After I had sex with Vinny, you had sex with Vinny. – I don’t want your sloppy seconds.

– Obviously you do, when you (bleep) Vinny. – No, no. You just brought home Alex. Did you hook up with him tonight, probably. Do I care, no. Doesn’t matter to me. – Angelina, this is why nobody likes you, because you keep talking (bleep). – Doesn’t matter. – Shut the (bleep) up. – No, don’t tell me to shut the (bleep) up. – Seriously, every time I come home, all you do– – I stayed home ’cause I wanted to tell everybody– – is (bleep)– – I don’t give a (bleep) about anybody in this house. – If you don’t give a (bleep) about anybody in the house, we’re a (bleep) family. – All of yous in this house, are (bleep) fake! And I want you all to know, that I can’t stand any of yous. Fake ass (bleep), all of you. – Okay, hold my earrings please.

– Snook. – Oh yeah, this is what’s up, this is what’s up. – Snooki, don’t– ♪ We keep it gangsta ♪ – Don’t do this to me right now, I’m gonna leave this house, right now. (all shouting) – I had to move the table, because it was gettin’ real serious. I didn’t want anything to happen to the table. You know what I’m sayin’? (all shouting) – Get outta here. (all shouting) (laughing) – I’m outta here, stupid. – Busted, busted. – Oh, (bleep). – Standing in one corner, four foot nine, two inches, with the pouf, Snookie (bleep)– – I’m ready to go, I’m ready to go. Standing in the other corner, at 322 pounds, the Staten Island Dump. – Bring it on! Bring it the (bleep) on! – Next thing you know it, round two! (bell dings) – Bring it on! – Oh! – That’s only two girls.

– Don’t get shook! (laughing) – I’m still here! Hey, I’m so pretty! Hey! I’m still pretty, bitch! – It’s like beating up a baby. Snooki, you know what I mean? She’s so tiny. Her arms are like tyrannosaurus rex arms, you know what I mean? She can’t even get a full reach. It’s like… (dinosaur roar) You know? – Is this gonna go to decision or is it gonna be a knockout? (laughing) – And Alex, have fun with her too, ’cause sorry, she’s nobody. – Go home! She’s crazy. – Welcome to my home.

– And have fun guys! Out of everybody in the house, I thought you two were my (bleep) true friends. – (bleep) fake. – I was your friend, Ange. – You called me fake in that house before. – No, listen, I was upset with both of you. – No, you called me fake too. – I kinda felt like maybe somebody would have a heart as to tell me not to go. And I kinda wanted that and I kinda hope for that. But of course I was wrong with that again. I was! – No, no, no, no, no.

You were my friend. – And you was supposed to be my friend, too! – Oh, hell no. Angelina, like, what is wrong with you? I have been more than a friend to you. I went out of my way for you, I gave you enough respect to be cool with me and you blew it. I never once said I never not liked you. And when you’re friends were here, you treated me very different and I even said to Ron… – no! My friends, listen to me. – Let me go inside. – Sammy, I always tried to be your friend. And you know what, you guys have no hearts. – Get outta here. – Peace out, fake people! – Bye! – Yo, you look like you’re 40. Get some (bleep) Botox, bro. – You’re a (bleep) loser. To call me fake, is just blasphemy, to talk against the leader like that. In other countries you get hung for talkin’ that type of (bleep). – Oh my god. – That was pretty intense, so… – That was (bleep) nuts. – At the end of the day, there was so many opportunities for Angelina to be like, just listen, I’m sorry, and just start over.

But that’s where Angelina doesn’t get it. She ended on a like, (bleep) you note. Got her ass kicked. – Tell you what though. She went out with a bang, that’s for sure. – Literally, six of ’em. Now she’s gone and I honestly think it’s for the better of the house. – I feel bad, honestly, I feel bad. – Why, though? Every fight you got into in this house was because of her. – Yeah, but it’s still you feel bad because she’s a girl. – She came into the house, and you know what she did, she spit in our face with the chance. – She slapped me in the face. – Everybody, she spit in our face. – She slapped you? Aww. – For nothin’, what the hell do I do? ♪ Tell me why she had to break… ♪ – Can I sleep in your guys’ room? – Yo, that’s wassup. You got mad room now. – You gonna show me around? – Let me show you, bro.

– Alright, bro. ♪ Was it time for us to wake up? ♪ .


Whats up awsome ningas What awesome ninjas we hope you’ll enjoy our first episode of season 2 powering to snitch kids make sure to smash that Relax do you really think Rita and the Green Ranger are just relaxing on the beach somewhere? No, they are trained to destroy us. So what we just have to train every second of every day. All right, sis I’ll make you a deal. If you can knock me down. It’ll take the rest of the day. Really Whoa I Guess we’re gonna take the rest of the day off. We’re gonna do that Destroy him Tommy You read punch you’re next on your feet Destroy him. Yes Empress Okay, red bunny.

Let’s see what you got Hi, what are you waiting for? Come at me fine then stand there. This will be easy No Quick fight back or a will recycling fight back How dare you wait, wait, wait, I? like the red mark It could be a formidable opponent for training the others is this Compassion I hear from you Taunton not at all Let’s send it with a squad to attack. The ranger kids let then destroy it for you plus It’ll be fun to see how well I can defend against their attacks. Tommy. I do not have time for this I am just going to destroy it and be done with his nonsense What if they don’t destroyed? What are you talking about? Those kids are so stupid. He might even make friends with it you can use your powers to see what it sees and hear what it hears a Spy in there and pissed can be very beneficial.

I could find a location of zordons lair and destroy him once and for all I see much potential in you Tommy Thank you Chu get out of here go Whoa Did you know they can do that? I did not know they could do that those gymnastics in martial arts lessons must be really paying off You know Tommy I was once the Green Ranger just like you You were yes.

I was also a princess princess my family ruled over an entire planet Gama Ville was the most beautiful planet of the whole galaxy Somebody stole its Zeo crystal And my planet began to die What’s a zoo? Crystal Zeo crystals aren’t ancient and infinite source of power they gave a planet the ability to sustain an abundance of life Those are devil to those Yes It does Lord said offered to help find a replacement crystal in exchange to my hand in marriage You agreed to marry. Lord said to save your planet, of course, Tom, but then Zordon and his Rangers interfered. They try to stop us from obtaining a new crystal Why? Because they were jealous Just like those children Rangers are jealous of you, Tom Lord Zedd the greatness in me.

He gifted me with a powerful artifact called the dark sword Used its power into my staff With it, it was able to destroy the Rangers Except for Don Wait, you’re telling me Jordanna was a Power Ranger Zordon was the Red Ranger Lord Zedd stood valiantly against sword on its sword undefeated the tricked him and he knocked him into a volcano and Because of sword on I have left my planet and I have lost my fiance Wow That’s tragic I Took my revenge. I trapped his auradon into an interdimensional time warp But he tricked me and trapped me too for Thousands of years I was imprisoned in this space Dumpster I Was finally freed when those children activated the power points, but Make no mistake, Thomas Before I was imprisoned I learned the true power of the darker sword Men that Dirk sword some sick. What are you saying thick the dark sword have never been ill It’s not funny sick doesn’t mean ill it means that it’s Powerful and awesome. I knew that so the dark sword is very very Sick, that’s why tongue.

I am giving it to you You’re giving me the dark sword actually you already have it I Fused it into your dragon dagger before giving it to you the same way that Lord said feel that into my staff the darker sword will manifest itself when you focus all of your anger and all of your hatred I Am ready this time, I will defeat the Ranger kids. No You already? disappointed me I Am NOT going to take any chances you Will prove to me that you are worthy of being the great Ranger Yes, my queen. I’ll do anything we must never ever again Underestimate Zordon.

Do you hear me? But if the Red Ranger joins us it will guarantee my victory You are going to free Jason from the trickery of Sword on and you’re going to bring him to me for repros What do you think yes Empress Jason will bow before you or he will be destroyed Bring him to My grandmother talking, I’m sure she could school you you’re right You’re missing the point guys, come on Zach, he’s just give a shot. All right. All right Why are you door stood kung-fu sloth style sloth I Actually, it’s called Tai Chi want to join no, we don’t want to join your stupid shirt Will do at school, maybe one day we’ll get back to School oh Stop it. Oh, you guys need a little girl to protect you. He’s scared of me bulk, man. I’m too strong to hit a girl You’re way too unfocused at me anyway What Java just have movement kids in this neighborhood seriously She was more stirring yeah, that was so cool These guys are so inconsiderate our time that this lesson will have to wait let’s kick some putty Oh Come on We’re driving here I’ll put up the slide.

I got the monkey bars. I call the bench Whoa Jason here Teleports you to join your team victim or a defeat Britta’s parties? Okay. Let’s do it power rangers Don’t worry just wait I Show miss Tina J’s over here. This will make it so much easier. Well here we just get freaky So did you tell on that? What Is everyone. Alright dude, thank you so long welcome back thanks what I was really looking for to surfing tomorrow surfing Anybody I’m glad you guys are catching up but kept this way until we’re finished, right? It’s time The holidays Surrender you can’t win Hey guys, really you’re mad this time. He has a weapon You wouldn’t work for our vacation. Yeah, that’s way rude I’ll take him low. I’ll take him high What are you talking about Lauren’s been lying to you. He destroyed Rita’s planet and knocked her fiance into a volcano That’s not sure Don would never lie to me. Oh, yeah, then why didn’t sir? I’ll tell you there was a green ring I don’t know, but it doesn’t mean he lied open your eyes Jason.

You know my name. I know all your names I know a lot about you Jason. I consider you a friend Just like Rita considered Zordon a friend when she was a member of his team a friend. What real is a Power Ranger? Yes until Zordon betrayed her. She was just trying to save her planet then Why did she keep sending you and all these putties to attack us Sauron used the power coins to trap Rita? She doesn’t want to hurt you. She just wants the power coins out of saurons control. You don’t believe him. Do you Jason? I? Don’t know guys, I think saurons been keeping some things from us What do you think Billy this expedition is a possible scenario if those in several gasps for the stars move into a vise order It’s all true.

Jason come with me. I’ll prove it Jason’s not going anywhere with you Kree. Yeah, you’re a creep and I’m a good judge of character. Yes Journey, I’m sure you are give me a chance and I’ll prove it to you. How can we trust you? We don’t even know who you are Yes, we do. I figured it out on Halloween Really? Who is it? It’s the same fighting style from the tournament Very good Jason.

I’m impressed Tommy’s the Green Ranger No Join us together. Will it feed Zordon and savior? I Can’t believe Tommy was a green ranger. Yeah, I figured it out a while ago, but I didn’t think you guys would believe me What where you going to do now? Jason join him. I Guess you guys are gonna have to watch the next episode to find out Not everybody who pretends – your friend has your best interest in mind If you have friends that truly care about you make sure to treat them with kindness and respect Hey looks like you guys are ancient paid to your angel Destroy him Tommy I Can’t It’s Tommy no, no no