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Inside Anfield: Liverpool 4-0 West Ham | Behind-the-scenes tunnel cam from the opening day win

Hats and scarves! He-llo. How are you? Jürgen, good to see you. JÜRGEN: Looking great. – You OK? – Yeah, good, you? Right, two debuts for Liverpool, Alisson and Keita, Fabinho and Shaqiri debuts from the bench. Five for West Ham. Fabianski, Balbuena, Fredericks, Wilshere and Anderson. Alisson! APPLAUSE Come on, boys. Woo! FANS SHOUT OUT Thanks for waiting, guys. Let’s go, yeah? FANS: Yes! FANS: ♫ Mo Salah! Mo Salah! ♫ Running down the wing ♫ Salah-la-la, la-ah-ahh ♫ The Egyptian King ♫ Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Mo Salah! ♫ CHEERING HALF-TIME WHISTLE VIRGIL: Come on, Milly. JÜRGEN: Come on! CHEERING APPLAUSE FANS: Yes! FULL-TIME WHISTLE Jürgen, not a bad start to the season. Obviously. It’s what you wish for, I don’t think you can expect it, it means we had a good pre-season. They are always dangerous, you saw our team today, for sure we were not as tall as West Ham. Yeah, it was a bit nervy, but in the second half we controlled the team completely.

Scored two more goals, and, yeah, it’s good. James, it looked on paper a very dangerous fixture today, new team with new players, but you must be really pleased with the way you negotiated it. Yeah, it was a dangerous fixture. Like you say, with the new signings they’ve made, they’re a strong team, and with a new manager who’s got experience of winning the Premier League. So it wasn’t going to be easy, but a few goals, a clean sheet at home and a win is pretty much the perfect start to the season.

– See you later, right? – Oh, you’ve got a new buddy now, have you? The only one that understands me! Nice to see you back. .